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A Joyous Celebration of Rosie and Jorge at The Wimbish House, Atlanta


“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer 


Sometimes you can write a whole book about a love story and sometimes words get the better of you. That is how love is, we guess. It is the perfect pair of warm socks on a cold winter day and a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. Regardless of how you want to define it, love can be very hard to express or put into words especially when it is one of the many magical things that human beings experience in their lifetime. 


From some of the most romantic Valentine's Day quotes to some of the most romantic movies that we have ever seen, we have learned one thing- love defies all tangibility and countability, as it can find you in the strangest of times. Whether your love is decades old or new-found, whether it is a passionate romantic tale or a true friendship, whether you describe it as emotional or as a true bond over a common interest, love remains one of the most whimsical feelings ever that can not only give you butterflies in your stomach but a whole zoo.


With every ‘I’ turning into ‘us’, we see a blend of uniqueness that stands distinctive to only that love story. In the summer of 2021, we witnessed a wedlock saga of two lovebirds that looked like an endless dream in the middle of a paradise-like setting right in the heart of Atlanta. Rosie and Jorge’s wedding day in Atlanta, Georgia took us on a never-seen-before magical journey that will go down memory lane as one of the most extraordinary and enchanting unions we have ever seen. Everything looked remarkable and straight out of a Hollywood drama, with the duo's radiating and charming smiles lighting up the atmosphere with a warm glow of love. A picture-perfect wedding filled with quintessential decor and affable loved ones, engulfed by a burst of rustic and natural details, this event evoked wedding goals in all its glory.


While navigating through every detail of an immaculately planned wedding reception, this Georgian couple took this day into their stride. The couple opted for a wedding celebration in a relaxed and casual vibe for their ceremony and reception held at a wedding venue located right in the heart of Atlanta. With custom curated details and Pinterest-inspired small wedding ideas, our Atlanta wedding photographer captured every moment of this recent wedding as it unfolded.


The couple’s hearts were set on getting married in this whimsical Victorian wedding venue in Atlanta, to celebrate their new beginnings amidst wonderful architecture and landscaped grounds, and their wedding seemed no less than a dream for our wedding photographers in Atlanta. One of the most whimsical destinations in entire Georgia to get married, the exotic Atlanta wedding venue has witnessed its fair share of glamorous and classic weddings.


Atlanta, the capital of Georgia's "Peach State," is the heart of the American South in almost every way. The city began as a military outpost, then evolved into an early railway junction before becoming a major commercial center. Atlanta has a distinct Southern flavor to it. In Atlanta, there are a plethora of interesting places to visit, with top tourist attractions ranging from the arts to sports. Along the way, you will pass by numerous historic sites, stunning museums, and lovely parks and gardens. With the myriad of unmatched wedding venue options starting from waterfront wedding venues to mountain settings, Atlanta suits weddings of all styles with its year-round vacation atmosphere. 


The Wimbish House wedding venue in Atlanta was the destination for the new beginning for our stunning couple Rosie and Jorge. Rosie had her heart set on this classic wedding venue in Atlanta right from the beginning as the gorgeous Victorian-era wedding venue features steep gables, crystal chandeliers, and antique furniture. This lovely Victorian wedding venue in the heart of midtown Atlanta makes for a photogenic backdrop for your special day. The original 1920s ballroom, the formal dining room, and the sun porch are all versatile spaces with large, high-ceilinged gathering rooms. Two grand pianos and gold Chiavari chairs add to the opulence. You also have access to a fully equipped catering kitchen. In the heart of midtown Atlanta, a historic mansion and ballroom wedding venue can be a dream come true. The perfect setting for your wedding is provided by high ceilings, grand pianos, wood floors, and numerous crystal chandeliers. You are free to select your 9**+-caterer and bring your own beverage.


