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Wedding Color Palettes We Are Loving For 2024 Brides!


Planning a wedding is many things, and one of those things is settling on the colors you want for your wedding day. The best part about your wedding is the choice of colors. Multitudes of choices for pretty much everything! From your wedding details to the wedding accents, you can customize your special day with the colors you want. As Doja Cat recently sang, Paint the Town Red, we sort of mean that. But instead of painting the town, use the colors that make you think of your happy space, your comfort spots, and what you want your memories to be like after your wedding. One of the best parts of your wedding planning process is to choose the perfect aesthetic for your wedding day. So, if you’re looking to create some of the best memories of the best day of your life, choosing the right colors for your day is what you need! Now, when it comes to wedding color schemes, there’s so much more to choose from! Sure enough, the traditional wedding color tones, such as the classy black and white, have stood the test of time. However, there’s a plethora of amazing wedding color schemes that you can choose from and paint your love story with shades that make it not only fun to plan but also give you amazing wedding photos and leave your wedding guests with pretty memories, much like you and your partner. So, today, we’ll talk about the color schemes that are trending already and will take center stage for the year 2024! 


  1. Moss Green: A Fresh Color Palette 

  2. Let’s start this list with the best color for 2024! Seeing the wedding trends, for 2024 we know for a fact that moss green is going to be one of the favorite colors for bride-to-bes and bridesmaids! Yeah, brides will love injecting color into their weddings and expect to see more bridesmaids in moss-green dresses. However, there’s more. You can use this shade to create a great garden-inspired wedding look for your special day! With us reaching the end of winter soon, and spring right around the corner, it only makes sense to us to incline a little towards it! You can choose to have these color palettes for your entire wedding theme or you can have the perfect lounge, which can be a last-minute wedding detail addition if your wedding is close as well. For minimalist couples, we think the color palette of moss green and white with specks of cream is a great choice. You can choose to have moss green as your primary wedding color. Apart from this, you can also throw in some yellow floral details to make the wedding color scheme pop! For a very woody vibe, you can have moss green, yellow, shades of pink, with brown. To light up your greenery-heavy or moss-green-heavy wedding, you can also add string lights along with candle decor to make your wedding pop and look dreamy!

  3. Cobalt Blue: Stronger Blue Hues Rules 

  4. Blue has always been one of the favorites and go-to shades for weddings. The difference, year to year, is usually between the lighter and darker shades of blues. For this year the deeper blue, cobalt blue, will hold the crown. And we couldn’t be happier about this! Cobalt blue is one of the best shades to have for your wedding theme. Think of a completely blue wedding reception party, talk about aesthetics. But we understand that not all of us love to see everything painted in blue, so you can use cobalt blue with white, lighter shades of blue, red, and yellow. This will give you a bright and fresh look. Try choosing milder hues of red and yellow if you want the wedding colors to look cohesive. If a pastel-inspired wedding color palette is your choice, then try using cobalt blue with blush pink or rose gold, pastel green, and gold. Another amazing and mesmerizing wedding color scheme for your day is cobalt blue, coral, gray, and peach or pink! This is an evergreen wedding color scheme that can be used for any season! If cobalt blue is your jam, try adding metallic accents or escort cards to add a charming touch to your wedding color scheme.

    Lilac: A Serene Touch to your Wedding Palette 

    Let’s talk about something different and something serene, shall we? Lilac is one of those colors that we will see this year. We’ve seen a few weddings with purple and lavender, and we know for a fact that lilac and lavender will continue to thrive in weddings! We love how lavender and lilac go together. It gives you a very calming vibe. You can add royal purple, mauve, deep reds, and burgundy to your wedding color palette to add more style. Additionally, this color scheme goes well with brass or gold accents and wedding details. You can add some amazing brass ornaments to your wedding tables and some metallic accents. One of the best ways to add the charming touch of these shades to your wedding day is by using stain runners. We love amazing satin runners, especially in deeper shades. You can use both purple and deep red stain table chargers or runners to add more depth to your wedding theme and colors. Another amazing color combination, which is very minimalistic, is purple, lilac, and white for your wedding day! This is a lovely and airy wedding theme, which we love. To make a splash on your wedding day, choose black bridesmaid outfits, which will be another hot trend in 2024 weddings, and the groomsmen in black too. The bride and groom should have different colors to stand out in the photos.

