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White Pines Golf Club & Banquets Wedding Photos

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Dream Weddings turn into Reality only at White Pines Golf Club & Banquets, Chicago!

What are the main components of a day and night to remember? When it comes to important attributes of a wedding venue that will make your heart skip a beat, you automatically think about its location, service, amenities, and decor. White Pines Golf Club & Banquets in Bensenville, Illinois gets the maximum number of bonus points for all these important characteristics—and so much more. We can assure you that this stunning Chicago wedding venue will surely take your breath away and will leave all your wedding guests spellbound! 

A local favorite Chicago wedding venue since 1928, White Pines Golf Club & Banquets is easily situated minutes from O’Hare, and its two year-round 18 hole courses are spanning on 240 acres of beautiful and luscious green grounds just west of Chicago, giving endless photo opportunities to our Chicago wedding photographers to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos

With scenic outdoor wedding ceremony spots to the elegant and classy indoor reception hall, White Pines Golf Club & Banquets will make sure that your wedding becomes an exclusive affair! No wonder the beautifully manicured grounds and modern clubhouse amenities make this gorgeous property an ideal destination in Chicago to host the wedding you have always envisioned. White Pines is an all-encompassing, year-round experience. No matter which season you are choosing for your wedding, White Pines Golf Club & Banquets offer an array for wedding decor that will appeal to every Chicagoland bride! 

You won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for magic while you are White Pines Golf Club & Banquets. The outdoors of this alluring estate is whimsical and enchanting! It’s perfect for all those couples who are looking for a lovely and fairy tale style outdoor wedding ceremony as the outdoor ceremonies here are picture-perfect! The attractive gardens beautified by a decorative ceremony arch provide the ideal place to exchange your vows. Think of the moment when you in all sparkling white wedding dress looking nothing like an angel standing in front of the love of your life while the clear blue skies, chirping of birds, verdant greenery, lovely pond, and seasonal flowers witness your precious and grand ‘I do’ moment! This moment will be nothing less than magical! Your outdoor wedding at White Pines Golf Club & Banquet will be just like a romantic chapter from a fairytale book! The expansive gardens here set a dreamy backdrop for idyllic outdoor wedding photography! It’s the product of backyard vibes meeting fairytale whimsy! 

The outdoors of White Pines Golf Club & Banquets offers various nooks where you along with your sweetheart and bridal party can head to have some fun-candid wedding photos! The pond with its trickling waterfall and a small fountain will offer our wedding photographers in Chicago suburbs to capture heart-warming first looks before you go ahead and declare your eternal love for each other! It’s a dream come true for all our Chicago suburban wedding photographers to document a wedding in the perfect setting in the midst of a natural setting! The stunning grounds give you the perfect excuse to clear your mind and go for a relaxing walk to discover some of the most attractive ideas for gorgeous wedding photography.

We advise you to stay outdoors, till our Chicago suburbs wedding photographers snapshot some really interesting and arresting golden hour wedding photos! During the sunset, the sky will mimic the spectrum of beautiful colors shining over the waterfall and beautiful flowers creating a dramatic backdrop for your spectacular wedding photography portfolio

One of the biggest benefits of tying the knot in the outdoors of this lavish estate is the gorgeous backdrop. Immaculate lawns, flower beds, and landscaping, you can use the property’s natural beauty to your advantage! Allow our Chicago and its suburbs wedding photographers to take pictures around scenic areas of the property, scout a pretty backdrop for your ceremony, while you can keep the rest of your décor to a minimum. 

If you want to have an extraordinary outdoor wedding ceremony, then you can ditch the traditional wedding arch and plan to exchange your wedding vows on a secluded terrace at the edge of a turquoise pond with a lovely fountain and scintillating waterfall! While you announce your love for each other, allow the arresting turquoise pond to reflect your love chemistry flawlessly! While you are getting hitched let the fountain and enchanting waterfall lends a picture-perfect frame to our talented and skilled wedding photographers from Chicago and its suburban areas to document magical wedding photos

The serenity and tranquility of the garden at White Pines Golf Club & Banquets stay stunning round the year but you will be in extreme luck if you are planning a fall wedding here! As the beds of seasonal flowers blossom splendidly in the adjoining lawns, and the neighboring trees turn brilliant shades of red and gold in the fall. During the sunset hour, the sky will be filled with light romantic hues to the dark tones, that create a perfect setting for an ideal fall wedding! 

In case you don’t wanna have an indoor wedding reception, White Pines Golf Club & Banquets also have the facility where you can have your reception under the starry Chicago city skyline! You can opt for a tented pavilion that features a larger space with the room space to welcome up to 300 of your wedding guests! This tented outdoor pavilion is available during the months of May through September, so you have to hurry to book it in case you have an outdoor wedding reception on your mind! The tent is nestled on golf course grounds and offers a scenic view of the pond with its waterfall and fountain. 

A secluded patio off the west side of the tent provides the perfect spot for guests to mingle over a glass of classic champagne! This quaint patio is an ideal spot for your elegant cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres! While all your near and dear one savor the night and conversate over the cocktail, steal some moments from the gathering and go on a romantic walk on the beautiful grounds of White Pines Golf Club & Banquets. Ahh! Don’t forget to take our experienced wedding photographers from Chicago suburbs along with you to capture some fantastic romantic couple portraits

After your splendid outdoor wedding ceremony, you can take further wedding festivities indoors. With various indoor event spaces to choose from, your Chicago wedding at White Pines Golf Club & Banquets will be a memorable experience for all your guests and will surely become the talk of the town! So, let’s take you on a stroll through all the indoor event spaces, so that you can find your perfect fit to celebrate your day of love in style! 