The Wimbish House was designed by W. T. Downing, Atlanta's most renowned architect, for prominent Atlanta attorney William A. Wimbish as a residence befitting his family's social status. Downing was Atlanta's most famous architect who was known for designing innovative and sophisticated homes, and he later designed many of the city's most prestigious public buildings, including The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Trinity United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Lupton Hall at Oglethorpe University. This lovely Victorian-era wedding venue in Atlanta features steep gables, intricate detailing, and massive stone masonry ornamentation in the eclectic French Renaissance Revival, or Chateauesque style. The Wimbish House reception venue, now a beloved Midtown icon, has been lovingly restored and is a national, state, and city landmark.


The Wimbish House is located at the intersection of Peachtree and 14th streets in Midtown Atlanta, making it an impressive, easy-to-find destination with close proximity to hotels, parking, and public transportation. The award-winning Wimbish House wedding venue provides a rich visual backdrop for weddings and events with its spacious, high-ceilinged rooms, historic architectural details, period furnishings, and hardwood floors throughout. Tall archways and columns flank formal reception rooms, which flow gracefully into the elegant dining room, sunroom, and ballroom. The dreamy, old-world ambiance is enhanced by grand pianos, antique crystal chandeliers, and fireplaces in nearly every room. It's an unforgettable backdrop for a big day you will never forget!


The easy and seamless access to all the landmarks of the city makes it an interesting wedding venue for your wedding photography session in Atlanta. Whether you want to get your couple portraits clicked in the adjacent patio that allows you to step outside and admire the lusciously landscaped surroundings or want to bring in the beautiful backdrops of Atlanta to your professional portraits, nothing can speak charm and romance better than this traditional Atlanta wedding venue. The luxurious wedding venue in Atlanta features sleek finishes with modern and French flair along with manicured gardens, outdoor patio spaces, and fire pit areas, where your guests are sure to indulge in every aspect of this exquisite space, indoors and out.


Nestled amidst gently rich history and pristine landscapes, there is no doubt that Atlanta is one of the most memorable destinations for you to tie the knot. The diverse array of landscapes and photogenic settings makes it one of the most loved cities for photography in the US. Let us go through some of the most photogenic destinations of Atlanta for your couple photography. The first destination would be the Atlanta Botanical Garden as it is a beautiful place to stroll and spend a few hours of your time. A variety of well-designed gardens, including vibrant flowerbeds and majestic trees that frame the urban landscape of Midtown Atlanta, are highlights of this must-see Atlanta attraction. The Georgia Aquarium is another great place to visit in Atlanta, with a wide variety of marine life and some very interesting and interactive activities for visitors. It is one of the world's largest aquariums that is home to thousands of aquatic animals. 


You can visit Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park. The National Historic Site has been established on two blocks of Auburn Avenue. They include Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthplace at 501 Auburn Avenue, which dates from 1895, and the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he and his father served as ministers, at 407-413 Auburn Avenue. You can also visit the World of Coca-Cola site in Atlanta. The World of Coca-Cola depicts the history and triumphal progress of the world's most famous beverage in a fun way that will appeal to people of all ages. The historic Fox theater can be your next destination as it goes back to the 1920s. The Yaarab Temple Shrine Mosque features an extremely posh Arabian-themed design. You can also watch the dancing fountains during the evenings at the Centennial Olympic Park


Piedmont Park is the oldest and largest park in the Atlanta metro area, located just northeast of downtown Atlanta. During the Civil War, the Battle of Peachtree Creek took place on these grounds. The next destination can be the Atlanta History Center which includes the Atlanta History Museum, the Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Swan House, Smith Family Farm, and the Kenan Research Center, as well as several historic gardens. And the final photogenic spot can be the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, which is located in a beautiful park-like setting in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood near Freedom Park and is a must-see for anyone, regardless of political affiliations.


We met Rosie and Jorge on their perfect wedding day at The Wimbish House ceremony venue. This picturesque marriage was absolutely overflowing with amazing moments that the couple and guests will never forget. The entire morning of preparations of both bridesmaids and groomsmen soon led up to several dramatic moments. They started the glorious wedding day with some detailed shots that ranged from the lilac-themed wedding details and the floral bridesmaids getting ready robes to the gorgeous white and purple bridal bouquet and groom accessories laid out beautifully on a mahogany table. Right before the wedding ceremony commenced, there were several breathtaking shots that captured the precious moments of this wedding day from the bride posing with the gang of bridesmaids, draped up in a floral satin robe as she was surrounded by bridesmaids that flared floral robes to the gorgeous wedding gown pictured against a white and green backdrop.


