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A Modern Traditional Korean Wedding In The DC Suburbs


There are weddings and then there are traditional weddings. From fusing cultures and heritages to creating a celebratory feeling into the wedding celebrations, traditional weddings are unique affairs. With so many cultures and traditions across the globe, one can only imagine the number of rituals and customs that go into hosting a traditional wedding. Traditional weddings nod to both the heritage and customs and create something that highlights the individual cultures of the bride and groom. It quintessentially represents the coming together of two people on one of the most important days of their lives. Emphasizing more on the ceremony that is usually filled with age-old customs and traditions, traditional weddings are beautiful affairs that can warm up hearts.


Asia as we know is a continent filled with a vivid array of cultures, traditions, heritages, and customs. Out of all other Asian cultures, Korean weddings are symbolic of more than just the union of two people. Although modern Korean weddings see a lot of western influences, several elements continue to be a part of these colorful affairs. From symbolic rites and gift-giving rituals to bowing and exchanging vows, traditional Korean weddings are a burst of bright colors and represent two families coming together as one. American Korean weddings have seen modern couples hosting western weddings while embracing their heritage and incorporating the deep symbolism related to their culture-rich weddings into their modern ceremonies. The gorgeous hanbok dresses as well as the inclusion of bright colors and chestnuts make modern Korean weddings a unique and unparalleled affair.


The parents on both sides take active participation in Korean traditional wedding ceremonies. In modern Korean weddings, the bride and groom may wear a white wedding dress and a suit for half the wedding and then do a wedding attire change after the ceremony and emerge in traditional Korean wedding attire. There are many meaningful Korean wedding traditions like the ‘Pyebaek’ ceremony that takes place after the official marriage ceremony and includes only the closest family members. However, modern couples might want to include a larger group of guests. There are also many other interesting wedding traditions in Korean nuptials like the gifting of a ‘kireogi’ or a wild goose by the new groom to his mother-in-law during the ‘Jeonanrye’ ceremony symbolizing his commitment to his new wife. In modern Korean weddings, the groom’s family will give wooden ducks instead of living ones to the bride's family as a precious commitment symbol.


The significance of traditional attire is important in Korean cultural weddings. The ethnic Korean bridal outfit is a red-colored ‘Hanbok’ specifically designed for the wedding ceremony. This traditional bridal dress is usually made of silk. During the Pyebaek ceremony, the bride might also choose to wear a ‘wonsam’, which is a traditional Korean upper garment designed with silk threads along with a full-length skirt known as ‘chima.’ The groom might wear a traditional Korean blue-colored hanbok or simply dress up in formal suiting. A traditional Korean groom attire might include a ‘samogwandae,’ which is a court attire of the Chosun Dynasty. It is a long and elaborate robe that looks like a vestment on top of pants and a jacket. The groom’s attire is completed with a headpiece known as ‘samo’ which is a black cap with wings on both sides and a belt on the waist. A semi-formal Korean groom might simply wear pants known as ‘baji’ and a jacket called a ‘jeogori.’


There are many symbolic choices of wedding colors that are included in traditional Korean weddings. The bride’s mother traditionally wears pink, purple, or another pastel. The groom’s mother dons cool tones like blue, gray, or green. The red and the blue hanbok of the bride and the groom respectively represent the circle at the center of the Korean flag, which goes on to explain the balance of complementary entities. Many guests at Korean traditional weddings also wear hanbok as a way to celebrate the rich culture and heritage.


In the fall season of 2020, we got the chance to document one of the most intimate wedding ceremonies in DC we’ve ever seen. Sukyung and Jong, the lovestruck duo from Washington DC, took us on an intimate journey of their big wedding day that gave us the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful cultural weddings that we’ve ever seen. Just like a fresh breath of spring at the end of a long and chilly winter spell, this gorgeous couple tied the knot in a serene setting in DC and made us go weak in our knees with the infectious smiles that their faces wore on their wedding. This chic wedding in DC was a joyous experience for our wedding photographers in DC, and a walk through the wedding photos of this day proves to us exactly that.


The beautiful wedding day of Jong and Sukyung on a bright sunny morning of October in 2020, when the sun dawdled across the immaculately landscaped grounds of International Country Club in Fairfax. Located just minutes away from downtown Washington, DC, this premier private club has been a prime hub of chic weddings. The intimate and welcoming atmosphere of this country club wedding venue in the DC suburbs made us instantly go head over heels as it was home to a dreamy setting. Exuding a familiar neighborhood atmosphere, this classic wedding venue in the DC suburbs will make you feel at home and with everyone in your family.


The moment Sukyung had her eyes laid on this gorgeous wedding venue in suburban DC, her heart instantly felt a connection and the couple said ‘this is it!’ Indeed, we in a heartbeat fell in love with the choice of venue as well. Tucked away in a private golf club, this ballroom wedding venue in Washington, DC offers a peaceful ambiance for couples to host their wedding. Nestled in 220 acres of lusciously landscaped parkland, the chic International Country Club wedding venue is available for wedding ceremonies and receptions all year round.


The sweeping views of a lusciously green landscape are dotted with sprawling golf courses, sparkling lakes, towering trees, and surrounded by a magnificent parkland. Our professional wedding photographers in DC loved to document this new couple as they tied the knot against such breathtaking settings. Apart from being nestled in 240 acres of surrounding parkland, this private golf club wedding venue in the DC suburbs lies in close proximity to many landmarks, luxurious accommodation facilities, restaurants, and shopping centers. It is located just 30 minutes west of DC, in the heart of Northern Virginia. The newly renovated clubhouse enjoys a reputation for being chic and photo-worthy. It also possesses the charm and character of a traditional country club. Couples and guests can enjoy striking views of the surrounding parklands from its balcony and can relax while watching the sunset over the thick canopy of trees.


