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Perfect Fall Engagement Locations Within US


Before you begin your wedding planning, you’ll spend a lot of time looking for the perfect place to purpose to your partner. If you’re in the process of looking for a place that is wonderful, picturesque, and just right, then we have some amazing ideas for you! What’s more, the list that we’ve put together for you incorporates locations specifically from the U.S, and can just easily double down as locations you may want to return to throw your dream wedding! If you’re looking for the perfect locations for you to enjoy a fall proposal and engagement, then we have seven great ideas for you!


  1. The Valley Isle: Maui, Hawaii


It’s no secret that beaches are uber-romantic. And since we love beaches so much, why not start off today’s list with a beautiful beach that tugs at your heartstrings? Maui in Hawaii is the perfect location for a beachy-vacay and is perfect for a beautiful engagement session as well. For anyone looking to make their proposal exceptionally romantic, Maui is the place for you. If you loved the Disney movie, Moana, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with the place. Covered with hills overlooking the ocean, tall palm trees, open skies, and beautiful sunsets. The unmistakable allure of the city is enough to give you all the romance. But that’s not all, fall is perfect for couples! The city is not as crowded as it is in the summer, and the weather is just right! If you’re looking for pretty locations to propose to your soulmate, then this is the place for you! Maui is a blend of vibrant green trails, winding roads, lave trails, golden sands, and graceful falls! Maui is pretty much heaven for couples! This beautiful location is perfect for engagement photo sessions as well! What we absolutely adore about beach engagement locations in the US is that it brings some summer vibes to your fall engagement session! If you have an engagement photographer in Maui, you try out some poses to make the most of your session! You can make use of the beach, create a heart with your fingers as you try to capture the sun, or use a wharf for some amazing engagement photos


  1. City By the Bay: San Francisco, California


If you’re looking for a great location for an engagement session in the US, then the dazzling city of San Fransisco is perfect. Fall brings out the best in the city and colors it with vibrant colors. The city is brimming with people from different cultures, recreational parks, and wonderful attractions. The best time to visit the city starts from September to October, or in April and May. San Francisco’s summer is generally cool and foggy. So, if you’re looking for the perfect location for your engagement photo session, then San Francisco is the place. And if you’re wondering why then we have just the reasons for you! The beautiful city is dotted with brilliant locations that give you Instagrammable engagement photos, as well as photos worth a wedding and engagement photo book! If you’re looking to find the perfect spot in San Francisco to have your engagement session, then we have some ideas! You can drive down to the Big Sur, go down to the Sutro Baths, visit the fragrant Rose Garden, drive down the most crooked street in the world, Lombard Street, or have an engagement photo session with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop! Since in fall, San Fransico is colorful and fog-free, you can carefully plan your engagement photo session before stepping out. You can try out some classic engagement photo poses with some funny ones. San Francisco’s natural beauty will make your fall engagement photo session perfect. 


  1. The Crossroads of the West: Salt Lake City, Utah


If you love the idea of powder-dusted mountains and a city with a small-town vibe, then Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City is the perfect spot. There are very few cities that leave a mark on you the way Salt Lake City does. One of the primary things that makes us almost obsess over Salt Lake City’s beauty, especially during fall,  is the fact that the city sits in a valley of towering mountains, and is surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. And this gives the city immense natural beauty, streams, falls, and canyons pepper the area, making it an attractive engagement location in the US. Another reason to choose this city as your chosen location for a destination engagement is that this city witnesses the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises! The wonderful mountain ranges make the sunsets and sunrises look incredible. You and your partner can capitalize on these aspects and capture some of the most beautiful engagement photos! But the picturesque beauty of the city is not all that makes it one of the most perfect romantic proposal locations in the USA, there’s more. Salt Lake City, in fall, has many events, which is just perfect for a destination engagement party as well as an engagement photo session! Some of the events that you can visit during fall here are Utah State Fair, Urban Arts Festival, Squatters 30th Anniversary Beer Festival, or The Avenues Street Fair. Now that we’re done talking about the numerous reasons why we love the city, let’s give you some recommendations to have your engagement photo session! For a wonderful fall engagement photo session, you can try out Millcreek Canyon, Silver Lake Loop, Red Pine Lake Trail, Liberty Park, and Memory Grove Park! And while we’re here, how about visiting the flattest place on earth? Bonneville Salt Flats is about an hour away from Salt Lake City and is an expansive land of white land. What’s more, the vast flatlands have a view of the mountains and pristine blue skies, which are peppered with clouds. The scenic beauty here is something you’ll have to visit to witness the beauty. We love this city and its beauty so much that we can see how an engagement party, followed by a thoroughly planned wedding. Salt Lake City can be your choice of destination wedding!


