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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources - June 2021


June initiates us into summer and it is time to breathe in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink up the wild air! Summertime beckons with its daisies, clear blue skies, and endless days by the beach, and we don't dare say no! The places are finally opening up, and there is a tingling excitement and electricity in the air. After a summer lost yesterday, everybody is pumped to make the most of it this year! People are daring to have fun again, and there is promise in the air which whispers of warm days of backyard barbecues and picnics and summer nights by the beach! Also with summer comes the swarm of weddings! Summer weddings have a charm to them that is incomparable to any other time of the season. Summertime is often considered the peak wedding season, and for good reason. With pleasant weather, bright and colorful flowers and airy fabrics, and fresh and delicious food, there is something to a summer wedding that will forever have our hearts! Whether you're envisioning a rustic country wedding or backyard wedding at your parent's house when you spend many summers of your life, summer weddings are full of exciting options, fun, and vibrancy! If you are a bride planning her dreamy summer wedding or planning any wedding for that matter with the gorgeous summer as your setting during wedding planning, you might be welcoming all kinds of inspiration! So like honey to the bees, we come to you, like every month, with some of the best wedding planning resources out there on the internet! Fix yourself an iced latte, sit down, and take notes!


We human beings are creatures of habit and much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. Once we get used to living a certain way, we might deem it as our “normal”, and any change in the plan might feel alarming, even if it is positive. Now that the much-talked-about light at the end of the tunnel is finally here, the world is waking up from a slumber and celebrations are making their way, including weddings! But are we ready for the post-pandemic boom? If you are experiencing that inkling of fear, pause what you are doing, and read this article!

Re-Entry Fear Is Totally Normal: Here’s How to Prepare Yourself for Summer Weddings

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Planning for a summer wedding? So exciting! The sun glows with a different luminance in summer, and the gardens bloom tirelessly with explosions of flowers. The sky is periwinkle blue with an occasional cotton ball cloud and celebrations are expected like it's a name on the guest list! If you want your wedding guests to attend your summer soiree and not have them get overheated or irritated, there are certain things you can do to keep them cool and refreshed throughout your special day. Read on for more insights and ideas!

14 Ways To Keep Guests Cool During Your Summer Wedding

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With every movie showing the boy-meets-girl love stories and every song meeting heteronormative standards exclusively, you might find yourself scratching your head while comes to choosing the perfect songs for the first dance song for your LGBTQ+ wedding. Trust us, it's not you! There are just not enough options out there perfect for a gender-neutral love song, and that should change! Meanwhile, you can take your pick from a curated list of songs to meet your needs. Browse away!

65 Gender-Neutral First-Dance Songs Perfect for LGBTQ+ Weddings

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While the pandemic has left behind a sprinkling of new terms in the wedding world, another sizzling term that is gaining popularity is ‘anniversary reception’! With so many couples having to cut down their wedding last year to a virtual wedding, elopement, or courthouse wedding, they were robbed off of their wedding receptions! They didn't get to dance to the dawn with their best friends, and didn't get to hug their grandparents after the ceremony. So most couples are arranging for some version of an anniversary reception or vow renewal in the company of their closed ones this year! Check out how that exactly looks like! 

We Got Married During Lockdown: How To Plan an Anniversary Reception or Vow Renewal

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The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and while you go ahead and have the perfect wedding of your dreams, you might be stepping on some toes! Difficult parents, dramatic siblings, or unsupportive family members are not new news, and weddings do invite unexpected complications. While it is important to mark your territories, you might also want to do so with grace! This blog highlights how to handle such complicated relationships swimmingly! 

How To Tell Your Unsupportive Family About Your Fabulous Wedding Plans

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While wedding planning might seem like a massive task, the wedding day is for putting your hair down, and having fun! Sometimes quite literally! If you want your hair to cascade behind your back as you walk down the aisle, or to have your tresses flow free as you dance with your sweetheart to your favorite tune, wearing your hair down on your wedding day can be a perfect option. Here are some wedding day hairstyles to consider if you are thinking of wearing your hair down!

39 Ways to Wear Your Hair Down for Your Wedding

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There is no denying that we live life in the summers! Our entire year is spent waiting for the summer months. This is when the schools are off, and summer vacations are planned around. This is when the activities of our lives spring to life, be it picnics, camping by the lake, barbeques, road trips, and campfires by the beach! Our wardrobes get a makeover, and our diets are refreshed. We have longer days to fit in all the exciting adventures in our days. The long stretches of summer days feel like a promised vacation every year. Something that we look forward to every month. The few sunshine months whether we tuck away a whole lot of living enough for the whole year! So there is nothing more perfect than the sunny days to plan the most exciting day of your life. Let the blue skies and the ocean depths inspire you to weave the most beautiful wedding. Let the fireflies and fireworks inspire you to whip up an enchanting celebration of your own. Inspiration surrounds you from all around, tucked away in nature, and the infectious feel-good summer vibe, and if you are stuck for inspiration, you know where to look!


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