The Ballroom

This luxurious ballroom features a sleek and airy backdrop for your wedding celebration and provides the space to welcome up to 200 of your wedding! The luxurious interiors of the ballroom featured by White Pines Golf Club & Banquets boast large floor-to-ceiling windows that will allow your guests to relish the panoramic views of the outdoors complimented with the tranquility of the pond, waterfall, and fountain while sitting inside! In this way, your guests will have the best of both worlds! Not only beautiful landscapes, but these windows also allow a wealth of natural sunlight to flood inside while illuminating every corner of the room! The warm and yellow glow of natural light flowing in effortlessly will give ample opportunity to our Chicago suburbs wedding photographers to document stunning indoor wedding photos! The tall-vaulted ceilings adorned with crystal chandeliers enhance the elegance and beauty of this ballroom! The ballroom comes with a gorgeous wrap-around balcony that provides exceptional views of the golf course and the lush, green surroundings.

The ballroom ensures plenty of space for dancing and abundant natural light that will allow for our Chicago wedding photographers to capture the highlights of your venue, as well as capture your strongest emotions. 

Pine Room

This charming little building is situated on the periphery of White Pines Golf club & Banquets, south of Third Avenue at 531S. Church Road and is best suited for a cozy and intimate wedding reception with the presence of your 80 wedding guests! The moment you will step inside the room, you will feel like you have been transported back to the old-world charm! The graceful pine finishes and a stone fireplace of this room will provide you and your guests a cozy, rustic, and chic atmosphere! The charming stone fireplace is a showstopper of this room as it lends a striking backdrop to all your wedding photographs and our wedding photographers in and around Chicago would love to click some bridal portraits against this gorgeous fireplace! 

37 Bar & Grill

The 37 Bar & Grill area is perfect for hosting your rehearsal dinner and it is a great spot for all your wedding guests who are just looking to quench their thirst. If your near and dear ones are an avid sports fan, then this is the place for them, as this place features several HDTVs. So, here your folks will be able to cherish the sports while enjoying craft beers offered on tap and by the bottle! 

Apart from beautiful event spaces, the highly experienced culinary team working at White Pines Golf Club & Banquets is committed to excellence. This amazing Chicago wedding venue takes pride in using the highest quality ingredients to prepare your wedding meal for your superior dining experience on your wedding day! 

It’s kind of hard to think of a more beautiful and carefully cultivated outdoor setting than the one you will find at the White Pines Golf Club & Banquets. This land of nature is designed to be heaven on earth as the staff working here has put their special work into creating this beautiful location as a mini nature paradise with stunning landscapes! So, it's time that you should reserve one of the finest wedding venues in Chicago and opt for our professional services to turn your special occasion into a vivid, life-long memory.

No doubt when we say that Chicago is full of beautiful places to pose for relaxed post-wedding photography or have an adorable engagement portfolio. Though it is called the Windy City for a reason, it is also incredibly lively. There is always something happening on any given weekend, so if by any chance you are planning a weekend wedding, then congratulations your Chicago wedding will be the perfect weekend getaway for all your wedding guests! From the city to the suburbs, there are lots of stunning locations that are considered as the best engagement locations in Chicago. In fact, all these locations offer phenomenal backdrops that will uplift your post-wedding photography experience. 

Michigan Avenue and Chicago River

As we know that the bulk of the river flows through downtown and into Lake Michigan, there are abundant vantage points to get a great view for incredible post-wedding photos and pre-wedding photos! Here you will experience an incredible fusion of old and new architecture with several spots to photograph the city and pose for your portraits! 

The Bean

Officially known as ‘Cloud Gate’ but called The Bean by the locals, this large public art installation is worth visiting for superb photos! One downside is that it can get very crowded so we advise you to visit this public attraction during wintertime or really early in the morning is key for good photos. Only if you don’t want to contend with all the other visitors. 

Promontory Point

Another photography spot along Lake Michigan is the Promontory Point. It is a bit out of the way but is definitely worth the trip to get stunning and beautiful sunset photos especially! There’s a bit of a view of downtown but the main appeal is that this spot juts out into the lake, providing a ton of opportunities for interesting pre-wedding photos and post-wedding photos!

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and it can be hard to even think about what comes next. But one thing that we can assure you that your wedding will inevitably come and go, and all you will be left with the golden memories and adorable wedding photos to remember the day for your entire life! That’s why it is important to have professional and skilled wedding photographers who will capture all the moments even the smallest details of your wedding day in picture-perfect frames as these photographs will be the primary way you look back and remember your wedding day! And when we talk about an excellent team of professional wedding photographers in Chicago, we only mean George Street Photo & Video. The dedicated team of wedding photographers at George Street Photo & Video will make sure that each and every moment of your big day gets documented in the best of frames, so if in case you want to put them on your living room walls, your walls speak the story! We are not only known for offering high-quality wedding photography but we are also known for providing budgeted-wedding photography packages that will surely go easy on your pockets! All you have to do is just get in touch with our wedding coordinators by scheduling an appointment and the rest will be taken care of by a team of experts and your wedding day will surely become a standout celebration in Chicago!

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