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The Sunny and Snowy Providence Engagement Session of Alexis and Rob


Outdoor engagement photo sessions are amazing, filled with fun, adventurous, and beautiful. Alexis and Rob’s engagement photo shoot in Providence took it to the next level. With the city’s serene beauty, and lovely chilly weather, the pretty urbanscape lined with greenery, it was the perfect playground for these lovebirds to have their photo session. From enjoying the outdoors to taking our engagement photographer to their favorite spots, Rob and Alexis were full of smiles and happiness. Providence is beautiful in every season, but there was something truly special about the city in winter. Perhaps, December tends to make everything beautiful and adds a celebratory touch to every aspect of life, and their engagement photo session gave us a first-hand experience of that! The couple had decided on their spots, Alexis had thought of two different outfits for the day, both of them being just as classy and stylish and the two lovebirds were super excited to try out the poses our engagement photographer had in mind. Looking at these two, it felt as though they were two halves of one person. To add to the charms of their lovely outdoor photo session, they brought their pet along too! The couple and their pet-friendly engagement photo session were filled with happy smiles and loads of love.


Providence is home to many new experiences and a lot of history. The best part about this city is that in the past, it was almost fated to be an industrial relic, and the then mayor, Buddy Cianci, found a way to bring the city’s charms back! The rivers were rerouted and many lands were reclaimed, and the city was anew! In the same effort, Cianci also revitalized historic places, and now the capital city of Rhode Island is one of the best cities on the East Coast. Providence is home to many attractions and home to many interesting areas that work as beautiful photo backdrops! Providence’s tourist attractions include the RISD Museum of Art, which has an art museum with many amazing displays, Benefit Street, Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island State House, Waterplace Park, Stephen Hopkins House, Culinary Arts Museum, and many more amazing places to visit and see. For the day the couple had already decided that they will take photos in the best parts of the city, and add the beauty of the urbanscape. Providence’s natural quality of the pleasure of big city life with the charms of a small town is best captured on the streets, which is what attracted Rob and Alexis. They wanted to start around the Exchange Street Bridge and make their way around the neighborhood and streets to capture the best of the city in December. 


For the day, the couple told our photographer, they had put a lot of thought into what to wear. Instead of matching colors for their engagement photo session, the two decided to complement each other’s outfits. For their engagement photo shoot outfit, Rob chose to dress semi-casually. He found a warm gray sweatshirt along with a white pair of pants. To complete his outfit, Rob used a navy blue coat and a patterned muffler. His outfit went well with the lovely weather! Alexis wanted to use two outfits but she also wanted to find an outfit that did not require her to find a place to change her outfits for the photo shoot. So, instead of bringing along a bag for a different outfit, Alexis uses an overcoat to add extra charms to her outfit. The tan coat went with her overall outfit. She paired a turtle neck black top, paired it with a charming burgundy velvet skirt, and a pair of black stockings, and to complete the outfit she chose to wear ankle-length boots. She, too, added a fluffy white muffler to complete her outfit. She told our photographer that she planned to take off the coat to make her outfit look stunning and different. Our engagement photographer in Providence agreed with her choice. And for their outdoor photo session, the lovebirds decided to bring their little fur baby. Their pet dog complemented their outfits with a bright red collar and leash. The couple wanted to use their favorite photo spots around the city and also wanted their lovely pet to be a part of their photo session. The couple was still on the fence about their save-the-date cards for their wedding, and thought that their photos could give them the perfect photo


The day started at the Bridge, and Rob and Alexis could not hold their excitement for the day ahead. The couple told our photographer that the wedding florist and the wedding caterer were the first things they scratched off their list from their wedding day things. They also told our photographer that they were excited about their wedding day, even though it was still quite far away. The two also had a few photo ideas that they wanted to take with their pet! Starting from the Exchange Street Bridge, the couple struck some amazing poses to get the day started. The first few photos of the photo session did not include their four-legged fur baby. The couple wanted to take in the serene scene of the snow-capped buildings, the river, and the sky in the backdrop. Taking care as they walked around to get the best scene in the background, the lovebirds quickly found their spots. Our photographer helped them compose the perfect photos. Once the two had taken a few photos with the urbanscape in the background, they decided to have a few photos with their lovely fur baby. Their pet had been patiently waiting. When Alexis and Rob went back to their pet, the pet was ecstatic and the tail did not stop wagging. Our photographer suggested a few photo shots that would help their furbaby to slowly work through the poses, just to put the pet dog at ease. 


