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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources - July 2021


It is no secret that summer has always contained a whole lot of fun within itself. But this year, summer was more than the natural slow crawl of nature. It has in fact been life-giving and reminded us what it was to live, pre-pandemic! Summer this year brought in those simple pleasures of life and magnified them in their brilliance-like we are making up for all the summer days we have lost in 2020! We went out again, lovers were married off with more of a swing in their steps, picnics and slow walks were swapped quickly for meeting friends again and we were finally taking that trip which has been earmarked away for a while now. We were laughing, putting our masks away, and finally living our best vaccinated life ever! The horrors of the past still are not forgotten but it was easier to look at life and all its beauties again with excitement. The surreal feeling of hugging your friends for the first time after a while, or walking into a mall without the mask is something that is precious and unbelievably moving. We have been through a lot, but life bloomed again. We were okay! And now we are heading towards the end of the summer, and we are all ready to embrace another change of season with all the enthusiasm of a 5-year-old on a sugar rush. As summer mellows down a bit, we still are here to enjoy the last month of summer days before we invite fall in. 


As July sinks into August like the sun going down the horizon, we still have the last bit of summer to enjoy! With the last summer days, come more days by the pool, more barbecues, more outings, more camping trips, and more social engagements. The last summer days also mean more weddings before we lose the summer for another year! It is still a while before it starts getting cooler, so go ahead and soak in all the gifts that summer has to offer! As we step into August, we will see more mellow days, that essential transitional phase before we head into the days when we start feeling all the cozies again! If you are a bride planning for a wedding in the coming months and can do with some inspiration, this is just the blog you need. We are here with all the wedding planning resources that you will need around the internet like we always do this time of the month. So soak in the last summer sun, take a journal, and start taking notes, because we come with some fun reads! 

Whether it is to tuck away that lace handkerchief or touch-up makeup, the bridal clutch is an important accessory for the bride on her special day. While you might not need a handbag, and most of the day will be spent hands-free and carrying a bouquet, having one clutch just to tuck away a few essentials is not only practical but incredibly cute too! Whether you are a classic bride or a boho free-spirited lover, you will surely get a wide variety of options to choose from. If you are looking for the perfect accessory to finish your look off with a flair, here is a list of some stunning bridal clutches to choose from! 

21 Bridal Clutches For Every Wedding Style

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Your guests took time out from their day to come and bless you with their company on your wedding day. So you want to welcome them with all the flair and frillings possible. However, on the wedding day, there might be a lot on your mind, from getting ready to getting everything flowing on time, to worrying about welcoming them. But some pre-planning can solve it all! Here are some ways to arrange for a hearty welcome in advance, and let them get costa and comfortable, while you can take your own time to get ready! From a boozy popsicle to art, from live music to interactive activities, the options are endless! Read on more below! 

13 Wonderful Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

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While people say baking is science from accurate ingredients, temperature, and timing, it's at times like this that baking looks like a form of art that belongs in museums. If you have your heart pinned on a gorgeous waterside ceremony and a wedding reception in the colorful sunset by the beach, we have found the perfect cakes for you to consider! From gorgeous sea waves to classy nautical elements, from coral reefs to sandy beaches, these cakes bring the sea to you. Check them down in the article below! 

15 Beach Wedding Cakes Perfect For Celebrations on the Shore

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A wedding toast is a perfect opportunity for you to make a formal speech addressing the event at hand. And there is a lot of pressure to get it right. And if you are hosting a virtual wedding or a partially-virtual and intimate wedding, it might take some extra effort to get the communication just right. However, with heartfelt words and the right intention, everything falls right into place. Being well prepared is half the work done! If you are struggling to get the toast ready, here is all that you need to know. Go ahead and read the perfect guide to get your perfect speech ready for your virtual wedding! 

Your Guide to Giving an Unforgettable Wedding Toast—Virtually!

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The world is high on the nostalgia of the 70s and we already know why! The era of amazing music, groovy fashion, and revolutionary thoughts, the 70s was quite the time. If you want to invite the magic of the 70s to your wedding day as wedding guests, take notes, because the article below provides all the tools and ideas to whip up the most amazing 70s wedding ever! From earthy color palettes to embracing the flower crowns, from retro disco themes to flared jumpsuits, the article has it all covered to help you get your vibes to be impeccable for a groovy wedding day! 

32 '70s Wedding Ideas That Are Absolutely Groovy, Baby

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The quickest way to make a statement on your wedding day is to get the most fitting wedding sign. Wedding signs do say a lot on your special day, and it is very important to choose what it says! From cute to funny from romantic to inspirational, the right quote can make your wedding theme come alive in more vivid colors! From something that you read or something you heard which makes total sense for your relationship, the right wedding sign quote will just fit like a dream, and you will know it the moment you first see it! Here are some of the options you might want to consider. 

46 Wedding Sign Quotes That Will Perfectly Capture Your Event's Vibe

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This year brought in a whole lot of trends and micro-trends for couples getting married to take notes of. While we have mellowed down in our choices in some cases, in other circumstances there are some outrageous fashion choices, all products of the post-pandemic bloom, “second swinging-20s” as most people are calling it! There is a lot going on, and planning a wedding is sure confusing, especially now more so than ever! But with a deep dive into your soul, and a clear vision of what you and your spouse want, you are sure to do a good job of crafting your perfect dream wedding! And if you are stuck for  inspiration, or are overwhelmed about what inspiration to focus on, you can count on us to bring the best of trends and ins and outs of the wedding planning world to your fingertips! Happy planning and we will see you soon at the end of August, with all the pre-fall feels!


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