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A Gorgeous and Intimate Wedding in Orlando


They say that you glow differently when loved right! What is love after all? Love means different things to different people and just like that two people in love will always strike unique chemistry and unparalleled romance. The closest thing that love can be related to is the feeling of listening to soft acoustic songs on a rainy day or the feeling of cozying inside a big fleece blanket when the sky is throwing snowballs at you. It is all about with whom you want to share your feelings when you see how the sky changes color, or who do you want to explain your fears, dreams, visions, and goals. The right person is all about somebody who pushes your boundaries and liberates your soul, and introduces you to places that you haven't heard of, and emboldens you to do the unimaginable.

After all, you need a partner who wouldn't settle down for the mundane and be the partner in crime for the rest of your life. Someone who calms down the butterflies in your stomach and replaces them with assurance and warmth. The beauty of falling in love is unexplainable because when you think about why an artist falls in love with their muse, you will never find an accurate answer. Probably one of the best feelings in the world, love is rooted in adoration and admiration that builds you up from the core and strives to bring out the best in you.

In the testing times of 2020, we met a couple in Orlando who had magnificently unique energy in them that getting to document their love story was one of the best experiences for our wedding photographers in Orlando. Sparkling like sunshine on morning dews, Taylor and Sarah celebrated their first day of love on a bright sunny morning. The newly married couple in Orlando gave us a strikingly vicarious feeling that we have seen them somewhere before this day, and then we remembered how they reminded us of a happy-go-lucky couple straight from a rom-com we used to watch back in the day. We couldn't shake the feeling that 'love truly conquers all' as we witnessed this amazing Orlando couple got married amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Set amidst strict restrictions and uncertain times, this newly married couple decided to go for a traditional church wedding to mark their new beginning. With very few friends and family, this extraordinary couple brought their creative ideas for a micro wedding to the table and celebrated their love story in an amazing venue for a small wedding.

While adhering to social distancing measures and other wedding-related regulations, our stunning couple Taylor and Sarah went ahead with their tiny celebration and chose to get married in a church, located in the suburbs of Orlando, situated in a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida. While there are tons of beautiful and trendy wedding venues everywhere, it is very easy to see why couples choose to host weddings in churches. Stepping into a church is very different from stepping into any other building or location however gorgeous. By its very nature, a church is meant to be a place of reverence, awe, and peace. It is meant to welcome all persons into the loving presence of God; the creator of love and life. There are more than 16,000 churches that are considered to be some of the USA's most stunning wedding venues. Can something be more aesthetically pleasing than getting married in a church in Florida with age-old architecture and unmatched artistic aesthetics posing as backdrops for your Orlando wedding photography session? Offering centuries of history with so many couples getting married on the same grounds, a church wedding venue makes you feel like you are becoming a part of the history itself by tying the knot in the same place as your friends and family in the past. These are the connections that can make your big wedding day even more special! The peaceful and serene ambiance of a church makes for the perfect wedding atmosphere that can be filled with creative inspirations for decorating the venue and incorporating ideas that bring luck on your wedding day in an artistic way.

Taylor and Sarah decided to get married in Corpus Christi Catholic Church, in a completely intimate and cozy wedding setting on a bright summer day of 2020. Located at Celebration, Florida, a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida, United States, this wedding venue in the suburbs of Orlando is resting at a distance of 30 minutes drive from the main city. This classic wedding venue in suburban Orlando offers a variety of indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces that offer a tremendous level of flexibility to accommodate any kind of wedding decor and arrangements. Nestled centrally at the heart of Florida, this traditional church wedding venue in Orlando can cater for intimate and traditional weddings in Orlando while following strict covid-19 guidelines. Located near the famous Walt Disney Resort, the church's gorgeous gardens, immaculately manicured grounds, with a tranquil lake at the middle of the grounds reflecting off the Florida sunshine can offer a very quintessential setting for your wedding photography session in Orlando.

The intimate reception and banquet spaces of this suburban Orlando wedding venue reek of a community feeling and warm atmosphere by a quintessential waterfront setting, making it a hotspot for our Orlando wedding photographers. Another highlight of the classic wedding venue in the Orlando suburbs is the cream white walls and gable roofs teamed up with an immaculately landscaped lawn where couples can exchange their wedding vows and celebrate their wedding ceremonies while being surrounded by lush green foliage that looks like a natural canvas filled with charming views. Situated just minutes away from some of the most photogenic spots of Orlando, the Corpus Christi Catholic Church wedding venue can suit your personal taste if you have a thing for old-school church weddings.

The day of the wedding arrived on a warm summer spring day and the wedding photographs of this Orlando wedding displayed the true emotions of the day that were captured with perfect justice. The wedding day started early when Sarah got ready for her big day in her lovely bridal suite featuring tranquil white walls with huge French windows illuminating the entire space. Our wedding photographers in Orlando did an astounding job of capturing the little aspects of the bride getting ready in pure detailed shots ranging from the bridal bouquet and bridal shoes laid out on a white satin sheet and the wedding rings laid out on a vintage satin napkin that read "Happily Ever After- Sarah and Taylor Blair- 7/3/2020" to the crisp white wedding dress being laid out against the brightly-lit vintage tall mirror. The chic and dashing groom's outfit along with his shoes were are also captured in detailed portraits as they were laid against textured backgrounds.

