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Fresh flower hair ideas for spring brides!


Fresh blooms and pretty pastel hues are the first things that come to mind when we think about aesthetic spring weddings! When the weather gets warmer, flower beds fill up with vibrant full blooms, and songbirds replenish our souls with poetic melodies, many couples choose to start a new chapter in their lives. From aesthetically pretty spring-inspired bridal bouquets filled with decadent charm to exchanging wedding vows amidst DIY spring wedding décor that look straight out of a fairy tale, spring nuptials will forever remain evergreen for us and our future generations. As the days get longer and everything comes alive, to-be-married couples start to get inspired by the season and bring out the best of what this blossoming season has to offer- from incorporating in-season wedding blooms like tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and garden roses in floral arrangements to wearing bridal flower crowns for a stunning nature-inspired bridal look.


We are also seeing modern couples combining traditional and contemporary elements with extremely unique DIY wedding details featuring extraordinary accents and futuristic details for their spring wedding celebrations. It is true that spring weddings are filled with an abundance of flowers, dreamy pastel color palettes, and gorgeous garden wedding details featuring the best of nature. Flowers can be used for various types of décor throughout the ceremony site and venue, and you will, of course, carry a bouquet, but there is one more way to incorporate fresh flowers into your bridal look- wear fresh flower hair accessories, which can feel extra special in the spring season. And one of our favorite spring wedding ideas is infusing the season's spirit into hairstyle inspirations for a modern bride translating into a lot of interesting and beautiful interpretations.


Choosing a wedding hairstyle can feel like completing your overall bridal look. In reality, your hairstyle is just as important as the rest of your wedding outfit. That is why you should give this decision the time and attention it requires. It's time to think about fresh floral accented bridal hairstyles if you want to make the hairstyle you are looking to feel extra special on your spring wedding day. You don't have to wear a full headpiece of flowers if you are not the type of bride who wants to go overboard. You can add as few or as many flowers to your hairstyle as you like, giving your look just the right amount of color, texture, and freshness.


If you are wondering what is the best spring bridal hair accessory- its flowers! There are many stunning blooming bridal hairstyles worn by brides at their real-life weddings. They not only show that florals can take your hair to new heights, but they also show that buds can be incorporated into any bridal style. For instance, do you like your hair wavy and loose? To tuck up one side or loop in a light sprig? Consider incorporating anything from baby's breath to andromeda into your bridal hairstyle- from chignon bridal buns decked with fresh roses to braids woven with baby’s breath as a fresh twist to bridal braids, for an ethereal spring bridal look.


Spring bridal hairstyles with blooms:


Bridal updos with flowers 


Classic bridal updos are very popular because they last a long time and look great, and there are many different styles to choose from: twisted, curly, braided, messy or elegant, side-swept, or traditional. You can accessorize any bridal updo hairstyle with fresh flowers and greenery. To make a statement and to appear more feminine, tuck flowers, succulents, air plants, and greenery into your wedding hair. To achieve a chic, coordinated look, brides often use the same flowers in their bouquet and hair, and if you have a specific color scheme in mind, try to select flowers in the specific color palettes. From a braided and twisted messy updo with lots of fresh blooms to a curly wedding hairstyle with lily of the valley to a bride wearing a bright peony in her classic updo bridal hairstyle for bringing some vibrant vibes, there are many ways to interpret a classic updo with fresh blooms.


Half bridal updos with blooms 


Another great way to wear fresh flowers is in a half-updo bridal hairstyle, which is a fun way to show off your gorgeous locks. A half updo can be braided, curly, twisted, side-swept, messy, or any other style and the number of hanging locks is entirely up to you – there are options for every bride. For instance, you can look stunning by tucking fresh flowers or a fresh bloom comb into your hair. Because a half updo isn't as long-lasting as an updo, you will need to secure the flowers very tightly. From a curly half updo with fresh white blooms to a braided half updo with baby's breath, we love all the interpretations of this whimsical and boho bridal hairstyle filled with vibrant blooms.


Fresh flower headpieces 


Fresh flower headpieces are a huge trend for spring 2022 wedding hairstyles, and while they are typically associated with more boho brides, they can be woven into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit even the most traditional of brides. Depending on your personal style, fresh floral headpieces can make a big statement on the big day. Think colorful oversized crowns for a full-on flower child look, or a simple and elegant Grecian style vine intertwined with braids for a vintage and glamorous feel. For a simple wedding updo with flowers, pull your natural hair into a low bun and place a headpiece made of greens like eucalyptus and olive on top. You will find a few wedding hairstyles to inspire you if you opt for fresh flower bridal headpieces, no matter how you want to wear flowers in your hair.


