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A Lavish Three-day Wedding Celebration Inspiration: Tips, Inspirations and Ideas!


So, how many times have you heard someone say this to you, “it was over before you know it” when describing a wedding they have attended? Well, if you don’t want your wedding guests to say something like that about your wedding celebration, then we have an idea for that! A prolonged wedding celebration, like a three-day wedding celebration


With the change in wedding trends these days, the wedding night has now become the wedding weekend. With couples planning various fun activities and celebrations that last a few days as compared to a few hours of joy, prolonged weddings are so in trend these days! So, if you are also looking ahead to planning a three-day wedding celebration you can take your cue from a tried-and-true wedding trend and plan a lavish three-day weekend wedding celebration in the best possible way! Even if your wedding locations seem more similar than the foreign destinations, creative hospitality will surely make your three-day wedding celebration an endlessly fun and fascinating mini-vacation for all your wedding guests! Check out these great tips, inspirations, and ideas on how to make sure that all your wedding guests feel well taken care of and a fabulous weekend wedding that they won’t forget for years to come. So, to keep the three-day wedding festivities rolling, and yourself and your partner relatively stress-free, check out these incredibly extended weekend wedding pointers


Set The Tone of Your Three-Day Wedding With a Lovely Welcome Bag


You can consider welcoming all your wedding guests with a lovely basket of goodies! Well, there is no denying that the variety of available treats and libations are just endless, how about the idea of keeping products local and simplifying your selections with a sweet treat, a salty snack, and a beverage that says “Cheers!”. It is one of the best ways to bring all the elements of taste to your wedding guests' welcoming basket. With these elements in the welcoming baskets, we are pretty sure that all your wedding guests that are traveling from a distance will undoubtedly appreciate you keeping them in the loop about all the information about your lavish three-day wedding celebration. Make sure the welcoming basket has all the itinerary of your wedding weekend which includes important dates, times, transportation details, and everything in between as these important details will leave them informed in place of needing to ask questions about the timeline of your three-day wedding. All you have to do is just pack everything up in a cute little bag or a basket with the best and most appropriate wedding weekend branding so that your wedding guests are sure to feel taken care of from the start of the wedding shenanigans! 


Provide Mode of Transportation for Easy Communication

Planning a three-day wedding does require consistent planning so that everything goes smoothly without any glitches. If your weekend wedding ancillary events and activities that do require transportation offer safe and comfortable transportation facilities to all your wedding guests as a nod to show your love, appreciation, and enthusiasm for celebrating the most special day of your life with you and the love of your life. And if your wedding budget is not an issue, there are endless ways to get creative with your wedding guests' transportation service! In place of a usual or an ordinary shuttle bus, you can consider renting an old school trolley, vintage school bus, or some other unique form of transportation like a carriage, or even a boat to amaze and surprise all your wedding guests. Working around with some unique transportation ideas for your wedding guests will surely leave them surprised and will also give unique photography opportunities to our professional wedding photographers


Plan Activities that are Outside the Usual Wedding Celebrations

A three-day wedding does indeed require some unique fun activities that keep all your wedding guests entertained and engaged till the last day. So, it’s time for you and your partner to get creative with the list of activities for your lavish weekend wedding. All you have to do is plan a curated list of fun and amazing activities that will not only encourage all your wedding guests to participate in the fun but will also give them the chance to explore the area and also relish your wedding weekend as an exotic and memorable mini-vacation. For the wedding venue that you have chosen for your lavish three-day wedding day, you can ask them if they provide an activity concierge, as it will ease the stress of hosting activities and maintaining the timeline for every activity. Well, these days, if a couple plans to have a weekend wedding, wedding venues provide them with an activity concierge. The greatest perk of having an activity concierge for your weekend wedding day is that when the actual time for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception comes, all your wedding guests will have some lovely new friends to celebrate your special day with! 


Offer Gratitude To Show Your Love and Make Your Guests Feel Special

Well, words and actions show a lot! Always show your love and gratitude to all your wedding guests to make them feel special. You can consider handing out some handwritten letters, thanking them for their presence, and making your wedding day more special or memorable. But, if letters and words are not your virtue, a small token of gratitude and appreciation will work the best and will surely bring a wide and bright smile to your wedding guests’ faces. Bright and smiling faces indeed make some of the best photographs for your wedding portfolio


Leisure Time is Needed! Leave Room For It! 

A well-planned wedding with everything on a schedule is very much appreciated. Schedule activities for your guests to relish the weekend wedding, but don't go for too many activities. There should always be a fine balance between scheduling things to the brim for all your wedding guests. They should feel excited and happy about participating in all the activities but feel forced or obligated to take part in them. Other than activities, you can also consider not having a grand and lavish rehearsal dinner you can invite all your wedding guests to the hotel’s lobby for a champagne tower cocktail hour. It will indeed add a fun and a bit twist to the usual rehearsal dinner. By doing this exclusive thing, you will get the chance to visit and meet all your wedding guests before the wedding ceremony, and they will also feel welcome without feeling obligated to spend the evening with an itinerary that you have planned for your three-day wedding. 