The heartwarming bridal portraits and the getting-ready portrait session as our bride was being prepped for her big day and the moment when the bride's mother was zipping up her daughter's wedding dress truly made our hearts go crazy. The emotional and precious moments exchanged between the bride and her mother were captured in excellent mother-daughter portraits, along with the father-daughter portraits set against the beautiful rustic backgrounds, as the bright daylight fell on them, signified as absolutely marvelous additions to the wedding album.

On a wonderful summer day in the month of July, Taylor and Sarah decided to seal the deal for a lifetime and we loved the shots captured by our Orlando wedding photographers. Sarah slipped into her wedding dress that was a crisp white sleeveless A-line cathedral train bridal dress, with a plunged V-cut neckline, that had a mix of satin, lace, and organza fabrics. It had intricate embroidery and beading work on the upper side and the lower side displayed a clean look. The long cathedral veil looked ethereal as it glided like a breeze from her neatly done hairdo. Her minimalist day makeup along with her bare neck and diamond-studded earrings perfectly accentuated her back brushed hairdo, which was twisted into a clean bun. The white and pink rose Bierdiemier bridal bouquet and her unfaltering smile that never left her face throughout the wedding day made for some of the highlights of her confident bridal look.

Taylor's groom look was full of vivacious and fun energy which perfectly matched Sarah’s. He looked suave as he decided to flaunt a royal blue two-piece suit with a crisp white shirt, teamed up with a vibrantly multi-color tie and a pink rose boutonniere. Complementing his stunning groom look, Taylor wore tan brown oxford shoes, and he looked amazing as he waited for Sarah to walk the aisle.

The entire environment burst with sensational and emotional vibes as these love birds exchanged their wedding vows and stole their first kiss as newlyweds after being pronounced husband and wife by the vicar. This traditional wedding ceremony in Orlando truly gave us wedding goals and our professional couple photographers in Orlando suburbs did a fantastic job by capturing each and every precious moment as it unfolded on the day of. From the stained glasses of the church to the wooden benches where their loved ones were seated, everything came together to make outstanding backdrops for a memorable wedding photography session in Orlando suburbs. The stunning wedding cake design had plain white icing with a fantastic cake topper that said, "Mr. and Mrs. Blair" and was presented on a beautiful mahogany table.

After the wedding ceremony was over, Sarah and Taylor stole some moments alone to indulge in a couple photography session and we were definitely pleased about that. The stunning shots of these picture-perfect newlyweds ranged from them posing in front of the stunning waterfront setting as the sunshine gleamed off them, to them moving around the estate and borrowing some candid moments to strike different Pinterest-inspired poses. Starting from the cascading staircase of this breathtaking neighborhood of this wedding venue in Orlando to the couple portraits holding a sign that said "The Blairs 2020", every bit of this couple photography session in Orlando looked perfectly orchestrated. The couple posed while walking hand in hand and brought in their creative couple photography session props like big balloons. The breathtaking neighborhood acted as an amazing backdrop for this newlywed couple who were lost in love. From stealing a kiss right in the middle of the road to posing in front of the stunning architecture filled with quaint little bridges and colorful little blocks made our hearts leap with excitement and joy.

Weddings, being the deeply moving experience that they are, are different for every couple and it never gets dull, no matter how many weddings you have been to. Every duo in love comes bearing their own special story and their unique narrative, making no two weddings alike, be it in aesthetics or essence. Taylor and Sarah’s stunning wedding is wonderfully unique with happy bursts of colors and tons of personality, making them stand out in a refreshing way. From their bright and dreamy attires to the vibrant decor, to the romantic setting lent by the idyllic wedding venue. They looked stunning at this traditionally romantic setting and made it entirely their own. As they head out from the venue towards their ‘forever’, they carry with them a part of this stunning location along with a pocketful of memories, and we wish them nothing but the very best!

A wedding day is special, whether it is hosted in a backyard or sweeping manor. No matter which one you are game for, the core of the wedding day is more or less the same. Your sky will be a little bluer than any other day, your eyes will sparkle with the promise of tomorrow, and your heart will beat a little faster and when you will hold your partner’s hands and say “I do”, you will see this moment couldn’t have been made any better! Taylor and Sarah’s wedding day is aesthetic and classically gorgeous, but is made even sweeter, as they came out of a pandemic to finally be together! And that’s a different feeling altogether!

This Orlando wedding day goes on to show that this couple had an extraordinary level of fun and happy elements in their chemistry, which was so profoundly displayed in their wedding photography session. They are the kind of couple who seemed to take life as it comes without letting worries and woes get into their way. Our spirits hit closer to home as we saw Sarah and Taylor, enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest, as the muted display of sophistication amidst simple joys was deeply felt by everyone present on the wedding day.


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