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How to Get Creative with Cupcake Wedding Desserts


Having a delicious and, of course, the photo-worthy wedding cake has definitely been a long-standing tradition that couples have been following for decades. But what if you and your sweetheart have some casual wedding ideas in your mind which can’t accommodate a full wedding cake, then?


Well, it’s usually a dream of every bride to have a lavish three-tiered wedding cake and a professional wedding photographer who magically captures the cake-cutting ceremony in the best possible frames! There is no denying that cutting a wedding cake really takes some real-time work and a very careful calculation. Especially when it comes to divvying up the pieces of the cake to all of your delighted wedding guests who wanna taste the yummiest dessert of the night. But, as every year, there are certain changes in the wedding trends and traditions, our modern-day romantic couples are always trying to do something extremely unique and chic on their wedding day that not only gives their wedding guests something extraordinary to remember and talk about but also to our talented wedding photographers to capture in swoon-worthy frames! These days our millennial couples are going out-of-the-ordinary regarding their wedding day and wedding trends. Ditching the old and usual full wedding cake idea, our modern-day soon-to-be-married couples are going for some amazing and stunning alternatives for every wedding element, especially for wedding day cake! 


When it comes to the best alternative for a wedding cake, there is only one option that will be loved by everyone on your wedding guests list, and that is cupcakes! Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite. No matter whether you are planning to have a summer wedding, winter wedding, or fall wedding, there is a cupcake for every wedding season. Apart from helping couples to save a lot on their wedding food, cupcake wedding cakes avoid the mess, all while still serving up a delicious, and beautiful bite of wedding cake. 


Cupcake wedding cakes are indeed an ideal option if you and your sweetheart are hoping to avoid all the fuss and mess (including the staining of your expensive white wedding dress) that comes with cutting a traditional wedding cake. And not to forget, if you are going for cupcake wedding cakes, there is a complete elimination of the need for plates and forks. And lastly, they are indeed a fun way to set up a whimsical and delicious display that will surely make a statement that will leave all your wedding guests mesmerized. And will also delight our creative wedding photographers to capture something really extraordinary for your wedding portfolio


One of the best things we think everyone loves about the cupcakes is that these yummy little desserts lend themselves well to customization. Eye-pleasing and enchanting colorful frostings and lovely ornate adornments make them customizable for any of your wedding themes while the yummilicious flavor combinations are seemingly endless. If you are planning to host a classic wedding, then have your baker decorate your mini-cakes with intricate fondant flowers. And if a modern celebration is more of your type, then cupcakes still stun with nontraditional additions like edible gold leaf.


With endless options for delectable flavors, lovely colors, and beautiful ways to showcase these cute mini cakes, cupcake wedding cakes indeed are just the best wedding cake alternatives for all couples who want to do something special and extraordinary on their wedding day. Trust us, these cute and yummilicious cupcake wedding cakes will be just perfect for your upcoming nuptials! So, if you are amongst those couples who are looking out for ways to get creative with cupcake wedding desserts, then this is the blog for you. It’s a must-read on the blog for couples, or bride-to-be, who are planning to have a cupcake as an alternative wedding day dessert in place of wedding cake on their wedding day! 


  • Go for Classic White Tiers of Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Just like white wedding cakeswhite cupcake wedding cakes are always a timeless favorite and always classic. Classic white wedding cupcakes in a tiered arrangement are always popular and they do look incredibly pretty when captured by talented wedding photographers in the best of frames. You can consider adorning them with a lovely seasonal flower topper, usually made from fondant or gum paste. If you are planning a romantic summer wedding, you can consider summer floral colors for a flower topper, and likewise fall floral colors, if you are going for an autumn wedding. You can also consider adding lace doilies and lovely ribbon to create a wonderful and traditional look on the cupcake wedding cake table


  • Bring in Macarons along With Delicious Cupcakes for More Sweetness

It’s your wedding day and it should be all about love and sweetness, as much as possible. So, how about apart from cupcake wedding cakes, you bring in macarons, too? Well, if you ask us, we are totally up for this bundle of sweetness. All you have to do is to switch things up to offer multiple options on your wedding cake display stand. Make a tower and adorn it with delicious and pleasing-looking cupcake wedding cakes and macarons to have a traditional cutting ceremony yet in a very unique and chic way. 


  • Bring a Fine Touch of Elegance With Lace Cupcake Wedding Cake to Your Wedding

Apart from being delicious and appealing to look at, cupcakes can be elegant as well as cute at the same time. To make it look more stunning and whimsical to resonate with the fine elegance of your wedding theme you can consider garnishing them with beautiful lace. Just the way lace elevates the overall look of a bridal wedding gown, your lace-adorned cupcake wedding cake treats are refined as it gets. These kinds of cupcake wedding cakes are great for a formal wedding celebration. Especially, if you are planning a black-tie affair, they are going to be great! Just like the way lace adds a personalized to your wedding gown, it will do the same to the cupcakes too! 


  • Get Creative and Choose Alternating Flower Designs For Your Cupcakes

Who says that all your wedding cupcakes have to be of the same shape and size? Well, that is not at all necessary! You can have non-identical designs for your wedding day cupcakes. Coordinating the designs with some beautiful similarities in size, color, or theme will give your wedding cupcakes more creativity and beauty, though, just try your best to limit the designs of your wedding day cupcakes to no more than half a dozen! As going over the board can be distracting and a bit overwhelming for our professional wedding photographers to capture and give the best results in the form of swoon-worthy wedding photos. When displayed in an alternating pattern, trust us, these adorable and flavorsome cupcakes will not only look mouth-watering but eye-pleasing too! 