Colorful floral bridal crowns 


Colorful bridal floral crowns are a huge fashion trend right now! It is only a matter of time before they take over the bridal market and get featured in each and every wedding style in various ways. It goes without saying that we are obsessed with this carefree, youthful style, which is perfect for making a stylish statement at your sun-drenched outdoor wedding. You can opt to wrap a thin flower crown around the back of your updo for an effortlessly beautiful look or make a classic chignon instantly more boho by placing a flower crown made of lavender and white blooms on top of your 'do. Flaunt your natural texture and place a delicate floral crown on top for a simple wedding hairstyle with flowers. Similarly, a bold and bright flower crown in tropical hues can be the perfect suit for a bride who is hosting a beachside wedding. For a more monochromatic flower crown look, you can go for a scarlet floral headband or accessorize your bridal hair with a full-fledged white flower crown for a complete Meghan Markle's royal wedding look. You can never go wrong with an ethereal flower crown, no matter what your style is!


Rustic vine wedding hairstyle 


A rustic hair vine is a way to go if you don't want to go full-on flower child and want to keep your bridal look a little more subdued. For varying levels of impact, these rustic chic bridal hair vines can be worn in a variety of ways. For instance, the crown hair vine is similar to the previous styles, but it is much more subdued, giving it a more natural, rustic appearance. Similarly, an Ivy hair vine intertwined in a large braid or simply placed to the side of the head can channel your inner Grecian goddess. If you are looking for enchanted forest wedding vibes go for a vine of baby's breath tucked intricately in your free-flowing cascading hairstyle to make a boho-chic-inspired wedding statement!


Messy bridal updos with blooms 


It is the ideal hairstyle for brides planning a beach wedding and who love perfectly messy hairstyles! Loosely tied updos look perfectly beautiful when paired with hair blooming fresh flower accessories and this royal inspired bridal hairstyle is perfect for the modern bride, who thinks that polished hairstyles can feel too bridal or formal and wants something contemporary, sophisticated, and infinitely stylish. Messy wedding hair buns topped with fresh blooms are for the perfect relaxed and casual bridal outlook that can be teamed with tousled curls and soft waves for a flawlessly bohemian luxe appeal with romantic and whimsical undertones. The messy-hair-don’t-care look is meant for surprisingly low maintenance and effortlessly chic bridal looks and also for spring brides who are getting married in temperamental or humid weather.


Traditional bridal hairstyles with blooms 


Smaller blooms should be placed around the back or side of the wedding hair for more traditional brides. A formal updo will make the style more glamorous and keep you away from the boho look, or a small fresh floral crown will bridge the gap between the two. Place fresh flower hairpins in your updo as another option. Lighter colors, such as white or ivory flowers, will really pop and make a great impact on the day if you have dark or red hair. A single large bloom such as a Peony or Dahlia works especially well for both destination or beach brides when worn to the side over a messy updo. Choose a color to complement your whole theme and add to the exotic feel of the day.


Braids accessorized with blooms 


You can choose to finish your oh-so-pretty braided wedding hairstyle with delicate blooms tucked here and there and a few loose pieces to frame the face or gently weave a dainty chain necklace through it, letting it drape over the braid. There are many ways to accessorize your bridal hairdo with fresh blooms whether you are trying your hands at different braided hairstyles like pinned waterfall braids with roses and ranunculus, inside-out braids with bright pops of peonies, or braids within intertwined braids with sprigs of greenery and baby's breath. For a classic spring wedding look, you can opt to have the buds woven directly into your side braid that can bring out your festive and unconventional spirits to play. Another colorful hairstyle option is to accessorize your hair with supersized pastel roses that can add a bright dash to your entire bridal look. For flaring up the entire relaxed and carefree look, bring out a beaded baby's breath headband and coral-hued florals, pair it up with your fishtail braids, and gently tug at the strands to loosen the braid for a messier finish. You can also top your braided bridal hairstyle with a gorgeous flower crown for a whimsical and romantic bridal look. Bright floral headbands are popular bridal hair accessories among bohemian braids who want to show their untamed and unconventional sides.


The spring wedding season is approaching, and even if weddings in all seasons have flowers, this one is even more special as the season scream blooms from the rooftops. Wedding hairstyles with fresh blooms are totally versatile, whether you envision yourself walking down the aisle with an updo, a half-up hairstyle, or free-flowing wavy locks. Whether you are opting for an elegant English rose bridal look, a bohemian bride laden down with wildflowers, or something in between- fresh flowers are incredibly versatile, and can add prettiness and uniqueness to a wedding day look. For instance, floral crowns are popular among brides, but if you don't want one, simply wear fresh blooms in your hair in a completely different way. 

Fresh flowers can be used to complement any bridal style, including rustic, beach, boho chic, modern, glam, and others. Updos and half-updos, braids, and sometimes loose hair are the most popular bridal hairstyles, and pairing them with fresh flowers can look utterly stunning. You can also try tucking a single flower into a chignon or high bun for a classic bride look. Or if you want to wear your hair down on your wedding day, pin a few strands back and secure them with a bright, lush bloom for a romantic bridal look. Bohemian brides can definitely go for flower crowns and vintage bridal accessories with flower accents. Some brides match their wedding hair accessories to their bouquets, while others go for a completely different look. Flower bridal hairstyle inspirations can show off your playful personality and help to create an effortlessly gorgeous bridal look. So why not try it beforehand when you are planning your spring bridal look like a test run? 


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