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Give Your Wedding the Touch of Vintage Elegance of Overhills Mansion, Baltimore

Your wedding day is essentially a brilliant painting pieced together by several elements like the dress, the decor, the food, and of course, the venue! The venue page surely plays a ubiquitous role to complete the entire picture of your wedding, maybe even the most important one! Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day is almost as imperative of a decision as choosing your special one! A wedding venue with just the perfect vibe to match your wedding is like a match made in heaven. The wedding feels effortless and flows easily. Like mornings and coffee and peanut butter and jelly, the wedding and the backdrop fit together like pieces into place. When they both click, the wedding day flows like a stream, without a hiccup!

When it comes to wedding venues, the place has to feel just right and you will know it in your gut as soon as you step into a venue sighting. Most of it depends on your personality and how you want the most important day of your life to look like visually. If you have an old-fashioned soul and love the faint whiff of perfume in a lacy handkerchief and love letters, and appreciate a bit of history and vintage splendor of the past, you might find your match in Overhills Mansion, Baltimore.  

Baltimore is a brilliantly colorful and diverse city, is known for its beautiful harbor; quirky, distinct neighborhoods, and unique museums. Boasting amazing gems like the Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium, Baltimore has a lot to offer, for streaming tourists, city-dwellers, lovers, and photographers alike. One of its many gems happens to be Overhills Mansion, a stunning property with easy elegance and titillating vintage splendor. Located at the intersection of South Rolling Rd and Wilkens Ave. in Historic Catonsville, this venue is mere 5 minutes from the Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport in Baltimore and a short drive of 30 minutes from Washington, DC, and Annapolis. A majestic venue tucked away in the picturesque crevice of Catonsville, Maryland, Overhills Mansion will woo you in with its sheer exhilarating beauty from the moment you lay your eyes on it. As you drive down the driveway, you are hit by a surety as tangible as the mansion laid out in front of you- this is the place where you want to start the first step of your happily-ever-after to start from. 

Love and weddings are embedded in the very root of Overhills Mansion. A father’s gift of love to his son as a wedding gift, this gorgeous mansion was constructed by Henry James in 1897. The gorgeous white mansion stands pretty and elegant, just like a bride on her wedding day. Now, Overhills Mansion was a fully restored landmark from the late Victorian era and provides ample opportunities for the sweetest garden weddings under a simple wood trellis embellished with flowers to a 1920s inspired wedding reception in the classy ballroom, and everything in between.  The expansive mansion, backed by the lush green surrounding and 30-acres worth of splendid spread of property makes quite an alluring picture. Its impressive stately column makes quite the welcoming statement and will make a grand entrance for your wedding guests. This is also a prized asset of this venue, as it paints an elegant picture for your wedding photography. The elegant pillars and the dramatic entrance are just the perfect spots for a couple of shots for your wedding album. The outdoors is lush and vibrant with greenery and is a great option for your wedding ceremony. Imagine the stately mansion in the background, the swaying trees providing shade for your guests as you and your partner say your vows in this against the floral pergola as their backdrop. There is something so classy about the outdoors of the property, yet it feels cozy and welcoming, it feels just right! Whether you say ‘I do’ under the warm embrace of the sun, or you dance away the night under the iridescent fairy lights, the grounds whisper the promise of a good time.

As you step inside, the understated vintage splendor and an easy regality instantly make you feel like a princess. The tasteful touches of sheer beauty will leave you Marveling over the fine hardwood flooring, the exquisite Italian marble fireplaces, and the fine delicate motifs that speak of the opulence which are timeless and precious. The arched windows, neutral tones and soft lighting set the perfect background, making it a big win for our Baltimore wedding photographer. Overhills Mansion is a pleasantly versatile property which provides you a lot of flexibility and options to match your specific wedding theme, while still staying true to its old-world charm and vintage elegance. The glorious white building comes with a few different event spaces for you to choose from so that you can piece together the wedding of your dreams. 

As you walk up through the cascading staircase after your beautiful outdoor ceremony, you will find yourself in the lovely verandah which we absolutely adore. The verandah opens up to the Welbeck Room and the Pfalzgraf Room, where the well-stocked bar area is located, which is, of course, a very important area for the day. Towards the right of the Pfalzgraf Room is the Grand Ballroom, a gorgeously adorned space with a maximum capacity of up to 200 seated guests. Being the largest indoor space available in the venue, the Grand Ballroom will surely be a perfect spot for your wedding reception. Well-lit interiors with wide and abundant windows, a neutral color palette which flows from one room to the other without contradicting or clashing with the decor, and warm and welcoming lighting make the interiors absolutely stunning- both for experience and for photography! The open plan and easy flow of the interiors make it easy for your guests to sneak out to the verandah for some air. The mansion is extremely accommodating and self-sufficient as towards the rear end of the mansion the get-ready suite is located, for the wedding party to use. The portico is a thoughtful addition as it can be extremely useful for the guests to gather in a company or enjoy their cocktail in solace. 

Our favorite part of the venue, the romantic sweeping verandah which is optimally designed for an entertaining night with your loved ones! We love how much ease the interiors flow out to the outdoors with, and you can almost imagine the happy buzz of your guests, the spirit of a good time in the air, the ebbs, and tide of laughter in the air. With this extended verandah complete with tall pillars, muted warm lighting, and cozy seating exudes an old-world charm, your wedding day will be elevated by several degrees.  

As the day melts into night, the mood shifts entirely as the fairy lights add an enchanting aura to the outdoors of the Overhills Mansion, coaxing the celebration to flow free. The mansion is no stranger to a night well spent and is well equipped to make your wedding night a memorable one. The hardwood flooring is made for dancing the night away so let yourself have fun as there is uncanny magic to the night. The dedicated hospitality team does their utmost best to let the night flow with ease and keeps you away from the worry. Let our Baltimore wedding photographers capture the gems of moments amidst the blur of activity, like when you cut the cake, when your dad gives a toast, or when you and your new husband are swaying to the music, sharing an inside joke. Isn't a wedding day made of the little moments like this strung together in a bouquet of memories?

Overhills Mansion is not only easy on the eyes, but it also has a story and a charm- making it a perfect pick for your dream wedding. With a venue so accommodating they can adhere to any wedding theme or color format, with the amenities which will make planning your wedding an easy-breezy affair, Overhills Mansion is a win in our book for sure. The staff of the property makes it a priority to step up and provide excellence, helping you make your wedding day a smooth and worry-free affair. The dedicated hospitality team does their utmost best to ensure that everybody gets nothing but a high level of service throughout the wedding day. From great quality audiovisual equipment, sound systems, and wireless microphones to a person on call to attend to any last-minute requirements, the venue is designed to provide the couple an entertaining and smooth wedding which will forever be etched in their memory. Driven by purpose and a vision to provide you with the most epic day, the venue has a team of refined professionals who are dedicated to provide an extraordinary experience for everyone. Their expertise is rewarded time and again by several awards titled The Knot's Couple's Choice Award and WeddingWire's Best Of Award.

Choosing this historic vintage stunner as your wedding venue is a decision that will be rewarded in precious memories. Seeping in history, incredibly versatile, and full of delicate touches of tasteful decor and brimming with character, the indoor and outdoor of this wedding venue promise of a grand time ahead, and this wedding venue will surely give your dream wedding a home, and make your wedding day complete! As you walk through the sweeping verandah under the canopy of sparklers and disappear into your happily-ever-after, you will be elated you chose this venue!

Overhills Mansion

916 S. Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD   21228
(410) 744-0040

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