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It’s Love And Cherry Blossom In The Air! Witness The Magical Love Story of Mary & Johnny In The City Of New York!


When you say “I love you” to someone or when you are in love with someone you just love everything about that person. Every inch of their soul and every flaw that the person you are head over heels in love with proudly wears, so unapologetically, you just love everything about that person. When you are in love with someone the world seems to be a beautiful place and everything starts to make sense. Even the song lyrics that once you tend to ignore, start to make sense. Your eyes have a different kind of shine and sparkle when they talk about something they are very much passionate about, be it just how some people get the pronunciation of words wrong or what is the perfect way to brew a cup of coffee. When you are in love with that person, the way that person smiles lights up the entire room and at times the whole town. Being in love gives you the ability to do all the things that you once thought were not your cup of tea. You tend to do everything in your power to make that person feel extremely the most important person in the whole world. When you say “I Love You” to someone you tend to choose that person and his or her happiness over and over again over and above everything else. 


With every passing day, your feelings grow stronger and there comes a point when you start imagining spending the rest of your life with that someone. All you want is to enter into the next phase of your relationship, by getting engaged. You take the step ahead, get down on your knee and pop the most important question to the love of your life, and wait in anticipation to hear a beautiful ‘yes’! 


Getting engaged to the person you are deeply, madly, and truly in love with is everything that you want from your relationship. Getting engaged is indeed a huge step in a relationship. You are making a lifelong commitment and that too publicly is about your plans to spend the rest of your lives together. And of course, for such big news, you surely want a professional wedding photographer who can capture the romance between you both in the best of frames. And when it comes to professional and experienced wedding or engagement photographersGeorge Street Photo and Video photographers are just incredible. Being in the business of capturing every essence and love in its every form, our talented photographers have captured endless weddings and engagements offering the best to couples. 


Every now and then, our experienced engagement photographers get the chance to witness a unique and cute love story, which they gracefully capture in swoon-worthy and magical frames. And talking about engagements, recently, our creative photographers got the opportunity to document a beautiful engagement portrait session of Mary and Johnny in the Big Apple City, aka, New York City


Talking about New York city, then everything is just amazing and worth capturing, and that too in the best frames. Every corner, every building, in fact, every season in New York is just mesmerizing and enchanting. And our lovely and newly engaged New York couple choose the most romantic season of the year to have their incredibly romantic New York engagement portrait session


Spring in New York is full of excitement and romance. When the sun comes out, and the lovely flowers start to bloom, the weather warms up getting all cozy and romantic, and that is the time when New Yorkers, all in-love couples, and also the newly engaged couples shed their winter blues and head out to the streets and outdoor to relish the season in its most beautiful form. 


The Spring season is not only about fresh aromas, and tasty treats, but it is also about the season of love as love is in the air this season. And it is also about new beginnings. With everything new, our New York couple, Mary and Johnny decided to have a classic and romantic outdoor engagement portrait session at Prospect Park Boathouse


Talking about engagement photography locations in New York, then the options are just endless. It is always a delight for our New York engagement photographers to document an engagement session at any photography location in New York City. There are various NYC engagement photo locations, and couples will be able to find different angles and styles every time they visit New York if they are not from the city. City dwellers are well aware of this fact. From state parks to county parks, cool and majestic buildings, long hikes, panoramic lakes, waterfalls, vintage and historical mansions, skyscrapers, and so many more locations in this beautiful state of ours! New York City is not just a city. 


To be honest NYC engagement photos are iconic throughout the world. It has been observed that a huge majority of newly engaged couples from all over the world come down to New York City to have some really special photos taken by professional New York wedding photographers to commemorate the mesmerizing and beautiful stage in their relationships. As skilled engagement photographers, our photographers are well worse with all the best locations and ideas to capture these extremely romantic and fleeting life moments in the best of frames. With so many cozy and romantic nooks, it is no wonder why all newly engaged couples come to NYC for romantic engagement photos. The Big Apple is always hustling and bustling and depending on the season and is always transforming how it looks. Whether the portraits are for just because, your engagement, wedding photos, a proposal, or an elopement, there are tons or we say endless of backdrops to choose from. As your expert New York engagement photographer, all you have to do is just ask us where the best locations for your New York engagement photos are for the vibe you’re looking for and our team will tailor surely an experience for you and your darling to remember for years to come. 


