Weddings are Back: Jack & Angela

Love, a feeling as ancient as time itself- can it be restricted by a pandemic? We think not! When the world slowed down to a halt in the past months, love was never canceled, even when most of life was. Like a firefly in a dark night, love burns bright even in the face of a crisis. Weddings still happened, be it in the company of just each other and loved ones streaming and cheering online, or as a cozy backyard wedding with 20 close ones. All these reasons to celebrate, even in grave situations, go to show that love shall thrive in any circumstance, and time is a witness to that! Couples have also slowly but surely learned to redefine their “dream weddings”, and got cozy with the idea of “less is more”. While the pandemic was clearly a global health crisis, it has impacted the wedding industry in a revolutionary way, and as we come out of it, the options for hosting a wedding will be back with diverse options and high flexibility.


In the spirit of bringing weddings back, Jack and Angela hosted one of the most heartwarming wedding receptions, acting as the perfect rainbow after the storms. A gorgeous wedding with lush greens, pristine water lines, and a quiet rustic flair, this Chicago wedding has claimed our hearts! Jack and Angela hosted their charming wedding in the gorgeous Chicago, and the gorgeous Itasca Country Club featured as the perfect backdrop for the event. They got married on 15th August and had a guest count of 50, and it was perfect. The gorgeous wedding venue tucked away in the heart of Itasca, Itasca Country Club comes bearing a stunning atmosphere which can be expected in private club weddings, however, it also comes with a unique lush homely feeling of a backyard wedding! This beautifully renovated space overlooks breathtaking views of a hilly golf course sprawling for miles and offers a wide variety of spaces that can accommodate everything from a weekday wedding luncheon of 20 to a grand affair, approaching both with the highest of standards. It is fair to say that the gorgeous wedding venue painted the perfect setting for Jack and Angela’s special day!


On the day of the wedding, the smitten couple got ready bright and early for the ceremony ahead. Angela wore a pretty silky wrap in white with periwinkle blue blooms, as she started to get ready. She soon changed into a gorgeous white off-the-shoulder A-line dress and a wispy veil which swept down behind her. We love the lace-up details in the back of the dress! Her hair was arranged in a delicate updo and adorned with jeweled hair accessories, while her pearl chain earrings dangled perfectly, adding to the classically appealing ensemble. Jack looked dashing in his midnight blue suit, crisp white shirt, and a necktie in a soft sage green color. While the bridesmaids wore long dresses in the same shade of green (we love the color!), the groomsmen mirrored the groom with matching midnight blue trousers, a white shirt, and green neckties. Angela and her girls carried beautiful bouquets of a lovely medley of cream, green, and blush pink blooms, which is again reflected in Jack’s boutonniere. Altogether, the wedding party came together like a flawlessly balanced piece of melody, and looked aesthetically perfect!


After the gorgeous couple got ready, and after the Chicago wedding photographer captured some wedding details, getting-ready shots, and bridal portraits, the couple met at the altar for their vows. Their ceremony arch was decorated in delicate drapes of wispy white fabric and cascading flowers, giving the setting a romantic appeal! Amidst the near and dear ones, Jack and Angela said their vows and sealed the deal with their first kiss as husband and wife. After the ceremony, the couple went ahead and posed for some gorgeous couple photography. Our wedding photographer in Chicago did the perfect job of capturing the gorgeous duo in some beautiful settings, be it the romantic shots under the cascading willow tree, or the dreamy captures by the lake. We also love the classic pose by the arched bridge and the rustic stone wall proved to be the perfect backdrop for some timeless photographs. The couple was soon joined by the bridesmaids and groomsmen for some group photography, and we love the laid-back and candid approach to these captures. 


After capturing the moments in various captures, the couple joined their guests to finally cut their wedding cake. We love the adorable cake which was simple, yet intricate and had two perfect birds on it! Tell me that isn’t the cutest thing you saw today! We love the light and breezy feeling of the wedding, yet there is something about the couple which is heartwarmingly romantic. Maybe it is the timeless setting, which is translated through the pictures, or maybe it’s the romantic floral decor. Maybe it is the look in their eyes which says it all, or maybe it’s a victory in the air of finally getting after waiting months for it! We don’t know! But that feels, it’s there and it’s almost tangible in the air!


Jack and Angela, among many newlywed couples, set our hearts at ease, whispering in a reassuring tone that love has not lost in the COVID-19 battle. Of course, the responsible thing to do right now is to take preventive measures and adhere to guidelines, maybe there is caution in the wind but celebrations are to happen, pandemic or not. With an easy-breezy wedding theme, a few close friends and family with you, and a floaty dress of your choice, you can still have the dream wedding you want! It goes to show that you don’t need extravagant wedding themes and perfectly matched decor to be happy, nor do you have to wait in anticipation for two more years so that you can have your grand wedding. All you need is love in your heart, your partner in one hand, and your hand raised in a toast of celebration as your few close ones cheer for your brilliant future!

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