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The Wedding of Jessica and Marcus in Tampa, Florida


It is safe to say that while weddings may not be everyone's cup of tea, everyone loves them for one reason or another. The world is divided into two kinds of people- ones who love weddings and others who do not even wish to attend. But whichever category one belongs to, they cannot simply deny the beauty of weddings, as it is one of the most beautiful things in the world like holding a newborn baby in your hands or seeing your parents shed happy tears because they are proud of you. One of the most beautiful things a person could ever experience in his or her lifetime is getting married to the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with and there is no second opinion to that. From choosing the perfect wedding venue for yourself and deciding on how you want to fill your reception with DIY decor details to dealing with wedding vendors firsthand and getting a clue about how your life is going to look like while dealing with big decisions with the love of your life by your side. 

Weddings are one of those things that can make you pull your best clothes out of your closet! From getting dressed up for your wedding ceremony and reception while your best friends surround and cheer you to feeling the excitement hitting your gut when your emotions are running high, weddings are also a great opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. While the recent pandemic has changed weddings permanently, couples are still finding ways to get married and be with the person they love in testing times like this. From hosting nuptials with the favorite micro wedding ideas in a faraway countryside location to browsing through stay-at-home date ideas as a means to celebrate their honeymoon, more and more couples are hosting COVID weddings by bringing their best of creativity and ingenuity to the table. 

Although the pandemic has inevitably made weddings look different, couples in love did not let it damper their plans and exchanged their "I dos" in some of the most creative ways possible. From our Instagram feed getting filled with cozy and small wedding details and couples working through their COVID wedding celebrations while making it both safe and sentimental to couples wearing matching wedding face masks, COVID weddings are giving goals for a lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how COVID couples are getting married without letting the virus rain on their parade and are determined to have their big day despite the pandemic in their own artistic ways. From couples who didn't let COVID-19 cancel their wedding celebration and got married in a drive-in movie-themed wedding where the intimate ceremony was up on the big screen for all to see and live-streamed for remote guests to a fabulous 2021 wedding trend where couples are getting married in parking lots, as the newlyweds walked through the rows to greet everyone at a safe distance while adhering to weddings social distancing guidelines. 

Our next couple from Tampa decided to tie the knot amidst the pandemic in the summer of 2020 and start their forever together in a completely intimate setting with a few of their friends and family. Our wedding photographers in Tampa, Florida did a fantastic job of capturing each and every minute detail of this beautiful wedding day on a bright summer morning. Ah, summer weddings! Summer weddings are beautiful because of so many reasons and getting married in Tampa when the sun shines bright and the sky changes its color to a vibrant shade of blue, our Tampa wedding photographers love to capture stunning couples against the breathtaking backdrops that the city of Florida has to offer as backgrounds for couple portraits. It was Jessica's idea to get married in Tampa as not only this city holds so much significance to the couple but also for fact that it offers incredible backdrops for wedding photography sessions. 

Marking your beginning amidst the eggshell white sand and sparkling emerald blue waters, unlocking Tampa Bay weddings can give you some of the most beautiful wedding memories and our couple- Marcus and Jessica knew this for a fact. Tampa wedding photography sessions can surprise you with stunning sunsets and passing dolphins. This Floridan City is home to exquisite beauty ranging from dreamy blue skies, stunning sunlit bay areas, sparkling waterfronts, world-class chefs, family fun, and a century of Cuban culture making it an amazing destination to tie the knot in Florida. For Jessica, she always had her heart set on tying the knot in Tampa, Florida as it is said that their hospitality is as warm as the weather. After going through so many amazing wedding venues in Tampa Florida, it was the Crystal Ballroom, a Tampa wedding venue that did it for them. 

Right from the moment Jessica and Marcus had their eyes set on this marvelous wedding venue in Tampa, they knew that they had to get married here. This pandemic wedding in Florida marked their beginning at the beautiful and contemporary ballroom setting of the Crystal Ballroom, Tampa. Although it was a small wedding setting, the cozy elements and warm atmosphere reverberated and engulfed everyone with a striking sense of priceless emotions. The Tampa wedding photography session of this stunning couple revealed an amazing wedding day that took place at this classic Tampa wedding venue right at the heart of the city. Truly perfect for hosting intimate weddings following social distancing guidelines and health disclaimers related to weddings, this affordable wedding venue in Tampa is also home to lavish and classic wedding settings for hosting all kinds of weddings in Florida.

The indoor wedding setting in Tampa enables couples to celebrate their new beginnings in an elegant setting featuring dreamy drapery that is strung across the ceiling and wall designs that are filled with stunning wall sconces and chandeliers making it perfect for a memorable wedding photography session in Tampa. The sophisticated Tampa wedding venue, the Crystal Ballroom can accommodate up to 250 people for your wedding celebration and the absolutely exquisite settings make it a perfect destination for hosting weddings in Tampa. Every element of this wedding venue will create your wedding event to absolute perfection as the experienced and all-inclusive event coordinators and managers are experts in transforming couples’ all the big and small wedding visions into striking reality. Designed to meet the finest in the art of staging and designing fairy tale moments that make magical memories and happily-ever-afters, this modern wedding venue can be an exclusive destination for hosting small weddings in Tampa. Discover the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness that the design of each of the elements exudes throughout this artistic wedding venue. 

