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Let’s Set the Stage of Your Dreamy Houston Wedding at Chateau Crystale

Your wedding day is that lovable occasion when you would want everything around you to look beautiful. And when we talk about the surroundings we mean a gorgeous wedding venue. The ambiance that can amp up an already beautiful bride and her celebration can be found anywhere but a Houston wedding venue that can take all the frown off her gorgeous Houston bride is Chateau Crystale and make her wedding day a cakewalk is quite tricky. But fret not we’ve got your back as we know that from your first kiss to the first dance to the wedding exit, every moment must look mesmerizing to engrave a truly memorable wedding celebration for you and your guests. And such kind of elegance awaits you at the Chateau Crystale, an epitome of French history to Houston, Texas with its Renaissance feel. Cheers! The wedding of your dreams is possible, and it starts at Chateau Crystale.

Chateau Crystale has been serving the modern couples as a Houston-based event center with its two stunning ballrooms inspired by the design from La Grande Galerie of Chateau De Versailles, France sure to lure your guests. Conveniently located at the spot where Westheimer and Gessner meet in west Houston, Chateau Crystale lets you two lose into each other amid serenity while our Houston wedding photographer features royal couple portraits amid a century of rich history. Once you reach there, the lush landscape and pretty interiors will make you feel as if you have finally found your hidden paradise to throw a lavish party as you announce your love for your partner among your friends and family. Yes, this day is iconic and must be captured without leaving any moment uncovered!

From your favorite lilies in the bridal bouquet to the hydrangeas in the wedding arch, everything at this grand event must go with your personality. It is a pure dreamy, cloud nine feel to view your wedding space decked out as gorgeously as you are, with the right combination of linens, centerpieces, music, cake, dining, and anything that comes in between! Because, it is not about the most-awaited moment when you make a royal walk to the aisle in a stunning wedding dress, the rest of the other elements are equally important to make your wedding scrumptious! And yes, you made the right decision of picking this full-fledged Houston wedding space to say your heartfelt vows and begin your newlywed life. 

You will be swept away by the decor that the venue features, from the ceiling and arches, adorned with majestic chandeliers and matching drapes. What our Houston wedding photographers can do at the best is to take advantage of these stunning elements by capturing exquisite photographs of you, your groom, and your wedding party while incorporating the picture-perfect backdrops of this hidden Houston gem. 

Chateau Crystale brings couples a spacious event facility that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The venue lets you beautifully don your wedding dress and have stunning getting-ready pictures with your girls’ squad in its wonderful bridal room. Share a glass of wine with your ‘partners in crime’, we mean your gal pals (wink!) to calm down the butterflies of your belly while they assure you that your hairdo is just perfect and you are looking gorgeous, coming straight out of a fairytale book. You are the brightest star as a lovely bride on your wedding day while your bridesmaids are killing the frame with elegance and charm! And on the other side, your perfect man is waiting for you with the excitement to have your first look. As you two lock your eyes for the first time dressed as bride and groom, our photo experts are on your side to capture all the expressions and emotions you two express or try to hide, adding gems to your Houston wedding photography. With this moment bringing countless emotions together, get ready to jump into another boat of excitement, love, and compassion- the time to say your vows, and be together forever with your first kiss!

The lovely space of Chateau Crystale boasts two grand ballrooms — Crystale and Remington, that set the scene for a magical and memorable wedding celebration in Houston. The Crystale Ballroom holds the maximum space to accommodate up to 500 guests while Remington is a smaller event space to fit up to 150 guests. Bathed in the intense beauty of elegant architecture, both these spaces come out as a blank canvas for your special day where you can use your own colors and imagination to paint them as per your wedding theme while our Houston wedding photographers save this magical scenery forever in their camera lenses. 

As the ceremony is over, it is time to add some fun to the teary-eyed faces with a unique stage to dance the night away. When you explore the exteriors, a gorgeous outdoor promenade amazes you as a perfect-fit spot for your guests to mingle or enjoy drinks at the cocktail hour. An intimate outdoor ceremony here with about 60 guests will be a retreat! It is time to recall all the playful moments you and your partner had during this journey, and needless to say, it is overwhelming that you two made it to your final destination- your wedding day! This is when love comes in, as the entire world becomes hazy and you want to remain with just one person, by crossing all the bridges. And you two did it. Whohoo! Time to celebrate with some playful dance moves and show your fun side to your loved ones. 

Hold the finger of your little flower girl to add more joy and nostalgia to the surroundings as you remember how your father would accompany you the same way when you were a little girl! Ah! those childhood days! And now is the time when your father is gonna hold your hand to take her little angel to someone who’s gonna hold her hand till eternity. As all her near and dear ones are there on this day, countless memories are going to be created today! 

Do not forget to call your gorgeous bridesmaids and groomsmen for some candid shots under the natural light and airy ambiance while using the countless amazing wedding photo opportunities. As the sun sets and the sky becomes gray, the best photo opportunity knocks at the lenses of our Houston photo experts’ cameras- for the golden hour photography, which is all set to shower magic to your wedding album with some Instagram-worthy pictures! Of course, pictures are the only thing that will remind you of this beautiful event other than memories saved in your heart. So, keep them as a precious pearl. 

