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Engagement Winter

Rachel and Matt’s Wintery Urban Fairytale Engagement!


Like most enigmas of life, love has managed to interest and confuse many eager hearts. Like any other immersive experience that we almost understand, but not quite, love is all-consuming and leaves us forever moved, adding a special flavor to our lives. Having waged wars between countries, and spurred romantic novels, love songs, poems, and more, love is an element that adds so much value to our lives that we can't envision a life without the sprightly aromatics of love. While life is excellent on its own, it's the precious love stories that make it all the more worthwhile! If you don't believe in wonders tucked away in the world, what would you call two people finding each other among many other potential partners, and falling in love? What’s more mesmerizing than two people getting along at a different level and pledging to spend the rest of their lives creating a world of their own. We are fortunate to be in an industry which permits us to witness so many stunning love stories along the way, and while every love story is gorgeous, there are some which bring the magic of their own, impressing us in a way others couldn’t. 


Rachel and Matt's snowy Pittsburgh engagement session is the kind that will get you wishing on a falling star, and the vivacity and brilliance of the couple linger in your mind for a long time! The lovely engagement moments of the couple are captured in gorgeous frames, capturing memories that are ideal enough to belong to stock images under "winter couple pictures". We love the stunning cityscapes, the spunky colors, the crispness of the snow, and the festive vibe around the couple, all coming together to create images that are jaw-droppingly beautiful and memorable! We are back at it, pursuing love stories as we do, and we have some marvelous photos to show for it. Let us take a deeper plunge at this lovely couple’s special day and how they posed in the gorgeous city of Pittsburgh on a gorgeous winter day as an engaged couple.


Pittsburgh, affectionately named 'The City of Bridges’ is a photographer’s utopia, as it's considerably easy on the eye! Precariously positioned at the confluence of the AlleghenyMonongahela, and Ohio rivers, Pittsburgh is encircled by water bodies and the ribbon of blue water runs through the city like its throbbing soul. Photographers and bridges are known for their infamous love affair and flaunting 446 bridges, Pittsburgh provides photo opportunities generously. From picturesque riverside attractions and shops to unparalleled museums and memorable tourist attractions, Pittsburgh is bustling with energy and comfort for the soul all at once. Pittsburgh sits on the north-western Allegheny Plateau, and once a gritty center of industry, Pittsburgh is no longer the soot-encrusted coal and steel town and has evolved beyond recognition. The city center is known as the Golden Triangle, and here you will find the historic Point State Park and the sparkling Strip District with its various markets, boutiques, and restaurants. A legacy of the city's industrial wealth, the Carnegie museums are some of the greatest in the country, including the Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Carnegie Museum of Art


The city of Pittsburgh is packed with so many fun, family-oriented attractions, that there is something for everyone out there! If you're a couple interested in history, a trip to the region's many history museums might be what you will love. If you are more passionate about visual or performing arts, be prepared to be astounded by the number of theaters, galleries, museums, and public art installations in the city. There are so many fun ways to get around in the city, whether it is by bike, trolley, boat, bus, or Segway. If you're a sports fan, you will love the City of Champions, as it is home to three professional teams- the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. From The U.S. Steel Tower standing tall at a massive 841 ft to the Cultural District, Pittsburgh has so much to give, it's astounding! Rachael and Matt certainly made a good call when they decided to weave this city into their love story, and we understand why. Just one look around and it's easy to be convinced! A love story featuring panoramic views as a backdrop, the striking deep blue of the water, the geometric design created by the bridges cutting through the skyline as the sun sets for the day, there is something magical about Pittsburgh and we can definitely see it come through in this couple's stunning pictures. If you are looking for options to construct your wedding and engagement photographs around here, Pittsburgh definitely does justice to your vision, as it did with this couple! Skim through the stunning images which are making our hearts skip a beat!


On the pre-decided day of the engagement photo shoot, Rachel and Matt appear looking like they have just walked out of a holiday card! The attention to detail in their choice of outfit is truly impressive, and the result is truly mesmerizing! Rachel dressed up in a gorgeous red trench coat and knee-length black heeled boots, and her cream turtleneck peeked from underneath, pulling all the colors together in beautiful harmony. Her makeup was minimal and radiant and her shoulder-length straight hair was left open. An irregular drop earring dressed up her ears and a sparkling engagement ring completed the look. Matt looked just as amazing as he justified his sweetheart’s attire perfectly in his dark and charming outfit! We love the all-black ensemble of black trousers, a black coat and a pair of formal black shoes in-you guessed it, black! We love the break in the monotony provided by the scarf he wore around his neck in the colors maroon, gray, and black. The poetic combination of black and red worked gorgeously, the backdrop added to the magic, provided them the perfect winter backdrop! The Pittsburgh engagement photographers did a phenomenal job of capturing them against the most gorgeous of settings, from the moody winter cityscape to the bare trees and carpets of thick snow! We especially love the picture where Matt lifted Rachel and the neutral-hued city buildings in the backdrop! This is truly a picture that demands to be framed and admired for decades! The photographers experimented with the couple in different settings of the city, and we love the pictures taken amidst tall grasslands and greenery in the backdrop, random sidewalks, and even parking lots! This goes to show how any location can be cinematic and perfect for a shot if the couple does it justice, and the photographer comes with the skills to capture it well!