The first few photos of the couple with their pet were taken as the couple was dedicated to walking along the pavements, and the paved pathways to take some photos with their four-legged best friend. The pet dog was an amazing photo shoot partner and was exceptionally well-behaved. As the couple walked down the paved paths, the dog jogged along them with a broad smile. Happily wagging its tail, and every once in a while, the dog would turn around to look at its pet parents just to see if they approve. The lovely couple had a blast walking their fur baby, and had fun striking some amazing poses. Our photographer was quick to capture even candid photos. The couple’s candid photos were amazing too, as they scratched their fur baby, or ended up looking into their eyes forgetting about the world around them, and ended up giving the two some romantic engagement photos. After walking around with their dog, and posing with their furry friend, the couple decided to give their pet a break before trying other poses. As the couple stopped to marvel at the beautiful sights around, our photographer suggested they take some more photos here, because the scene looked serene. At this point, the couple was at the foot of a snow-dusted stairway, and our photographer knew that this would be a great photo opportunity. The two gingerly walked down the stairs, smiling and our photographer took amazing photos. The delicate touches, the soft gestures, the soft taps on the arms, and the pretty smiles, their movements, too, were totally romantic. 


Finding small nooks and crannies under the bridge around the area helped the two make their photo session absolutely perfect. Leaning against the walls and railings, the couple posed for the camera. Then, Alexis wanted to change her outfit and wanted to add some extra charms. Quickly taking her coat off and off went the muffler, only to show her chic outfit for the day. The December afternoon was not too bright or too dull, which made their photos look even better! Their outfits stuck out of the environment. As the engagement photo session progressed, the couple came up with a few more ideas. Keeping things simple and realistic, the couple chose a spot on the bridge, overlooking the city beyond, and chose that spot for the photo background. Then the couple decided to walk back to the city, the urban space, as they wanted to add the city’s look to their photo shoot as well. Alexis giggled when their furbaby started wagging its tail because the pet knew they were going back now. As the couple scratched the lovely furbaby, our photographer took a few more photos of the two, candid and pristine. Before they left the spot, our photographer took a photo of the two atop the bridge, which looks exceptionally lovely. And then as the two started walking with our photographer, with their pet running around excitedly, the couple said that their pet loves the city streets. 


Before the couple reached the second spot, our photographer took some photos of the two as they walked. Our photographer took a few photos from the front and some from the back. The couple and their dog looked like a complete family! As the couple reached the city streets, the couple knew exactly where they wanted to go and what areas they wanted to capture in their photos. Since they were thinking of documenting things that made them happy and reminded them of their home so that they could put these photos together. Perhaps, one day, they’d even make a photo album. The couple chose some paths, and thanks to the afternoon chill the area was deserted, which gave our photographer the perfect opportunity to take more photos. The two struck a cute pose by bumping their heads into each other, and their furbaby sat in complete attention, the photo looked as though we pulled it out for a Holiday romance movie, to be honest. As the day kept rolling on, the lovely couple found themselves enjoying each other’s company and the ambiance of the city they love and call home. The two had a blast posing around the bridge and the river and were determined to enjoy street photography even more. They found their favorite spots and then found some new spots, posed as though they were pros at it. 


The chilly day benefited the two, and they found a lot of areas without people interfering or popping up in the frame. Comfortable in front of the cameras, the two enjoyed switching up poses. Although their laid-back photo session had romantic photo poses, they even posed for some goofy photos so that they could look at them later and reminisce. Soon, the time to bid goodbye to the lovely couple came closer, and the two excitedly asked to see the photos from the day just to see how they turned out. Ecstatic and happy, the two told us how they’re in the process of wedding planning and how exciting that is for them. Before bidding goodbye, Alexis and Rob found a cute spot. The spot was complete with lovely floral details, and flowers in pots with colorful leaves, this was a great spot for a photo. Posing in front of the flower pot, the sunlight slanted on them, giving them a dreamy glow, and the photo turned out perfect, Instagram-worthy photos! As our photographer said goodbyes, they also wished this so-in-love couple all the best for their upcoming wedding planning and the wedding day. As the two walked away with their lovely fur baby, our photographer couldn’t help but feel as though the two were two halves of the same person, sweet, spontaneous, fun-loving, and just so in love. And when we looked at the photos from Alexis and Rob’s outdoor engagement session, we agreed with the thoughts of our photographer. And after looking at their engagement photos, we remembered a quote by Vladimir Nabokov, “It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”


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