The emotional and gorgeous bride getting ready portraits revolved around the maid of honor zipping up her best friend’s bridal dress and the bride herself gracefully posing against reflecting glass walls. The bride’s getting-ready portraits are swoon-worthy and spellbinding in the truest of senses as our Atlanta couple photographer captured each and every detail that was displayed by our stunning bride. There were many close-up pre-ceremony shots that revealed stunning bridal portraits and dashing groom portraits that were taken moments before the ceremony. 


The groom portraits featured Jorge as he got ready for his big day dressed up in a formal two-piece dark gray suit with a crisp white shirt and a shiny pair of brown shoes. The inspirational bridal portraits of Rosie looked straight out of a fairytale as she got ready for her big wedding day. From the bridal portrait shot against the tall glass windows to the candid ones where her maid of honor got her ready for the big day, our hearts sprinkled with joy as her smile lit up the entire ambiance with a dash of sunshine on this summer wedding day. She also went on to pose with her maid of honor and the gang of bridesmaids. Our groom stepped up the photo game by posing with his team of groomsmen creating stunning groomsmen portraits that set the tone for a warm and welcoming wedding day.


Rosie donned a crisp white wedding dress that was a mermaid bridal gown with a stunning embroidered back. It scooped down to form a high neckline style on the front and was zipped up on the back. The lacey wedding dress featured intricate embroidery details from top to bottom making her look like a true stunner. She teamed up the fab wedding look with a cathedral wedding veil and her hair was beautifully side-parted and seamlessly tucked into a low updo and beautifully curled wisps on the front. She perfected the bridal look with stunning bridal accessories and a bare neck, teamed up with minimalistic bridal makeup. The gorgeous summer bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets featured purple and white roses with emerald green leaves. Her gang of bridesmaids flashed the A-game of inspirational wedding look as they wore purple bridesmaid dresses making the wedding photos look mesmerizing and truly dreamy.


Our dashing groom Jorge was dressed up in a complete black-tie formal groom look that made him look like a true show stopper. His team of dashing and handsome groomsmen looked equally picture-ready by dressing up in dark gray groomsmen attire and matching crisp white shirts. They also wore matching purple ties to complete the lilac-themed wedding color palette. Shortly after the dreamy wedding ceremony commenced and as this stunning couple took their steps towards a new beginning, our Atlanta wedding photographers did a fabulous job of capturing each and every precious moment as it unfolded.


From the time Rosie was walked to the altar by her parents to the time when the couple exchanged their rings and wedding vows and had their first kiss as spouses, the wedding photography session in Atlanta left no photo opportunities and managed to not only capture the moments but also the precious emotions that were evoked in the memorable wedding ceremony. The wedding gang quickly regrouped to pose for several orchestrated family portraits as well as group photography sessions. Each of the family members took turns to pose with the stunning couple, and the gangs of bridesmaids and groomsmen pulled up their socks and stockings to pose for stunning wedding group portraits


The fun-loving couple also posed for some of the most enchanting couple shots that we have ever seen that can straight away be considered as stock photos! The detailed couple shots gave us wedding goals and our expert team of wedding photographers in Atlanta didn't leave a single opportunity to capture the immaculately laid-out details of the upcoming wedding reception. The gorgeous three-tier white wedding cake was intricately designed with floral and lace details and was laid out beautifully on the cake table. The welcome table of the wedding reception featured many purple wedding details with dreamy white accents. The wedding reception was a memorable one as the couple had their first dance in a whimsical reception setting. And shortly after, they were given a warm send-off by their families and friends by blowing bubbles and making the whole atmosphere glow up with warmth and light.


The glow of the shimmering wedding reception of Rosie and Jorge remained with us for a long time as the unique chemistry sparked a different experience for us. The sweet and tender moments reverberated with the sense of sophistication and style that showed us that it doesn't get any better than this.


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