  • Keep Your Wedding Cupcake Simple If You Want It to be Subtle And Elegant

A wedding cupcake can be truly anything you want it to be! And you don’t need to go overboard with a huge or expensive display if you are not planning to have many cupcakes. You can simply choose to have one of your or your darling’s favorite flavors and display it in a unique and elegant way to make it the centerpiece of your wedding day celebration. You can consider having a small cake with red velvet, cheesecake, and s’mores cupcakes, all gracefully surrounded by lovely greenery and lovely seasonal flowers. You can count on us for this incredible idea. It will blow your wedding guests' minds and will also offer great photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers. 


  • Decorate Your Wedding Day Cupcake With Gold Sprinkles and Pearls

Getting unusual cupcake designs for your wedding day is not a difficult task. You can have them in various easy ways! For example, you can just roll fondant into small balls and then cover them with edible pearl dust. This addition of pearls will make your wedding cupcakes dreamy and whimsical alluring. To make it more amazing, you can add a small flower resonating with your wedding color to the center of the cupcake and then sprinkle it with gold dragees. These kinds of wedding cupcakes are an ideal fit for grand fall wedding celebrations. For all the DIY brides out there, you can try this wedding cupcake hack and surprise your wedding guests and your darling with your hidden creative talent. 


  • Wedding Day Cupcakes With Yummy Chocolate Frosting

Well, chocolate frosting is not usually a bride’s first choice, but if you ask us, it does look both delicious and stylish at the same time. A lovely swirled design is the perfect starting point if you are going in for a chocolate frosting cupcake wedding cake. To make it look more chic and lovely, you can consider elevating it with a small offset white rose with dragees pops against the chocolate frosting. If you feel like your cupcake frosting is rich, deep chocolate, then consider adding a rose in a bright color to make the cupcake pop. In fact, the addition of the flower on the top of the cupcake will make it look beautiful in all your wedding photos captured by none other than our professional team of wedding photographers! 


  • Go For Blossom Topped Cupcakes For Spring Weddings

Spring is the season when the flowers are in full bloom! And if you are planning to have a spring wedding, then decorating your wedding cupcakes with flowers, especially with cherry blossoms is indeed one of the best ways to bring in the seasonal vibe to your wedding day cupcakes. Don’t let your imagination be limited to roses, daisies, or other common flowers for topping your cupcake wedding cakes. An iced sunflower cupcake is just a perfect example of a classic summer wedding or a romantic fall wedding. In fact, you can also choose orchids if you are planning a tropical wedding theme. If you ask us, we just love the color blossom, as this lovely and pretty shade gracefully adds depth to a monochromatic wedding scheme. Even our creative wedding photographers will have a great time capturing all the lovely floral cupcakes in beautiful and delicious frames to add a little extra sweet taste to your wedding portfolio! 


Bring “Something Blue” with Cupcakes To Your Wedding

Something Blue” is not only a tradition but also a wish or we say a desire that every bride wants on her wedding day in one way or another. To elevate this tradition and take it to the next level, consider adding small blue flowers to your wedding day cupcakes. Trust us, it will be a fun way to add “something blue” to your wedding reception in an out-of-the-ordinary way! Blue cupcake papers are also a possibility that will surely leave your wedding guests in great amazement and will give a fun-loving experience to all our wedding photographers and videographers. You can also consider using layered blossoms in a couple of shades of blue to add interest and then consider taking it to the next level! 


Winter-Inspired Wedding Day Cupcakes

As already mentioned, if you are going for cupcakes for your wedding day, they are just perfect for any seasonal wedding. So, if you are planning a winter wedding, you can consider bringing in snowflake designs or more whimsical options to make it a more winter-oriented kind of celebration. Apart from snowflakes, you can also consider other whimsical and cute options like snowmen, holly leaves, candy canes, and other winter holiday motifs. It’s your wedding day, so never be afraid to have icing drip off the side of your wedding day cupcakes to create an icy effect on your winter wedding cupcakes.


Wedding Party- Inspired Wedding Cupcake Ideas

As much as the wedding decor, your wedding guests, your sweetheart, and your bridal party are also an essential part of your wedding day. Neither a wedding celebration nor a wedding portfolio is complete without lovely and fun-filled wedding photographs of gorgeous bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen. These stunning and extraordinary cupcakes are stand-out with a beautiful decorative ode to your wedding party. You can combine them with a traditional cake or with plain white cupcakes, or just make them as a sweet treat to honor your wedding guests and bring a smile to their faces. Consider incorporating the wedding party attire (bridesmaids+groomsmen) to bring all the aspects of the wedding together and also give the chance to document something really chic and district to all our professional wedding photographers! 


Concluding everything, all we want to say is that, apart from the above-mentioned ideas, there are buckets full of ideas and inspiration to get creative with cupcakes for your wedding day. In short, cupcakes do serve as a great total replacement for your traditional wedding cake. Alternatively, you can also think of adding them to your wedding day dessert table or can also hand them out as wedding favors to all your wedding guests. Selecting the right decorations for your wedding day cupcake is the first step toward making sure your guests leave with a sweet memory!


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