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Tracey and Michael’s Engagement Photo Shoot Brings Life To The Words, “You Are My Today And All Of My Tomorrows”


We have had a chance to witness love, and we love the fact that we can be in the presence of love so often. However, it is rare to find love like the love of this couple! An engagement photoshoot in Detroit for Tracey and Michael is everything you’ll imagine it to be. From knowing looks to the hidden smiles, the couple was just as happy with each other’s company as we were in theirs. As the city bid goodbye to summer, Tracey and Michael decided to have an early September engagement photoshoot. On the 10th, Tracey and Michael woke up, excited for the day ahead. The day’s itinerary was simple, and the couple had decided to pick out the perfect locations in Detroit for their engagement photoshoot. The day was just right, the sun was out and shining, the sky was clear and the temperature was mild, the best kind of day to have a great outdoor engagement photoshoot! When our photographer met the couple, the two were already ready for the day with bright smiles, and soft touches, which spoke volumes about their love, something we can only talk about only because we experienced it first hand. Tracey and Michael were excited for the day, only because the two thought of the day as the first step towards the journey the two had already embarked upon. To them, the day of the engagement photoshoot was their way of taking things further than official! 


Detroit is steeped in history and has gone through many changes. Also known as the Motor City, thanks to its connection with the automotive industry, which is up for people to see thanks to the many motor museums, the city is crawling with vibrant life, amazing restaurants, bars, pubs, and a picturesque city skyline. The city, after tough times, is one of the hottest places to visit in the U.S. The best part about this city is that there’s so much to see and experience that it will blow your mind! Detroit has an uncanny quality of just being the perfect place for tourists and residents alike. The history of the city goes back about three centuries, and in the present times, the city is being restored and dressed with a modern twist to its unique voice. And it is thanks to that that Detroit’s extremely old hotels have been restored and are open for business! Aloft Detroit at The David Whitney, the neo-Renaissance building available for bookings, Detroit Foundation Hotel, which is a 1929 building used by Detroit Fire Department turned into a beautiful hotel, and the historic Book Cadillac, now The Westin Book Cadillac, which at one point was the tallest hotel back in 1924 has been restored and open to the public! Tracey and Michael, the both, wanted to enjoy what the city had to offer, especially because the weather was perfect for what they had planned. Going through their options and different locations for an engagement photoshoot in Detroit, the two decided to choose the Detroit Institute of Art and the iconic Joe Louis monument in Detroit's Hart Plaza


For the day, the two had decided to don only one set of outfits, instead of changing their outfits for the different locations. The two shared with our photographer that they wanted to capture the city in different colors, not themselves against the city’s wonderful skyline. So, for the day, the two chose stylish, yet simple, outfits. Michael chose to go with a timeless outfit with a crisp white shirt, paired with black pants, black socks, and black dress shoes. To match their engagement photoshoot outfits, Tracey followed suit and chose black and white attire as well. She chose a white top, paired it with a wonderful black pencil skirt with a slit, and paired it with trendy boots and a chic black belt. To keep her outfit fresh and to add a little variety to her outfit, she threw on a green jacket. Tracey shared that she did not want to lose her eyeglasses for the photoshoot. She wore oversized eyeglasses, the ones she wore everywhere and every time! She told our engagement photographer, that she loved these, saying that it makes her feel comfortable and is just her style! Michael, hearing this, smiled, and softly tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled, as if to agree without even saying a word. To start the day, the couple decided to begin with the Detroit Institute of Art and then move on to Hart Plaza. 


The first location for the engagement photo session started with the imposing building of the Detroit Institute of Art. The building houses one of the most extensive collections of art, with many new additions still in tow, the building in itself is a work of art! The history behind the Detroit Institute of Art stretches as far back as 1922. At that time, what we now know as the Detroit Institute of Art had just begun to be built. The idea behind the imposing building and its architecture was simple, a place that is supposed to house impressive works of art should look like art as well. And when you look at the building that houses art and sculptures, it will take your breath away. The entrance of the building has, “dedicated by the people of Detroit to the knowledge and enjoyment of art,” intricately embossed in stone. Tracey and Michael shared with our photographer that the high arches and the pristine white exterior of the building simply drew them in! Although the two never told us why they chose black and white outfits, we’d like to believe that they wanted to look the part at the museum. The pretty white exterior with black railings and details match the beautiful couple. We like to believe that nothing in our lives is a stroke of luck, but a magnificent stroke of fate! And when our photographer had the couple try engagement shoot poses, we like to believe that their choice of color for the outfits was a clandestine detail that the couple chose not to share with us. 