With gorgeous engagement photography locations, Houston can complete your wedding photography. So whether it’s your pre-wedding photoshoot or post-wedding photo session, Houston is all ready to play a backdrop with its beautiful photogenic spots. Let’s have a quick look at a few ones:

Accept his proposal at any of these sparkling engagement spots-

Saying “I do” among your friends and family is not that much easy. It is just like you are not ready to announce it officially but want this relationship to stay alive like a fresh flower. There could be nothing more enticing than wearing that engagement ring and feel the love of your significant other at a unique place. And do you know what is the exciting part? You do not need much but a pretty secluded engagement location in Houston for your intimate celebration

Well, every couple is different and so is their way of expressing love to each other, and we understand that keeping it a private affair gives you enough scope to feel comfortable and enjoy every bit of it. Our dazzling Houston brings so many museums, parks, and gardens for the public visit that can be a couple's preference for the day. 

Here is the list of some of the must-visit engagement spots in Houston-

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum

Housed in a gorgeous art deco building, 1940 Air Terminal Museum gives you a unique location for a memorable engagement photoshoot in Houston. With a striking exterior, it adds rich levels of detail to your photographs. There are so many photo opportunities here for the couples to take a step back in time and make a bold statement inside and around the grounds. The wide variety of textures full of antiques and accents acting as exciting backdrops for some classy pictures of you and your fiance. Its timeless beauty attracts couples on a short tour to Houston and they go home with nothing but flawless surroundings in their cameras. 

Sam Houston Park

Located in the heart of downtown, the century-old 19-acre Sam Houston Park is a lovable option for your Houston engagement photography amid the magical atmosphere of historic structures and lovely landscaping. Your engagement pictures might vary as you sit by the pond or enjoy a romantic stroll on the open grassy field with your partner while the city rises behind you. Some intimate moments while walking hand-in-hand down the tree-lined pathways will remember you for many years down the lane when you will tell your friends about how he proposed to you!

If you want to make the most of this park then visit during sunset, you will for sure take home the spectacular colors spread in the ambiance full of natural beauty in the best of frames.

Hermann Park

Born and raised in Houston makes you go in love with this city and spending your most lovable days in this landscape is a little tribute to its rich history while knowing a lot more about this hidden gem from a couple’s perspective. Tied to Houston history, Hermann Park is one of the city's oldest and most-visited green properties that dates back over a century. A walk in this serene park surrounded by natural splendor gives you a cloud nine feeling. Along with lush greenery, you'll also find several sculptures, water elements, and architectural details that can enhance your couple pictures by playing a prop.

Fernland Historical Park

Another stunning engagement photography location for Houston couples,  Fernland Historical Park showcases their Texan roots with sheer elegance. Located in Montgomery, TX and a short drive from Houston, the land is punctuated by intense historical architecture and lush landscaping. For example, Crane Cabin brings back childhood memories that give an illusion as if it was built out of Lincoln Logs. The Arnold Simonton House is another piece of art boasting modern architecture including the Huron House, the epitome of a Civil War-era plantation home. 

The old-world charm of this city seems long lost when you spend some days enjoying the hustle and bustle of Houston. And what many brides gotta realize is the magic of old-world charm with modern amenities at many spots around. Apart from so many wedding spaces in Houston city or the serene spots to get engaged, the one thing that keeps the couples enticed is its refreshing ambiance at every inch. This makes it always available to take a wonderful short trip with your partner and add some moments of spark and romance to your love life. 

The Buffalo Bayou Park is a place with mutual benefits of a hotspot to explore Houston’s greenery which is also a lovely destination for your classy Houston engagement photographs. As the beautiful park hugs the north-west side of downtown, you can have fun at the lush greenery of the greenbelt while admiring the spectacular view of Houston’s skyline. The greenbelt lets you participate in several adventure activities such as the hike and bike trails, canoeing and kayaking trails, exercise stations, the Jim Mozola Memorial Disc Golf Course. And here is the cherry on the top, unique lighting of the Buffalo Bayou that makes the place look even merrier after the sun goes down. And yes, it's time for our Houston engagement photographers to grab some candid couple shots for your drawing room walls!

If you are a creative couple who loves being close to artsy elements, Art Blocks is just meant for you. A public art initiative by the Downtown District, the property strives to enliven Downtown Houston’s Main Street Square with plentiful site-specific semi-permanent and temporary art installations including other such masterpieces. 

A dreamy experience awaits you at the Bayou Place right in the heart of Houston’s renowned Theater District to offer the city's premier dining, and entertainment district. Alongside the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, the Alley Theatre, and the Wortham Theater Center, Bayou Place boasts its own flexible performance space, Revention Music Center to enlighten your senses. Likewise is The Ballroom at Bayou Place, a 15,000 square foot event center located on the 2nd Floor of Bayou Place with floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping balconies to treat you with an open-air environment. 

Choose your own backdrop to feature in your love story. Your wedding photography or other wedding-related photoshoots around this Houston wedding venue for sure would be a piece of art. With every kind of amenities that make your wedding an extravaganza, Chateau Crystale is the place where your dreams will come true! So, plan a phenomenal wedding at this spotless wedding venue and experience its romance for yourself. 

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