  1. The Queen City: Burlington, Vermont


Vermont, in itself, is an exceptionally beautiful state. However, if you’re to look for one specific city that gives you the best of Vermont, then it has to be the capital of the state, Burlington! Situated on the other shore of New York lies a city that is steeped in brilliant natural beauty and amazing sights! Vermont’s capital city is peppered with life, carefree fun, and a safe place for people to have a good time. This hillside city, overlooking Lake Champlain, is known for its creative ambiance, artsy people, outdoorsy nature, and fun-loving spirit, which you won’t find anywhere else! If you’re looking to get engaged in style, then this is the place for you. Apart from serving as a great holiday destination, the city is home to many picturesque spaces, which come to life during fall. Church Street Marketplace, Burlington Earth Clock, Donahue Sea Caves, Ethan Allen Tower, Leddy Beach, and Lone Rock Point are some great options for you to have a great engagement photo session! What’s more, is that this city is always filled with something creative to do, you can find an event or visit a brilliant museum to satiate your creative side. And who knows, this fun-loving city may charm you enough to have you back here looking for a wedding venue!


  1. The Crescent City: New Orleans, Louisiana 


New Orleans is most commonly known by its other nickname, which is highly debated because nobody really knows why it was given to the city, The Big Easy. However, for the sake of the reasons we love New Orleans, let’s go with The Crescent City because it is during fall that the city comes to life and breathes anew. Love spooky and supernatural themes, or if you’re looking for an utterly realistic Halloween-themed engagement photo shoot, this is the city for you. Obviously, New Orleans and its supernatural connections need no introduction, especially if you had the chance to catch the Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals. Apart from the vampire-inspired love that we have for the city, New Orleans is a place where you can be yourself, find people with different personalities and from different cultures, and feel at home! New Orleans has an unmistakable quality that makes you feel right at home. Looking to get engaged here? You can try out the French Quarter, St. Louis Cathedral, or Bourbon Street. Apart from this, the city is peppered with impressive and stylish cafes, that work just as well as the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. You never know, the New Orleans ambiance in fall may even make you want to have a stylish elopement as well! 


  1. The Big Apple: New York City, New York 


Just like New Orleans, New York City needs no introduction! What’s more, NYC in fall is just beautiful, the city and its vibe will take your breath away. The changing color of leaves here, and the towering skyscrapers make this city a dream-like destination for anyone! Every year, the city gears up for fall with different events, all of which help you witness the city in colors you’ve only imagined it in. This city has something for everyone, Brooklyn Bridge, Bronx Zoo, Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Terminal, and NYC’s Chinatown, are only some examples. The thing with NYC is that the city has many faces, and is home to people from different ethnicities, which is why there’s a variety in the places, which is an amazing thing. Because apart from an engagement photo session, you can plan to throw a lavish engagement party for the closest and dearest of your people in an exuberant NYC wedding venue. If you’re looking for an ethereal place for your engagement session, then how about visiting The Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island? The old ruins of a hospital, a hidden gem in NYC, covered with greenery are perfect for your engagement session, especially if you’re planning on throwing a fairytale-like themed wedding or an ethereal wedding! 


  1. The Land of Large Cotton: Alamogordo, New Mexico


Well, the thing with Alamogordo is that it does not have a nickname. But the name is an amalgamation of two Spanish words, which technically translates to “large/ fat cotton,” so here we are! Although the city is quiet, with expansive fields and quietness, there’s only one reason why we are attracted to this city and feel it would be a great recommendation of you to get engaged, or as a destination for a heartfelt proposal, and that is White Sands National Park! The White Sands National Park is made of white sand, but not the kind from the beaches! The park is built on ancient remains of a dried-out lake bed, which is why it looks like a place from out-of-this-world! You may even feel like you’re on the set of DUNE, but that could just be us. Apart from this, during Halloween, Alamogordo comes to life with many events, workshops, and fun activities for you to enjoy. And that’s not all, the fall colors can be found on the scenic hiking trails! 


With that, we are at the end of our list. Although most of the locations that we have listed in our list of recommendations are cool during fall, only Alamogordo is a little warmer even during fall. However, the fall colors still are quite heavy in the city, thanks to its positioning in the state. If you’re looking to propose first and then have an engagement photo shoot, make sure that you choose the location of the proposal as per your partner’s liking. Make it a point to, somehow, figure out which location she’d love the most out of the ones you like and shortlist. Once you are sure of the location you’d want to propose, plan an engagement photo shoot as well, and look to surprise your partner! This could be one of those romantic moments that both of your think back on when you’re older.


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