One of the most photogenic wedding venues in Tampa Bay, this exclusive North Tampa wedding venue is home to experienced staff who will help you design and decorate the venue for the perfect aesthetics of your wedding day celebration. You can meet their design team and hand-select from the overflowing treasure trove of décor that portrays your fairy tale, and write the romance on your special day. From dressing tables with elegant linens and chair sashes to choosing the accent pieces that are suited for royal weddings like vintage candelabras, beautiful napkins, and fine china, you can introduce DIY elements to the reception or ask the design team to bring your vision to the charming space of this beautiful and stunning wedding venue in North Tampa. You can dance the night away with your guests on the provided dance floor. Different décor packages are available for couples to customize the venue to reflect their personality and vision for their dream wedding day. This affordable luxury is a rare find and our to-be married Tampa couple loved the shiny and dazzling elements that were brought to life as backgrounds for an incredible wedding photography session at this wedding venue.

The summer wedding in Tampa started bright and early in the morning when our beautiful bride Jessica got ready, as her aunt, who was also her maid of honor, helped the bride to get ready for the big day. Our wedding photographers in Tampa did a fabulous job of capturing some of the detailed shots of bridal accessories along with the crisp white bridal dress, which brought life to the entire wedding album even more. The detailed shots revealed several beautiful portraits ranging from the colorful wedding invite placed against the glittery silver bridal pump shoes, the beautiful bridal jewelry, and the mesmerizing white rose bridal bouquet to the wedding dress hanging against a glass wall with the breathtaking cityscapes of the dreamy Town 'N' Country and waterfronts of the beautiful Old Tampa Bay. The trendy bridal shoes were also pictured along with all the stylish decorative elements of the reception venue in amazing detail shots. 

Right before the wedding ceremony started, the gang of groomsmen posed for some stunning groomsmen photography shots as they were dressed up in stunning gray two-piece suits with colorful boutonnieres and crystal black satin ties. The classy groomsmen look was completed by chic black shoes and crisp white shirts. 

The bridal getting-ready portraits came out to be astonishing as Jessica got ready with her beloved aunt cum maid of honor by her side. She donned a trendy sleeveless train wedding dress with a plunged bateau neckline adorned with illusion fabric featuring lace details and intricate embroidery work. The chic sleeveless train wedding gown also featured a gorgeous back with illusion netting details. Jessica paired the trendy bridal look with minimalist silver jewelry which consisted of a simple silver necklace and stud earrings and completed the beautiful bridal outfit with a contemporary bridal hairstyle featuring a beautiful flower band and hairband which back brushed her beautiful curls giving the entire bridal look a very neat statement. 

Our dashing groom Marcus wore a crystal black two-piece formal suit which had satin lapels with a crisp white shirt paired with a cream color tie and stylish black groom shoes. The black and white wedding attire gave away a complete black-tie vibe to the entire wedding day and it also gave room for unforgettable wedding shots which our Tampa wedding photographers will cherish forever. Their little one who is the ring bearer of the wedding also dressed like his dad and the wedding portraits of these three turned out to be emotionally captivating. 

The moment our bride walked down the aisle there was not a single dry eye in the room, as the emotional wedding ceremony took place surrounded by their chosen loved ones who were following COVID-19 wedding protocols by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. As Marcus and Jessica were pronounced husband and wife, they had their wedding kiss and exchanged some really priceless moments as brand new newlyweds. From the moment when the groom was waiting for his bride at the end of the altar with the best man by his side to the way they made a grand exit upon cheered by their close ones, everything about this pandemic wedding pulled our heartstrings a little stronger.

After the post-ceremony photo session was over, freshly married Marcus and Jessica and their guests were mellowed down for an evening of celebration and a good time. Their post-COVID wedding reception was warm and rustic and welcoming. The elegant ballroom setting was decorated with blue and purple lights which made the space sparkle and light up in celebration. The little thoughtful elements like the white and golden reception table details and the wedding bands along with the promise ring placed on top of a golden sequined sheet were photographed at this wedding in the most perfect way and left everyone charmed!

This post-COVID wedding shows us that 'flowers do not bloom without a little rain and everything has its purpose, even pain'. Although the journey may seem long and tiring, and everything might look a little hopeless at the moment, but as sure as spring will come by the end of winter, there will be light. With more and more recent weddings in Tampa, we hope it restores the faith of our Tampa couples that it is okay to hope and plan. Regardless of the fact that weddings after COVID may have some aftertastes and multitude of regulations, there will be blushing brides across the world, butterflies in stomachs as lovers exchange "I dos" and people jamming to love songs written on timeless love stories.


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