After the initial shots, the couple removed their outerwear to reveal an entirely different look! Rachel wore a cream-colored turtleneck sweater dress which was midi length, which was hidden underneath the red trench previously! The black boots perfectly worked with the cream dress, giving her look a softer and elegant touch! As for Matt, he took off his black coat and scarfs to reveal a charcoal knit sweater with button details along his neck. We loved the pictures taken by the blue-green waterline which made an appearance in their backdrop and the blurred tall buildings that lined the coast. The stolen kisses with a gorgeous view in the backdrop and the quietly flowing water have all the makes of a picture that will tell a story of an urban couple forever in love and eager to start their “forever” as the earliest. 


Our Pittsburgh engagement photographers captured our lovely couple in the most iconic poses which will stand the test of time and will bring a smile to their faces even when age has touched upon them. From the classic poses of Matt lifting Rachel, to him dipping her to an elegant pose, from tender moments shared together, to easy laughter filling the streets of Pittsburgh, everything was captured with grace and expertise which speaks a lot about the couple’s amazing chemistry. While the couple portraits were amazing and perfect, we also love the detailed shots of the couple showing off the ring! From the neutral hues of cream and gray to the iconic winter colors of red and black, the couple sure knows how to stand up against the dark and dreary urban cityscapes of the winter months. Their classic romance, their effervescent summery brilliance contrasted against the winter afternoon, the pops of unexpected (yet very seasonally apt) color choices, and the gorgeous backdrops that the city of Pittsburgh provided, all came together to create a memorable and aesthetic moment for the engagement photographer of Pittsburgh to capture. The result is a trail of gorgeous photographs which are enough to take anyone’s breath away!


While the ideal wedding day is the one we are counting down to, the engagement is just as important as the date on the calendar. It's a necessary phase in your love story's development, and it should be celebrated in and of itself before we go on to the wedding! While a wedding day is magnificent, with a memorable wedding theme and well-thought-out color palette, and an elaborate collection of rituals, an engagement has its own refinement. It is a day dedicated to recall and honor the promise of eternal love with the close, near, and dear ones. It's a day dedicated solely to the pair, and it's not so much about the social aspect of the event as it is slightly personal and more about the couple and their love, so it contributes a different vibe entirely.


An engagement photo session presents a glimpse at the couple's disposition, and how they communicate and demonstrate their love for each other in society. While it is normal that you will want to capture details from your wedding day like the way your dress flounced or the music thumped or how the bunches of flowers bloomed in your bridal bouquet and the way the bubbly looked like little stars, there are also things that you will want to remember about your engagement too. It is probably the last time you will be captured before the wedding day, so you want your engagement photographer to catch you in all your newly-engaged glory! It is the feeling of satisfaction and exhilaration for the upcoming future which you will remember years from now! Having the best engagement photographers to grab these susceptible moments is a significant part of your wedding story. You will want to hold on to the unabashed excitement of your engagement forever, and you can glance back on it after decades, and feel a smile radiated out through your face!


The engagement photoshoot also enables the couple to be their most genuine selves, and display their narrative just the way they want. Whether you want an urban setup or a charming countryside one,  whether your style is more vintage or rather glam, the choice is yours and the probabilities are truly endless! So it is fresh and much-needed exercise before a wedding to help a couple truly relax and bond. If you and your partner are pondering on whether or not to get your engagement pictures taken, we urge you to go ahead, because the tangible memories you get to take home in return are truly invaluable! As for Rachel and Matt's gorgeous and memorable engagement sessionthe engagement photographers of Pittsburgh did an outstanding job seizing onto the bright and charming details of the day and how they represented the couple in fresh, youthful, and creative frames wonderfully!


There is something magical about two people coming together and finding each other among many other options out there, and sticking together for life. It is wholesome, heartwarming, and makes our spirits soar. It never ceases to amaze us how two hearts find each other in this vast populated blue planet, and how they go on to create an amazing story of their own! People get married, have children and grandchildren just because two souls took a liking to each other.  While every love story is lovely, there is something about this couple that speaks of easy comfort and has an effervescent joy for life! It might be their likable disposition or their obvious adoration for each other. It might be their classic yet fun urban demeanor, or maybe it's their timeless romantic vibe, but everything about this couple is just memorable and amazing. 


Rachel and Matt's charming engagement photo session seems to have an easy charm that they present in their companionship, something effortless and natural which makes them quite a pleasure to work with. This is a couple who have peaceful energy that flows throughout the photoshoot, making it visible in every shot that the photographer seized. We love the soft romantic winter vibe that the couple factors and the way they smile every time they glance at each other. We also love how it was such a gorgeous day and the magical backdrop played along and became a part of their frame quite gracefully, and how the practiced hands of our Pittsburgh engagement photographers captured it all beautifully. We like the fresh snow and winter aesthetics that the pictures communicate and the way nature is at her frosty best on this day. And as they walk away from this fun engagement session towards their imminent wedding ahead, they are taking home some marvelous memories and a sparkling tomorrow to look forward to!


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