So, before we go ahead and give you a beautiful and utterly romantic sneak peek of Mary and Johnny’s New York engagement portfolio, let us tell you about the lovely New York engagement location that they chose for their New York engagement portfolio, Prospect Park Boathouse


Prospect Park actually makes for an amazing NYC engagement photoshoot location as there are versatile spots that offer great outdoor photography session options. From charismatic and surreal sunset photos and the magic of golden hour to some more earth and organic photos in the woods, every corner of Prospect Park offers an enchanting spot for stunning engagement photography sessions. For all the newly engaged couples who are in search of a location in New York City that offers a flawless combination of a casual and romantic setting, then there is no better place than Prospect Park. Couples will have the opportunity to get their professional engagement portraits captured in a beautiful and natural way. If you are also choosing this location for your upcoming New York engagement photo shoot session, then we can assure you that you will love the white and teal architecture around the lovely boathouse. The lovely tree-covered pathways and the large open field never fail to offer charismatic romantic couple photography opportunities.


We have already discussed a lot about the Spring season in NYC and also about various panoramic engagement photography locations that this lovely city has to offer, and lastly, of course about Marry and Johnny’s engagement photo location. Let’s take you on a romantic photo walk of Marry and Johnny’s New York engagement photos so that you can actually witness the magic of their love and romance all by yourself. So, what are you waiting for! Take a stroll with us!


Just like our lovely, smiling, and bright couple, the day of their engagement photoshoot was nothing but damn pretty with beautiful clouds and lovely sunshine. The warm, cozy, and golden glow of the sun beautifully illuminated the entire Prospect Park offering great outdoor photography opportunities to our wedding photographers in and around New York City. To complement the setting of their location and also the season, Mary and Johnny, stunningly coordinated their outfit in the best possible way! 


Their engagement outdoor setting was nothing but whimsical with verdant greens with lovely cherry blossoms lending a perfect backdrop for a mesmerizing outdoor photography session. For their New York outdoor engagement photoshoot session, Mary chose to slip into a lovely and casual green floral print crepe strappy mini dress with shining and gorgeous golden heeled ankle strap sandals. She kept her engagement makeup look very minimal. Mary almost chose the nude makeup for her outdoor spring engagement photoshoot session. She kept her shoulder-length blond hair open with a middle partition. Her golden-colored vintage watch and the lovely single-diamond engagement ring looked immensely beautiful on her beautifully manicured hands. Mary looked stunningly gorgeous in her spring engagement outfit and to complement her from head to toe, Johnny also looked nothing but handsome and also heart throbbing. In his charming casual+formal outfit, Johnny looked breathtaking. To complement his lady love in every possible way, Johnny chose to wear a crisp white shirt white paired with beige-colored pants and a royal blue blazer. His camel brown shoes and neatly parted hair and chiseled face were something to keep looking at. In short, Mary and Johnny together looked like a perfect and adorable match made in heaven. And their professional engagement portraits captured by our talented team of wedding photographers in and around New York are live proofs of the same. 


Well, we just loved every photo from Mary and Johnny’s New York engagement portfolio, but there are a few special ones that we just loved. We will take you over some of our favorite photos from their engagement portfolio. So, let’s roll! 


The very first photo that we absolutely love from Mary and Johnny’s New York engagement was the first photograph in their portfolio. The picture where Mary and Johnny shared a kiss with the lovely cherry blossom setting the mesmerizing frame in the background was really an adorable picture. The other picture of them standing in the middle of a rustic pathway looking straight into each other’s eye with the towering vibrant greens in the background lending a pleasant backdrop for an amazing outdoor photography session. 


The other picture that we felt was the perfect example of a romantic engagement portrait and flaunting a strong couple goal is the one where Mary’s beautiful manicured hands with the lovely vintage watch and a stunning ring on her ring finger held by Johnny was indeed an extremely romantic picture. 


Head over heels in love with each other, the newly engaged couple took a stroll in the city and got captured by our professional wedding photographers of New York, which indeed added a great city vibe to their engagement portfolio. We also loved the photograph where Mary and Johnny sat in the corner of the stairs and shared a romantic and passionate kiss. 


We also loved the picture where Johnny lifted Mary in her arms and kissed her with the beautiful cherry blossoms in the background making that entire scene more romantic and serene. 


The one picture where they both sat over a green metal bench with their backs to each other, actually looked like a poster of a romantic movie. The one picture with a massive rocky tunnel in the background with our couple stealing a kiss was also a lovely picture to adore and look at. 


The last pictures of their engagement portfolio where Johnny sat over the bench with Mary hugging him from behind and the other one with the same pose but with a kiss, actually make their New York engagement portfolio look absolutely a magical story to witness and of course love!


Well, that was quite a magical journey through Mary and Johnny’s New York engagement portfolio. Being in the business of capturing romantic and beautiful moments and every kind of love story, we are very much delighted to document the romance, especially in the romantic city of the states, that is, New York City. Many love stories have started and also had a perfect ending in this lovely city. So, if you also want to get every essence of your romantic love story to be documented in the best of frames in this lovely city, then we have got you covered at George Street Photo and Video! 

Happy posing with us!


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