Weddings are Back: Tim & Elizabeth

With our tiny pale blue dot, planet earth, going through so much this year, the moments to celebrate are sparse. However, once in a while the little bright spots appear, like a warming love story, which brings a smile to our lips which we need to treasure. Speaking of bright spots, there is something so restorative about Tim and Elizabeth’s special day, that it makes one smile ear to ear and wish on a star for their happiness. An adorable couple, the company of the select few, a charming little bed and breakfast, and the brilliant promise of tomorrow, it is wildly refreshing to see the love and hope so strong in the air, when all of us are a little jaded. Tim and Elizabeth are examples of the resilience of love, and how it will thrive, no matter what!


Tim and Elizabeth chose Boston as their city for their special day and being the home of scintillating waterlines and shiny buildings punctuating the skyline, there is something about Boston which makes it the perfect background for a love story waiting to be told. From the historic Freedom Trail to "America's Most Beloved Ballpark", the Fenway Park, from the inspiring Museum of Fine Arts Boston to the fountain of knowledge, Harvard Square, and Harvard Art MuseumsBoston doesn’t hold back when it comes to atmospheric settings. In the heart of Boston, in a stunning bed and breakfast wedding venue featuring amazing views of Cape Cod Bay from every room, Tim and Elizabeth tied the knot! Originally planning for a different location and a longer guest list, the couple decided to ditch the crowd and get married in the most adorable B&B, and in the company of just 40 people, but they stuck to the original date. Isn’t that the most deliciously romantic thing ever? Ocean Side Estate is not only a gorgeous setting for this lovely occasion, but it is also a wildly romantic place with private beach access, a stunning and luxurious pool, a sprawling yard, a gorgeous cozy beach stone fireplace, and easy access to several nearby attractions. With the world of conveniences in easy access and the cozy enchantment associated with a bed and breakfast, this wedding location is everything that a couple in love could ask for, and a bit more! From the luscious manicured green grass beds to the light and airy indoor ceremony, from the classically appealing front porch setting to the enticing blue of the pool, everything looks like a perfect plan waiting to happen. 


On the red-marked day, the couple started getting ready for a heartwarming ceremony ahead. For the ceremony, Elizabeth dressed up in a V-neck A-line creamy white wedding gown with flutter sleeves, which was delicately adorned with lace details. A cascading train of the dress along with the wispy veil floated behind her gracefully. Elizabeth’s look was casual yet graceful, with her hair flowing over her shoulders in loose waves and minimal airy makeup. Tim looked dapper in his crisp white shirt and beige khaki trousers. A pastel green bowtie and tan suspenders added to his look, while he had his boutonniere pinned to his suspender. His glasses and his million-dollar smile dressed his look perfectly. The bridesmaids were dressed in mauve pastel dresses and matching face masks, while the groomsmen matched their groom in their attire, but swapped the pastel green bowtie for facemasks in the same shade! While Elizabeth carried a beautiful arrangement of foliage and summer blooms, the bridesmaids echoed the look by carrying bunches of foliage instead, creating an airy and fresh look. 


After the couple was ready for their special day, the groomsmen posed by the pool for some candid captures. The ceremony took place in the gorgeous indoor ceremony setting of the wedding venue, a beautiful hall with honey-hues wood accents in the gorgeous flooring and the high exposed beam ceiling. We love the abundance of natural light flowing in from all sides, thanks to the gorgeous wrap-around windows which framed the panoramic view outside-lush greenery and the vibrant streak of blue water! The gorgeous wooden arbor was adorned with drapes of sheer white fabric and perfect arrangements of floral accents, lending a dreamy vibe to the setting. The ceremony went by perfectly, as they exchanged vows and shared their first kiss among their cheering guests. After the ceremony, the couple headed outside for some stunning couple portraits. They were joined by their bridal party and guests, and as our Boston wedding photographer clicked away some, they posed with their dear and dear ones to commemorate the day. We adore the picture with their parents, the candid picture of Tim kissing his new bride on the cheek, as she smiled into the camera, and the drone shot of the newlywed couple and their guests! We love how our Boston wedding photographer managed to capture the casual and personal vibe of the wedding so perfectly, from the details shots to the couple portraits as they held up the “Thank You” sign, and everything in between. 


After the pictures, the wedding bunch was whisked indoors, where the lovely couple cut their cake and raised a toast among their close ones. After the cake-cutting, the guests relaxed in for a cozy and intimate wedding reception celebrating the duo as they headed towards the new journey together. There is a relaxed and laid-back vibe attached to this wedding which is uncanny in its presence throughout. We love how the guests gathered around the couch as they settled in for a fun night together, we love the nonchalant atmosphere of the photos, and most importantly, we love how the couple posed by the porch in matching armchairs, as they shared a drink in comfortable silence and looked onto their exciting future together! Isn’t that the dream?


Now, sure there are many vices of this pandemic, but it sure has nudged us to look inward and access. It is refreshing to know that sometimes all a wedding really needs is the cozy company of your special person and the blessings and wishes of the handful of people who makes it feel special. Love doesn’t really ask for much, does it? Of course, the decedent decor and the elegant six-course meals, the elaborate theme, and the confetti in the air make it a more aesthetic, but are just merely add-ons. If you are questioning whether a wedding is really possible in the wake of a pandemic, all you need to do is look into your partner’s eyes, and you will know you have your “perfect wedding” right there!

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