Ashley & Derek’s Rustic-Chic Vows, Lehigh Valley

There’s nothing like the authentic charm of a rustic-chic wedding! Ashley and Derek brought this theme to life with thoughtful details at every turn. The Loft at Jack’s Barn in Lehigh Valley provided the perfect setting for both the ceremony and reception.

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Isabela & Ryan’s Glamorous Outdoor Affair, New York

At first glance, you might think this couple was Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, getting married in a romantic twist of the classic storyline penned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Isabela and Ryan’s outdoor wedding in New York was every bit as glamorous as Gatsby’s world - it even took place on Long Island.

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Janel & Daniel’s Rustic-Chic Vows, Atlanta

If you’re going for a rustic-chic wedding style, take a cue from Janel and Daniel. This Atlanta couple ventured out of the city and into the rustic elegance of Vinewood Plantation. Steeped in history and southern tradition, this wedding venue charmed guests with its original farmhouse, rustic horse barn and rolling green pastures.

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