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How To Incorporate Subtle Thanksgiving Details Into Your Wedding Day


Of course, fall is indeed the best and also the perfect time of the year to host a wedding, especially a beautiful and unique Thanksgiving wedding. The weather is cool and cozy, the air is crisp, the colors are brighter, and with the holiday season just around the corner, everyone is giddy with cheer! And if you ask us, there is no better time to say “I do!” and celebrate your love and union with all your near and dear ones. 


Planning a perfect and also unique wedding at any time of the year is a lot of work. There is so much planning, designing, and strategy included in throwing a perfect wedding. So, if you are in need of some great and unique ways to incorporate subtle Thanksgiving details into your wedding day, we have got you covered! Just for you, we have curated some of our best and also favorite fall wedding ideas to share with you! From cakes to favors, here are some of the season’s best offerings, so that your wedding can have great and beautiful Thanksgiving vibes! So, read on for great Thanksgiving wedding ideas!


Bring in the Seasonal Decor Elements For Incredible Thanksgiving Vibe

So, now that you are planning to bring some subtle and also romantic thanksgiving details to your wedding day, let’s start with the wedding decor. A wedding decor not only sets the overall tone of a wedding but also offers great and swoon-worthy photography opportunities to our professional wedding photographers to capture the actual beauty of your wedding day. 


When it comes to having a Thanksgiving-inspired wedding decor, why not take advantage of the lovely fall’s natural beauty and consider bringing in all the mesmerizing fall design elements in your Thanksgiving wedding decor? You can consider certain ideas like bringing in pumpkin and gourds, apples, wheat stalks, and cornucopias into your wedding day decor to have some unique and out-of-the-ordinary ambiance for your wedding day. Trust us, all these lovely fall elements actually embody a traditional Thanksgiving wedding celebration while also remaining very subtle and classic when used in thoughtful and tasteful ways in your wedding day design. 


And lastly, don’t forget to accent your wedding with lovely and aromatic candles! There is absolutely no denying that candlelight is really a fall wedding must-have. After all, what is a Thanksgiving table without a candlestick and tapers, right? Not only do they look nice and lend a cozy setting, but they also add the warmth of flickering flames to your fall wedding design. Candlelit decoration will also create a photo-worthy setting that our creative wedding photographers will not be able to capture in enchanting frames. And, last but not the least, there is no such thing as too many candles! Bring all these famous and unique decor elements in order to create a perfect and breathtaking Thanksgiving wedding atmosphere!


Add Authentic Thanksgiving Vibe Through Beautiful Wedding Color Palette

As much as any other wedding element, the wedding color palette is quite mainstream for any wedding celebration. This wedding element speaks for itself and also sets the overall tone of any themed wedding celebration. Well, we don’t know about you, but when our talented wedding photographers close their eyes and think of fall, all we can visualize are the beautiful and rich colored leaves with all the beautiful seasonal colors. So, why not bring all these lovely Thanksgiving wedding color palettes into your wedding day and a celebration to remember and cherish. From your lovely bridesmaid's wardrobes to the wedding linensflorals, and accent pieces, your wedding color palette should gracefully reflect the season of Thanksgiving in the best possible way. And, then you will have our professional wedding photographers who will beautifully capture the lovely Thanksgiving color palette in the best frame to add to your wedding portfolio.


If we talk about the best Thanksgiving color combinations then there are hundreds of enchanting and whimsical combinations that will inspire you. Some of the best and most beautiful Thanksgiving color combinations that will elevate your wedding in no time include silver or gray with blue and dark brown. If you are looking for some classic combination, you can consider working with deep burgundy and metallic gold, too! These two colors when paired together will bring breathtaking Thanksgiving vibes to your wedding day setting. If you want to work around the neutral wedding color palette, then you can think of combining peach and blush pink with dark gold or a neutral like soft brown. These softer autumnal color palettes offer a subtle ambiance with endless and magical wedding photography opportunities. And lastly, if you are planning to bring in some holiday inspiration to your Thanksgiving wedding, you can focus on certain reddish hues with white and sage. We can assure you that with any of the above-mentioned Thanksgiving color palettes, your wedding is bound to be extremely gorgeous leaving all your wedding guests in great amazement. 


Fall-Themed Wedding Invites for Your Subtle Thanksgiving Wedding Celebration

When it comes to choosing and sending out wedding invitations filled with endless Thanksgiving vibes, then the options are just endless. From adorable to elegant, there are really ample ways by which you can bring a bit or more (depending on your choice) of Thanksgiving touch to your wedding invitations. You can consider having a wedding invite with a picture of a beautiful fall scene over it. Keep it as sleek and simple as possible with a little touch of boho just by adding a soft touch of orange color. 


If you are planning to go over for a more sophisticated wedding invitation look, you can consider going for a flowing script and lovely designs that incorporate beautiful fall flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. In case fun and cute is more of your style, you can think of referring to Thanksgiving in your wedding day invites and let all your wedding guests know how thankful you are for them! 


If rustic is more of your style and also your choice for your Thanksgiving-themed wedding, you can always take the advantage of the wood design trend! These days it is very much popular to use wedding invitations with natural-looking designs so that you and your darling won’t have to go through many struggles in order to find the perfect Thanksgiving-inspired wedding day invite. 