Make the Best of the Holiday Weekends

If your weekend wedding or we say a three-day wedding coincides with a holiday, don’t get stressed or afraid to play along with it. It will be cool and amazing to work up throughout the weekend in ways big or small and bring the holiday fun and enthusiasm to your three-day wedding without giving any second thought! If you are planning a wedding around the fourth of July, then you can just make the best of this holiday and bring the fun vibes of the Fourth of July to your wedding day. For instance, you have an All-American welcome party for your wedding guests which can have corn hole, a fireworks stand, some amazing and delicious food trucks and some lovely and yummy State Fair-inspired bites and treats. This way your three-day wedding will be damn fun and your wedding guests will enjoy their time to the fullest!


Don’t Forget About All the Little Things

If you are planning a three-day destination wedding, then you must think of all the little things that your wedding guests might need in a pinch but might not be able to find it there. When talking about the little things, we mean certain medicines like Advil, Band-Aids, safety pins, sunscreen, bug repellant, and other such things that your wedding guests might miss out on carrying with them. You taking care of all the little things for your wedding guests will surely leave them delightful and special. 


Bring in the Local Culture to Your Three-Day Wedding

During your three-day wedding, you, your partner, and your wedding guests will have a lot of time to explore the surroundings and locations around your wedding venue. It will be a great move and a brilliant idea to create an experience that perfectly highlights the local culture. You can consider adding a bike tour or a cooking class to keep your guests entertained and excited about all the happenings that you have planned for them. We can assure you that your wedding guests will surely love the opportunity to be entertained while they will also get familiar with their surroundings. 


Surprise Your Guests with Something That They Won’t Have Expected

There are endless ways to surprise your wedding guests in the best possible way. How about setting up a pop-up salon at your wedding venue to help all your wedding guests get beautified for your big and special day. Or even, you can consider spoiling them with nighty amenities like some warm milk and delicious cookies. Well, breakfast in bed or even some split of wine from your favorite local vineyard is indeed a great way to surprise all your wedding guests in the best possible way! We can assure you that all these amazing surprises will give them a great time to enjoy the best for all your wedding guests. They will undoubtedly feel special.


Food For Everyone Before They Hit the Road With So Many Memories of Your Three-Day Wedding

Amongst the jam-packed schedule and wedding jitters of a wedding day, finding a moment to thank all your wedding guests and say your goodbyes can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, having a farewell brunch the following morning before your wedding guests jet off and hit the road and you both take off for your romantic honeymoon, will definitely solve this problem. You all can talk about all the behind-the-scenes stories from your closest people in a relaxed and completely stress-free setting over some french toast and mimosa, of course! 


Well, these are some of the great ideas and inspiration when it comes to hosting a lavish three-day wedding. Now, we also have curated a list of some handy tips that you can keep in mind when you are planning your weekend wedding itinerary-


Consider Having a Weekend Wedding Theme

There is absolutely no denying that planning and hosting a wedding over multiple days actually run the risk of feeling disjointed. So, to keep everything and everyone connected, you can use a theme to create some synergy and tie things together in the best way possible. Choosing a wedding theme will also give great and beautiful wedding photography opportunities to our creative wedding photographers to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos with the best backgrounds! These days, festival weddings are on hype. They have indeed soared in popularity and are also in trend when it comes to planning a three-day wedding celebration. You can also consider having performances, along with certain workshops to maintain the momentum all weekend for your weekend wedding. 


Stay Flexible With Your Wedding Guests

Well, a three-day wedding celebration is indeed a massive commitment for you, your partner, and also for your wedding guests whom you have sent the wedding invites. To keep things cool and stress-free for your wedding guests, here is a pro tip that you can consider. All you have to do is exercise some flexibility when it comes to your wedding invitations. Just make it completely and crystal clear to all your wedding guests that they are not expected to attend each and every part of your three-day wedding celebration. There are various reasons that some of your wedding guests won't be able to be there for every celebration for your three-day wedding. No matter what is the reason for their absence on certain days of your wedding celebration, all you have to do is be sympathetic to that and just make sure that they know it’s not a big deal to miss out on some events of your three-day wedding celebration. What mainly matters is that they are there on your big day to shower their blessing upon you both! 


All we want to say is that, when you are planning a lavish three-day wedding celebration, organization is the key factor. In short, it is everything. Being the bride, it is your job to keep things moving and also ensure that there are no awkward gaps or pauses, or boring moments throughout the three-day celebration. So, to keep every moment of your three-day wedding celebration moving and engaging, you will need to plan your three-day lavish affair hour-by-hour! Cheers to three-day wedding planning!


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