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Capturing the Infectious Magic Between the Windy City Couple, Annie and Patrick


There’s something magical about being engaged to your soulmate and exploring one of the best places to be. We had the chance to see what that “magical feeling” is. Annie and Patrick’s outdoor engagement photo session was everything we imagined being engaged to the love of your life looked like. Happy and bubbly, beautiful and especially cute, their pre-wedding photo shoot was stunning. Our engagement photographer had the pleasure of working with them, witnessing how their cutesy love unfolded like the pages of a romance novel, and the photos, when we saw them, we knew will put just about any Nicholas Sparks book to shame. The perfect choice of photo shoot location in the city only elevated the pretty photo session. But to be honest, our photographer, and the couple, deeply in love, made the photo poses look super easy, and the photos turned out naturalistic. These two made us feel the love they shared, it radiated through the photos to us. For the day, they chose one of the prettiest places in the city, and chose two different outfits, and some of the best and most photographable spots in the park! 


Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is home to vibrant energy, drenched in rich history, and peppered with captivating architecture. This iconic city, often called the "Windy City," has a fascinating story that intertwines with its stunning skyline and diverse neighborhoods. With a history that dates back to the 18th century, Chicago has evolved from a small trading post to a bustling metropolis. It witnessed the rise of industrialization, becoming a hub for innovation and commerce. Chicago is renowned for its stunning skyline, featuring a captivating blend of architectural styles, from the towering Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) to the neo-Gothic beauty of the Tribune Tower, the city's skyline is an artistic expression and a sight to behold. To see the beauty of the city at its best, the Chicago Riverwalk or joining an architectural boat tour is the best way to immerse yourself in the city's architectural splendor, discovering the works of renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Beyond its architectural marvels, Chicago offers a vibrant cultural scene that is unrivaled. The city is a melting pot of cultures, evident in its diverse neighborhoods like the vibrant Chinatown, the artistic enclave of Pilsen, and the lively Mexican community of Little Village. Each neighborhood boasts its unique character, inviting visitors to explore and experience the city's cultural tapestry. When it comes to entertainment, Chicago delivers in grand style. From world-class museums like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum to the vibrant theater district of the Loop, there is no shortage of cultural experiences to indulge in. Music lovers will be captivated by the city's rich jazz heritage, with legendary venues like the Green Mill Jazz Club and the Jazz Showcase offering unforgettable performances. Food enthusiasts will find themselves in culinary heaven in Chicago. The city is renowned for its deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, and mouthwatering steakhouses. Exploring the diverse food scene, from trendy eateries to neighborhood gems, is an adventure in itself.


But that’s not all that is to the city. The city is blessed with natural beauty and offers opportunities to be close to mother nature. Amidst the urban splendor of Chicago, nature weaves its enchanting tapestry, offering a serene escape from the bustling city streets. The city is peppered with expansive parks and green spaces, such as Grant Park and Millennium Park, where towering trees provide shade and the perfect opportunity to spend a day out in the open. The picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline invites leisurely walks and breathtaking sunsets, creating a harmonious blend of cityscape and natural beauty. Chicago's commitment to preserving nature is evident in its vibrant gardens, like the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Chicago Botanic Garden, where colorful blooms and lush landscapes transport visitors to a world of serenity and wonder. This wondrous city is where our beautiful couple met each other. And it was here that they decided to have their romantic outdoor engagement photo session. Annie and Patrick had decided to visit the renowned Lincoln Park. Located in the heart of Chicago, this park is a stunning haven that invites both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in its natural beauty and diverse attractions. Covering over 1,200 acres, this expansive park offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation. With its enchanting features like lush gardens, serene lagoons, and winding pathways, Lincoln Park creates a picturesque setting for strolls. Explore the tree-lined paths and uncover hidden gems such as the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, a peaceful oasis adorned with beautiful water lilies and native plants. The park is also home to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, a Victorian-era greenhouse that transports visitors to a tropical paradise filled with vibrant flowers and exotic plant species.


The park's diverse ecosystem attracts a wide array of bird species and offers excellent bird-watching opportunities. The bird sanctuary and nature boardwalks within Lincoln Park allow visitors to observe and appreciate the thriving avian life in the park. In addition to its natural wonders, Lincoln Park hosts several cultural institutions that enrich the visitor experience. The renowned Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the country's oldest zoos, showcases an impressive collection of animals from around the world. With its free admission and beautifully landscaped grounds, the zoo offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, moments of tranquility, or cultural exploration, Lincoln Park has something to offer everyone. Its seamless blend of nature, culture, and recreational opportunities makes it a cherished gem within the vibrant tapestry of Chicago. The park is also known for its iconic Honeycomb structure, which was a part of the day’s photo session! 