Incorporate the Touch of Thanksgiving into Your Wedding Day Bridal Bouquet

Do you think that when you are planning to bring in a Thanksgiving touch to your wedding day, you can also do it through your bridal bouquet? Well, if not, then read this out. All you have to do is to choose seasonal blooms with colors that gracefully complement your color scheme. We all know that fall is the season when orange is the most desired color. So, you can consider bringing in the season's orange flowers that include the elegant and lovely Asiatic lily, celosia, dahlia, and orange gerbera. Well, if you want you can add some yellow color flowers like hypericum, alstroemeria, and gorgeous sunflowers to add a unique pop of color that will look extremely stunning and beautiful in all your bridal portraits. After all, yellow and orange when paired together always make the best of the combination. We can assure you that you will love how these two fall colors will turn out together in your bridal bouquet! 


Well, you can also consider bringing in some bright red shades to your wedding day bridal bouquet simply by adding chrysanthemums, playful leucadendron, yarrow, and of course, classic red roses, to bring in the best of Thanksgiving vibe to your wedding day bridal look. These days, the purple color is in trend and is also considered the fall color, so don’t think much and bring the purple color to your bridal bouquet and make a remarkable statement while walking down the aisle. You can make a combination of pink and purple flowers by adding calla lily, delicate waxflower, statice sinata, and Montecasino aster, to have softer season vibes. 


And if you just can’t make the decision by yourself, you can always take help from your wedding florist as they will help you select the perfect fall flowers and will also help you in creating gorgeous floral arrangements that will complement your Thanksgiving-themed wedding celebration. 


Bring the Delicious Taste of Thanksgiving into Your Wedding Day Menu

Who does not love a traditional Thanksgiving spread? Not us, at least! And we are pretty much sure that your wedding guests will also love it without any doubt. All you have to do is to ask your caterer to design a wedding menu with all the delicious fall ingredients in mind. Well, you can consider adding unique and creative twists to the traditional Thanksgiving offering like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. With these must-have items on your wedding day on your menu, we are pretty much sure that your wedding guests will be damn excited and will be left wanting more. These delicious and yummilicious food items on your wedding day menu will bring an endless Thanksgiving vibe to your wedding day without any doubt. And lastly, don’t forget about the dessert! Just bring the Thanksgiving theme into your wedding day dessert and serve an array of seasonal pies! Well, if you ask us, we will suggest you stick with classic pumpkin, apple, and pecan! Trust us, with these kinds of additions to your wedding day dessert table, we bet there won’t be a single slice left! In fact, with such a unique addition to the dessert menu, our professional team of wedding photographers will have great ideas to document your wedding day dessert table in the most glorious and unique way possible! 


Let Your Wedding Cake Showcase Some Thanksgiving Vibes

Now that you have decided to bring some Thanksgiving vibes to your wedding day, why not take a bit of departure from your usual traditional wedding cake for your Thanksgiving wedding! We are absolutely not saying that you should get a wedding cake in the shape of a turkey just because you are planning to bring in a Thanksgiving vibe to your wedding day celebration (well, you can totally get it, if you want, after all, you are the bride), but you can undoubtedly add some really chic and romantic fall touches to your wedding cake and make it classy and picture-worthy. 


To make your wedding cake more Thanksgiving authentic you can consider adding some leaves to your wedding cakes. You can also ask your cake decorator to add some frosting or sugar-paper leaves to your wedding day cake so that it looks realistic but also tastes delicious. Consider adding touches of fall berries to give a lovely nod to the autumn season. Have edible branches or clusters added to your wedding day cake for a minimalist Thanksgiving touch


If you want you can get experimental with your wedding day cake! You can skip the traditional white wedding cake and do something different and out-of-the-ordinary. After all, there is no such rule that typically says that a wedding cake has to be white only! You can consider covering your cake in Carmel-colored frosting or then consider sending a rich drizzle of chocolate down the sides. And if you want to go all out and be a trendsetting bride, you can get a cake that looks like a stack of pumpkins! This is indeed a fun and whimsical way to do something completely different, and unique. We can bet that your wedding guests would have not expected this for your wedding cake!


Express Your Gratitude To All Your Wedding Guests!

Thanksgiving is indeed the perfect time to count all your blessings and give thanks to all your near and dear ones! So, what not to express your love and gratitude with some personalized thank-you notes for your wedding guests? You can use them as place cards and then can set them on each of your wedding guest’s table place settings. We can assure you that they all will appreciate this thoughtful and heartwarming gesture of yours on your wedding day! 


Another great way of expressing gratitude to all your wedding guests at your Thanksgiving wedding is offering them fun fall wedding favors! Some of the cute and adorable wedding favors that you can consider offering to all your wedding guests at your Thanksgiving wedding includes edible kinds, like mini jars of local seasonal preserves, or trail mix and nuts as a healthy alternative to candy corn or candy apples. These kinds of wedding favors will surely be loved by all your wedding guests! There is no denying the fact that the fall season offers many delectable delights that your wedding guests are sure to love!


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