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Boston Bliss: Nicole And Kevin’s Sun-Kissed Shoreline Love Story


When you fall in love, you want to spend all of your time with your special person. From going to the movies to traveling together, from watching the sunset to something as simple as going to get groceries, you will want to spend every waking hour, and minute with them. And when they romantically pop the question, you cannot help but smile and say yes. The romantic, moviesque moment where your heart wants to scream, “Yes, a hundred times yes,” you want to stop and just bask in the moment. Because the next step in your love story is to plan the wedding, set your wedding date, and start your life together! This is why we love engaged couples and love seeing these smiling faces! To us, a recently engaged couple looks like a ray of sunshine, with their bright smiles and the spring in their steps, it is unmistakable. Don’t get us wrong, we love wedding photos, but there’s something really impressive about engagement photo sessions. And while we’re at it, we’d like to mention that outdoor photo sessions are just amazing! When we saw the engagement photos of Nicole and Kevin, we were in awe. Not only did they imbibe the playfulness of the late summertime, but also were full of beautiful smiles. From using some props to changing outfits, their engagement photo session was filled with happiness. Our Boston engagement photographer met the two on the day of their engagement photo session and was sure that their engagement session would be a blast. For the day, the two had decided to visit some of their favorite spots in the city, and just have fun. Their photos turned out wonderfully, and just lovely. 


Boston, a captivating city in the United States, is a splendid blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy, creating an enticing destination for both visitors and residents alike. Amidst the captivating streets of Boston, the echoes of America's past resonate through the iconic Freedom Trail. This historic path leads explorers to renowned landmarks such as the Massachusetts State House and the Old North Church, offering a tangible connection to the nation's birth and the events that shaped its course. Not only that, Boston has a treasure trove of museums that fascinate anyone. The Museum of Fine Arts, for example, houses an extensive collection of art from around the world, providing a window into diverse cultures and artistic expressions. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum stands as a testament to one woman's passion for collecting and sharing her art with the world. The Paul Revere House stands as a living testament to American history, offering visitors a glimpse into the life of the legendary patriot. Meanwhile, the USS Constitution Museum invites guests to explore the storied past of "Old Ironsides," a historic naval vessel that played a crucial role in shaping the nation's maritime legacy. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum immerses visitors in the pivotal event that fueled the American Revolution, allowing them to relive the daring act of defiance that forever changed the course of history. The soul of Boston is steeped in music, resonating through venues like Symphony Hall, where orchestras create harmonious symphonies that elevate the spirit. The city's waterfront, adorned with its iconic lighthouse, offers a serene escape, where one can bask in the serene beauty of the ocean's embrace. Culinary delights await at every corner of Boston. Indulge in the creamy goodness of clam chowder and relish the succulent flavors of lobster rolls that define the city's coastal gastronomy. Amidst these delectable offerings, diverse international cuisines are also celebrated, making dining in Boston an enriching and palate-pleasing experience. Sports fanatics find their haven in Boston, a city pulsating with athletic fervor. Fenway Park stands as a cathedral for baseball enthusiasts, where the echoes of historic games reverberate through time. The TD Garden, a dynamic arena, hosts thrilling basketball and hockey matchups that evoke camaraderie and passion among fans. Boston's intellectual prowess is exemplified by its prestigious institutions like Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The city's innovative spirit thrives within the Seaport District, a hub for burgeoning startups and creative enterprises that shape the future through groundbreaking ideas.


Amidst the urban landscape, Boston nurtures pockets of natural beauty. The Public Garden captivates with its serene pond, where swan boats gently glide, creating a picturesque retreat within the bustling city. The Arnold Arboretum offers a living laboratory of plants, inviting visitors to explore the fascinating world of botanical diversity. Delving into Boston's history unveils a captivating narrative that stretches back centuries. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has witnessed pivotal moments that have shaped the nation's identity. From the Revolutionary War to the birth of democracy, the city's historic significance is palpable and invites all to embrace its storied past. Bostonians take pride in their heritage and traditions, infusing their daily lives with purpose and resilience. While cherishing their rich history, they embrace the ever-evolving landscape of progress and innovation. This fusion of legacy and modernity renders Boston a remarkable city that calls travelers to embark on a journey of discovery, where the echoes of the past harmoniously intertwine with the promises of the future. In the heart of historic Boston, where cobblestone streets and centuries-old architecture stand as testaments to the city's rich past, lies a hidden gem of natural beauty - the breathtaking beaches that grace its coastline. A beachside engagement photo session in Boston is an enchanting experience that melds the serenity of the sea with the allure of a city steeped in history and romance.


