Your day. Your personality. Our passion is to capture it all.

George Street started with three idea-filled, energetic artists who believed people should do what they love. Or, in other words, that nothing is worth doing unless you deeply care about it.

Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon grew up together in a small town in Indiana. It was there that they began cultivating their talent for film and photography. They had little money, no formal business training, but were full of wild ideas and a whole lot of heart. 

It was in the city of big shoulders and infinite weddings that they began to build a philosophy of service, dedication to doing what you love and impeccable quality. They were equally experienced in commercial videos and weddings, but in the end they were suckers for love. In a basement apartment on George Street, George Street Photo & Video was born.

Tim (left), Michael (middle), and Dan (right) raise a glass with photobombing lifelong friend Andy (far right).

Their obsession with quality and refreshing honesty earned them more business than they could handle. Soon they needed support...and a plan. As they interviewed potential staff, they began to see a gap in how weddings were being documented. Photographers needed to do what they do best - shoot. The rest of the job needed to be done by experts in those areas. They discovered that putting people together who were each excited about certain parts of the wedding-capturing process would make a more solid whole process. They found artists who were electric when shooting weddings, digital craftspeople whos eyes lit up when editing wedding footage, wedding consultants who were in their element while serving, and coordinators who were fanatics for systems. 

This became George Street’s model for every town they extended to: A team of people all doing what they love - working together to perfectly capture every quirk and accent of each wedding they serve.

The commitment that started in a basement on George Street over 10 years ago now defines George Street Photo & Video in over 40 different cities. Everyone who works with George Street is doing what they are both talented at and enthusiastic about. The three founders still like to tinker with retouching a photo here or shoot a home video there, but they know their talent is leading an ever-moving company that elates its customers. In the face of busy schedules, distractions, and the infinite to-do list, focus on what you love...and let us do the rest.


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