The rich history of the International Country Club venue in DC suburbs goes back to 1961 when it was founded and named for its close proximity to the Dulles International Airport. The clubhouse was constructed on the property in 1968 and the vintage chic details are strikingly evident to this day. These details come out alive in DC wedding photography sessions as backdrops during nuptial celebrations at this event venue. Your wedding portraits in DC clicked at this venue will have a carpet of emerald grasses, glistening ponds, trickling fountains, and rolling hills. With a capacity of hosting up to 250 people, this classic and chic DC wedding venue in the suburbs was indeed a great choice for our gorgeous couple. The contemporary ballroom setting in the DC suburbs features floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the well-manicured golf course, and the neutral color palette can complement any kind of wedding decor and color palette.


The bright wedding day of Jong and Sukyung began at the chic International Country Club wedding venue and our professional and affordable DC wedding photographers began documenting their journey with some pretty detailed shots of the gorgeous choice of wedding flowers that nodded to their Korean heritage. The chic bridal bouquet was layered with a colorful pastel punchy palette featuring pink, white, and tangerine flowers wrapped with a generous amount of greens. The stylish and minimal wedding bands popped in the detailed wedding portraits as they were photographed on top of white flower petals. The gorgeously personalized thank you gifts for the wedding party were neatly organized on a table. The chic white boxes of wedding favors were wrapped with pink ribbons and customized notes that had Korean letters in calligraphy and their wedding date.


The bridal getting-ready portraits of Sukyung looked especially elegant as her mother helped her to get ready for the biggest day of her life. The mother-daughter portraits that came out of the session were truly emotionally moving. The dreamy wedding gown of this gorgeous bride blew us away as our wedding photographers captured her in stunning bridal portraits. The sweeping train of this off-shoulder ball gown was a work of art as it featured a sweetheart neckline and a rich display of fabric consisting of tulle and organza, along with intricate embroidery and beading work all over. Her minimal bridal jewelry made her pop like a dream and her hair was neatly tied into a high bun with a stylish floral headpiece. The long flowy cathedral veil tucked on her bun swept the grounds alongside her gown. 


Our dashing groom Jong looked equally dapper in his two-piece formal suiting. The stunning groom portraits displayed his wedding outfit in detail as it featured a two-piece royal blue formal suit teamed up with a crisp white shirt, an elegant navy blue bow tie, and a classic gold watch. His uber-trendy groom look was completed with a pair of tan brown shoes and neatly parted hair. 


Before the wedding ceremony began, the couple strolled through the grounds of their wedding venue, and our photographers captured some dreamy couple portraits in DC that stole our romantic hearts. From posing in front of the tall vintage clock tower to slowly grazing through the golf courses, the pre-wedding couple photos truly captured the unparalleled chemistry of our fun-loving couple. The stunning wedding ceremony decor was not only aesthetically pleasing but also made us take notes for inspiration. The long aisle featuring emerald grass was flanked by beautiful white ceremony chairs on both sides. The whimsical wedding arch was a white rustic chic wooden monkey bar dressed up with white drapes and tangerine, white, and pink flowers. The gorgeous translucent acrylic welcome sign added a soft touch to a mid-century aesthetic as it featured bold monogrammed initials of the couple and was complemented with ethereal florals and a lush green backdrop.


The dreamy display of cozy and small wedding details of this celebration had our hearts. The wedding ceremony began, where Jong and Sukyung promised a lifetime of togetherness to each other. They exchanged their wedding vows and rings and were cheered and celebrated by their loved ones. As the bright rays of the sun shone bright, the wedding party regrouped for some lovely wedding group portraits. The family wedding portraits popped brightly as everyone took turns to pose with the newlyweds. Soon after, the couple made their way out in an orchestrated grand exit as everyone cheered and wished them luck.


Before the wedding reception began, the DC wedding photography session displayed the vividly decorated reception details of this traditional wedding day. The customized escort cards had the guests’ names with yellow and green floral details. The chic welcome table was dressed up with gorgeous engagement photos of Jong and Sukyung alongside glamorous flower installations, crystal centerpieces, and engagement photo books with a sash that said “Just Married” in bold. Huge canvases of engagement portraits were displayed in the welcome area of the reception. The reception tables were dressed up in white linens, tall floral installations, and customized wedding favors. Everything came together to create dreamy wedding portraits, and we loved it!


The newlyweds welcomed everyone onboard with a customized welcome sign that said, “Sukyung Chi & Jong, Established October 3, 2020.” The gorgeous three-tiered white wedding cake was dressed with the same choice of wedding florals with a personalized cake topper where the newlyweds cheered holding hands. The fun-loving chemistry of this duo was vividly displayed throughout the wedding as they had their first dance as newlyweds and went on to cut their wedding cake. The infectious smiles of this gorgeous duo lit up the entire reception hall.


As a nod to their Korean heritage, the couple changed their wedding outfits and donned up in traditional Korean wedding attire. Everything we talked about traditional Korean weddings, in the beginning, came alive during this period. The bright red and blue attire of the bride and groom along with the cutely painted face of the Korean bride truly stole the show. The bright display of Korean culture at this wedding had all the elements like the wooden ducks, chestnuts, and the blue-red colors that depict the vivid customs of Korean wedding culture.


The wedding of Sukyong and Jong was a whole different experience for us. We not only got to enjoy the unique Korean culture, but the wedding was a breath of fresh air after months of staying indoors in 2020. The fun-loving atmosphere created by the infectiously positive chemistry of the newly married couple brought us joy that we’ll cherish for a long time to come.


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