Both of the outfits for the engagement session were casual and suited the lovely couple well! The first pair of outfits for the engagement session blended well with the season and stood out from the surroundings. Annie had a beautiful rust blouse, paired with trendy high-waisted pair of jeans, a lovely navy blue belt, and comfy tan boots. Patrick had a beautiful olive green jumper, which was paired with a dark blue pair of jeans and tan shoes. He also had a blue jacket for the chilly wind. The first leg of the photo session was in the beautiful green area of the park. This beautiful couple had some romantic photo pose ideas to use. The couple was extremely happy to share with our Chicago engagement photographer that they had begun planning their wedding. As the two lovebirds were walking down the winding paths of the beautiful park, among the towering trees and chirping birds, our photographer helped them choose some amazing spots for them to pose in and take photos to remember their engagement. It was during moving from this spot to another that the couple talked about how their wedding planning was coming along. As far as their wedding planning was concerned, they had booked the wedding venue for their special day and had begun booking the wedding vendors as well. Annie and Patrick had already booked the wedding florist and had selected the caterer for their wedding as well. 


The couple also confided in our photographer that they wanted to take photos in all the best and photograph-worthy spots in Lincoln Park, which included the bridge overlooking the river and the beautiful architectural marvel, the Honeycomb Structure. But before that, the two posed for amazingly cute photos under the shade of the trees. Our photographer helped the two and directed the photos to help them capture the essence of their love. They helped Annie and Patrick to pose for close-up engagement photos, which allows the two of them to snuggle closer and look beautiful in photos. From standing closely to looking into each other’s eyes, from tenderly kissing each other to softly bumping their heads together, this beautiful couple did it all, and did it easily. They looked absolutely stunning. And then, the couple decided to walk to the Honeycomb Structure, to pose under one of the most photographed places in the city. Once there, the couple looked at the structure and marveled at its beauty. Taking the time to walk under the structure, and look beautiful. They posed for their outdoor photo shoot under the structure, with big smiles and warm embraces. Patrick pulled Annie into a beautiful small dance, and leaned into her to pose for an Instagram-worthy photo! Then the two used the space around them to pose in front of the backdrop of the greenery and shrubs of the park. Then, before they changed into the second set of outfits, the couple decided to take a few more photos in the spots they loved. They first walked to the spot in the tunnel, posed for a few photos, and then walked to the bridge. The two looked out onto the horizon, and then before they changed into their second set of pretty outfits, Patrick picked up Annie and twirled around. This was the part where the couple recreated the famous Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in  Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation of The NotebookThis photo is not only worthy of being framed but is also our absolute favorite. 


After this, the couple decided to slip into the second set of stylish outfits. The first outfit was more on the casual side, but the second pair of outfits was stylish and well-coordinated as well. Annie put on a black outfit, blouse, and pants, and paired it with the fall vibe orange overcoat, which made her look in harmony with the fall season. Patrick chose to wear dark-colored pants and a light blue shirt. Keeping their look simple and natural, the two smiled brilliantly for photos. Annie put on a soft touch of orange eye shadow, and natural-looking makeup, to match her outfit. For this leg of an engagement photo session, the couple posed in front of orange leaves and fall foliage in the park. Our couple was full of gregarious smiles and warmth. As the day continued to age, our photographer took even better photos of the two. Looking for more spots, the couple found a bridge and looked melted into each other, softly kissing each other. Then, the two found a spot of shrubs and flowers, where the two decided to pose for a few photos. The sun was shining, and the two made us feel as though love was in the air. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they posed for lovely engagement photos. In the beautiful glow of the sun, the two also took amazing engagement ring photos. They softly looked into each other’s eyes, as our photographer found the right spot to take the photos of their rings. Once done, our photographer took some more photos of the two simply enjoying each other’s company! Switching positions, our photographer helped them find the photo pose ideas that helped them pose and showcase their love. Comfortable in each other’s company, they giggled and softly whispered, and enjoyed each other’s company! And just like that, our photographer was sure that these two will have a beautiful life together. The photos and the day were dreamy and happy, the couple’s shared love made us feel the dreamy love through the photos alone. We are sure that the energy surrounding them must be electric and warm. After seeing their beautiful engagement photos, we’re sure that the two will have an amazing wedding and the photos of the two will turn out to be stunning. Our engagement photographer was not only happy to see these two but was happy after the photo session, and after we saw the photos, we knew what our photographer witnessed when they took their photos for their engagement.


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