The beautiful day was lit up with the couple’s smiles! The two decided to start with the stairs. The two looked like they amalgamated in the brilliant setting. Putting on beautiful smiles, and striking amazing poses. The best part of these two was that they kept their poses elegant and smiling. Tracey’s green jacket helped the two stand out. The stunning marbled staircase served as the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits. The two were so excited that after posing on the staircases, they couldn’t stop themselves from asking to see how their photos turned out! Our photographer was extremely glad to show their handiwork to the bubbly couple. Climbing up the stairs, the two talked about how their wedding planning was coming along. The two shared that they were still deciding on which wedding theme they’d want for their wedding. Tracey piped in with some thoughts of her own. She confided that she was going for a stylish and elegant wedding gown. As they climbed up the stairs, they found a beautiful bronze-gold door. Tracey and Michael were very good at finding cute places to get photographed in front of. Michael jumped at the thought of posing for some photos and candid photos in the front of the door. He told our photographer that he loved the fact that the bronze door will add a dazzling quality of contrast to their engagement photos. If truth be told, the duo did not need instructions, our photographer loved capturing timeless moments without having to instruct them. It was easy to see that the couple was not only madly in love with each other, but madly in love with being around each other too.  


Although there were more spots to go over, the couple loved posing in front of the door. Before sitting down on the stairs in front of the door, Michael pulled Tracey in a close hug, and lightly nudged her with his nose. When he looked into her eyes, all his eyes seemed to say was “I’ve fallen in love many times, always with you.” Tracey slightly blushed under his gaze and tucked her hair behind her ear. After a brief moment of tenderness, Michael stood behind his fiance and interlinked his hands through hers, to give us the most stunning smile. It was clear that the two brought the best out of each other. Then the two plopped down on the stairs, smiling for the camera. Then they looked at each other, and giggled, the moment made for the perfect candid photo. The two took their time at the Detroit Institute of Art, Tracey threw on her green jacket once more. The brilliant architecture of the space gave us the perfect background to picture the two enjoying each other’s company and pulling each other into quick pecks. 


After that, the two found their way down to the brilliant Hart Plaza. The 14-acre plaza was the perfect location for their engagement photoshoot. The couple shared that they would drop by the plaza just to enjoy the serene waters and enjoy the city skyline. They shared that they felt that this was one of the few places that made Detroit feel like Detroit. More than anything else, the two wanted to explore the area, again and again, because it made them feel at home. They love the Joe Louis monument and have countless photos of each other with it. However, Tracey and Michael wanted to take it up a notch and create a memory worth adding to their wedding photo book with some photos of them from their engagement! And we couldn’t agree more! Our photographer helped them find a perfect way to add the iconic monument to their beautiful memories. The couple strolled through the area, remembering memories of the times they had been here before. Enjoy being surrounded by the city's beautiful buildings. The two looked perfect, amidst the buildings, looking cutesy and stylish. Knowing that this was the last place for the day, the two took their time exploring the riverfront. They walked hand in hand, as our photographer chose the perfect time to capture more photos. As the day was beginning to draw to a close, Michael softly pushed Tracey’s back to the railing and gave her a short, but passionate kiss, making it a perfectly timed engagement photo. The two broke away from the kiss, and softly talked, we can only imagine from their romantic gaze that it was filled with heartwarming emotions. Taking their time with the nature around Hart Plaza, and softly gasping every time they saw something amazing, the two sat down, amidst the grass with lush greenery as the backdrop for another couple portrait, this time going for a conventional pose! Happy with their choice, Tracey and Micahel smiled and softly laughed saying they always wanted to see how they would look posing like that! And we can say with confidence, that they looked perfect, happy, and in love. With that the day came to a close, Michael and Tracey said their thanks and goodbyes to our photographer after an eventful day. Despite the day coming to a close, our photographer knew that the time for perfect couple photos was far from over. As the two began walking away, our photographer took a few more candid couple photos of the two. It was during this time, that they witnessed the hope and gleaming eyes with love for the future the two were looking to create together. Before Tracey and Michael became mere silhouettes walking hand in hand, our photographer caught a glimpse of the two, without even uttering a word, their eyes seemed to reflect the same thought, “You are my today and all of my tomorrows,” and it warmed our heart to see that. As the two became figures, lost in the sea of Detroit people and buildings, our photographer was left with a lasting impression of the couple, the love they shared, and the life they were dreaming to build. 


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