    Verdigris: A Touch of Opulence to your Wedding Colors 

    Verdigris is one of those colors that gives opulence and royalty in the same mix. We love this color because it gives you a lovely velvety touch, even when it is not on velvet fabric! This shade will add a lot of jazz to your wedding day. From lovely cocktail lounges to delicate wedding dinner settings, there are a lot of ways to choose to use this color for your wedding. What we love the most about this is that it looks just an amazing addition to your wedding ideas, you can have verdigris wedding outfit accents, wedding decor, or just have the placements in this color. Considering using this? Well, think of this deep green shade mixed with blue hues as a lovely addition to gold accents, blush pink, and white. Another way to add this shade to your wedding day is to add gold, black, and verdigris to your wedding color scheme. This will help you create the perfect wedding day. Another way to add this color is to choose to have this shade as your lounge area color scheme too!

    Lime Green: A Touch of Colorful Splash

    Now let’s talk about the lovely choice of amazing fresh hues for your wedding. We love bright colors, and we love them the most in a wedding! For us, a great lime green hue addition to your wedding day shades is just impeccable. It will help you add a bright and airy touch. If used well, this color can make your wedding day look just right and exceptionally pretty. To be honest, there’s something about a wedding color scheme that stands out. If you’re thinking of your wedding day and want pops of colors for your wedding, then adding lime green to the mix is your best bet! Think of lime green floral details, lime green flowers, lime green wedding napkins, and lime green ribbons tied into your overhanging wedding decor, the choices are many. So, if this is your jam, then think of using lime green with peach, terracotta, white, and yellow. It would be amazing. This is an airy and fresh color scheme. Apart from this, you can also try to use lime green, purple, peach, pink, white, and muted orange shades. This is another muted color palette to use, and it is non-seasonal!

    Pink: The Barbie Fever Continues 

    To be honest, the Barbiecore wedding is not going out of style anytime soon. Our wedding ideas have always been a mix of the popular ones blended with something out of the box. But when it comes to pinks, we don’t want to mix anything else. Pink color palette ideas, especially the ones that are all-pink, are a few of our favorites. From lovely pink shades speckled everywhere, you can even mix a few other colors to neutralize your wedding color scheme. What we love the most about Barbie-core wedding ideas is that it is pretty and lovely. You can use different shades of pink to create the ombre effect in your wedding theme colors. You can also add a touch of opulence with gold accents. Think of a wedding with different shades of pink and then think of adding details like wire chairs, wedding table cutlery, and wedding accents in gold! Another great way to use the Barbie colors for your wedding is to add pink, different shades, black, cobalt blue, and lime green. It will give you a bright color palette. However, if you feel that it is too bright, use this for your wedding lounge or cocktail hour or even as a welcome party theme for your wedding guests.

    Wedding Color Theme Mistakes to Avoid 

    Apart from the color options we just mentioned, let’s talk about some of the mistakes that you should avoid to create the perfect wedding day look!

    Never Use Too Many Colors 

    While a vibrant color palette will add flair to your wedding, using too many hues can lead to visual chaos and overwhelm. A restrained color scheme ensures elegance and cohesion, allowing key elements to stand out. Limiting your palette simplifies decision-making, from decor to attire, creating a harmonious ambiance. A focused color selection promotes a timeless aesthetic in wedding photos, avoiding a dated look. Striking a balance with a few well-chosen colors enhances the overall visual impact, preventing a disjointed and distracting atmosphere. Remember, less can indeed be more when it comes to creating a sophisticated and memorable wedding setting.

    Overdoing One Color in Your Color Theme

    Overdoing one color in your wedding color scheme and decor can lead to a monotonous and overwhelming visual impact. While incorporating a favorite color is enticing, excessive use can overshadow other elements and create an unbalanced aesthetic. Diversifying your palette adds depth and interest, allowing different shades to complement each other. A well-balanced color scheme enhances the overall ambiance, ensuring a harmonious and visually appealing setting for your special day. Avoiding the overuse of a single color encourages creativity, allowing for a more nuanced and sophisticated wedding decor that captivates the eye without becoming monochromatic and dull. Make sure that you pay attention to detail as you desire your wedding color palette.

    Use a Few Unique Colors 

    Sure enough, it is easy to choose the colors that are trending and are common. But that does not give you something different, and lasting. If you want something lasting and want to wow your wedding guests, then all you need to do is take a few risks. Your color schemes can have a few unique shades that may be uncommon or a little unconventional. The truth is, that the perfect wedding color scheme is born only out of experimentation.

    So, make sure that you have a look at the colors you love and see if these colors go along well together. And that aside, make sure that you know what works for you. As you plan your wedding, have a look at the shades and try a few different combinations to settle on the one you want. We hope that our wedding inspiration blogs help you figure out the color schemes you want for your wedding day and on top of that, we hope that the other blogs will help you figure out what you want from other blogs.


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