For the day, the two had decided to switch between two outfits. Both of the engagement session outfits were similar in style. Harmonizing with the wonderful weather, our couple for the day had decided to look fresh and wonderful! We loved their outfits! The theme for their outfits was casual formal, and they looked stunning! Since they started early in the morning, they decided to put on outfits that were more casual and airy, perfect for the first location! Talking to our engagement photographer they told our photographer exactly what kind of photos they were looking for. Starting from the place the two were just excited to get their photos in front of the camera. For this part of the photo session, the two were dressed in casuals! Nicole had decided to wear a beautiful white dress with lace trims, and Mike had a tropical-themed shirt with tan pants. Taking the time to explore a grass-lined area of the Boston beach, our couple looked happy and at home! They took photos with the expansive background, and the greenery-laid backdrop and also explored a small lighthouse for their photo session with us! Finding a beautiful spot at the beach, they sat down side by side and posed for photos. The calm waters in the background and their serene smiles made our hearts melt when we saw the photos. After taking some romantic photos, our photographer also helped them direct a few more photos. Asking them to have a moment, our photographer took candidly romantic photos of the two as they kissed each other. And just like that, the two were ready for the second engagement photo shoot location. Before posing for photos, the couple decided to swap their casual outfits for the day for their second set of outfits. This one was formal and different. 


For the second location, Nicole was dressed in a beautiful white, frilly, dress. To make her outfit perfect she had a white bow in her hair, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, and peep-toe heels. Looking stunning, her outfit was similar to her soon-to-be-husband’s. Kevin was dressed in a crisp white shirt and dark gray pants. He finished off the outfit with a classy black tie and black Oxford shoes! The two looked ready for the day! For this location for the engagement photo session, the couple wanted to enjoy the city and its best vistas, which is why they chose the shore! Furthermore, they were keen on posing for photos around sunset time, they knew it would give them amazing photos! This spot was one of our favorite ones from the day’s photos. To match his soon-to-be-wife, Kevin also had a pair of sunglasses! And just like that, the two were ready for the day! The photoshoot location they wanted to start off with was the water in the background and the tall grass flowing with the breeze. The first few photo poses for the photo session were traditionally romantic. Our photographer helped the two pose for their photos, starting with a beautiful pose with the two standing right by the shore in a close embrace, our photographer took an impressive photo of the two. Our photographer saw that the day was amazing, and the weather was just right. Our photographer helped the two to pose for a photo with the long horizon of the water shore, and the beautiful tall grass. The weather made it seem as though Nicole and Kevin were the only ones present in the world! The two then walked to the edge of the area, a beautiful white picket-fenced space awaited them. And here, the two took some more romantic photos. The couple had a few more ideas on the photos they wanted to pose for, and our photographer helped them do just that as the day continued on! 


It was here that the two lovebirds’ personalities bloomed and our photographer captured authentic photos of the couple looking wonderfully happy, and excited. These photos, the candid couple of photos our photographer took, were some of our favorite ones from the day. Our photographer did have to direct the shots, Nicole and Kevin were smiling, and just having the best time of their lives. As they enjoyed the day and the pretty weather, our photographer took photos of the two. As the sun was beginning to make its descent, it was the perfect time to crack open the bottle of champagne they brought as a photo prop! Our photographers put some distance between themselves and the couple so that they could capture the moments as they unfold. Our couple for the day were naturals in front of the camera, posed with the bottle, and looked at it before cracking it open. And then, they opened it! The moment was perfect, the champagne was flowing. Enjoying the moment, the soon-to-be-married couple took to setting the bottle down to pose for some romantic photos. Kevin pulled Nicole close and kissed her. The white picket fence and the warm glow of the Boston sun were just perfect for the photo. And then, to make it even better, he lifted her up and then kissed her. Our engagement photographer took some engagement ring photos as well. Before ending the day and the outdoor photo session, our photographer helped the two capture the beautiful spots in the area. 


First off, our engagement photographer found a wall, white and textured, which matched Nicole’s dress. Our photographer helped the two pose for more romantic photos. They kissed right next to the wall, and before walking back to go to the second location, our photographer helped them capture the expansive photo of the Boston skyline and waters. As the sun dips lower, casting an enchanting blush across the sky, the couple's attire comes alive with an ethereal radiance. Against the backdrop of the ocean and horizon, it is easy to see how in love they were. The sunlight cast an ethereal glow that our photographer utilized for a few of the last photos. Having them pose by the water, looking at the beach, gave our photographer the perfect shot. Framing the two and the dipping sun made the sunset photos magical. Asking them to lift their arms, enjoy themselves, and be truly themselves made the couple look natural. As our photographer watched the sun dip, and after that, they bid each other goodbye. Our photographer and the lovebirds separated as the sun began dipping. Our photographer, that day, knew what playfully deep love looks like, and now we do too! Looking at these photos, our hearts are full and warm! 



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