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Warwick Allerton Hotel Chicago Wedding Photos

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Fall In Love Once Again At The Historic Warwick Allerton- Chicago Wedding Venue In Downtown

It is said that it takes only one trip to Chicago to fall in love with this Illinois city. Dotted by a magnificent skyline, filled with historic neighborhoods, bustling with artistic and cultural landmarks, and brimming with hidden gems, there is something so magical about Chicago that comes to life like a dream in photographs taken in this city. From the bustling metropolis of Chicago in the north to the luscious acres of farmlands in the south, Illinois is truly one of the most diverse and interesting states in the US. 

Sparkling with an urban landscape to the plenty of down-home Midwestern charm, of the diversity of wedding venues in Chicago will truly make you believe why it is the best place to tie the knot. Starting from the excellent experience of getting invaluable insights from some of the best wedding planners in the country to getting swooned by the sheer magical vibe of urban wedding venues, it is very easy to see why Chicago couples consider getting married here and create their once-in-a-lifetime celebration. 

The first to-do in your wedding checklist is definitely going to be choosing the perfect wedding venue that can evoke life to every big and small wedding dream that you have envisioned for yourself. Every love story is unique and it deserves equivalent uniqueness when it comes to celebrating it. Filled with unique wedding venues, Chicago homes to a diverse range of wedding venues. Whether you have been looking to host a black-tie wedding affair or a classic intimate wedding, it is sure that you will find your best fit that can accommodate everything that you have ever wanted for your wedding day. 

Tucked away in one of the most famous neighborhoods, the Warwick Allerton Hotel is a landmark hotel of Downtown Chicago in Michigan Avenue. This timeless classic hotel wedding venue in Downtown Chicago 1920s features Jazz Era architecture and sophisticated contemporary style converging on the Magnificent Mile. Right from its inception in 1920, this classic wedding venue in Chicago poses as a destination where glamour and sophistication meet remarkable service and hospitality.

Also known as one of the Windy City's grandest hotels, this wedding venue is a hub for experiencing boutique accommodation that is home to 443 voguishly designed rooms, surrounded by some of the most renowned shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations of Chicago. Nestled right in the middle of Chicago's famed neighborhood of the Magnificent Mile, this historic wedding venue stands as a noteworthy landmark in the Chicago skyline for over a century. The Warwick Allerton Hotel in Chicago offers truly exceptional comfort and contemporary accommodation facilities for your most special loved ones, along with your out-of-town guest to make memories before or after your wedding day. The luxurious hotel recently renovated the traditional guestrooms and retained its original 1940s character and charm while receiving a beautiful makeover. 

One of the finest additions from the Warwick Hotels and Resorts, this classic wedding venue right at the heart of Downtown Chicago is a designated historic landmark. The brilliant architecture and design of this historic hotel feature Northern Italian Renaissance architecture, modern furnishings, and huge arched windows illuminating the entire spaces with abundant natural lighting. Making it an ideal location for wedding photography sessions in Chicago, the incredible panoramic views of the Magnificent Mile, along with many other landmarks of Downtown Chicago, this premiere hotel wedding venue is a muse for professional wedding photographers in Chicago who love to play with their camera shutters and capture glorious details of unique and historic settings.

Channeling out the timeless glamor into weddings taking place here, this landmark hotel in Chicago can host the wedding of your dreams, regardless of the type of wedding you are looking to host. The historic ballrooms dotting the Chicago skyline for nearly a hundred years, and the sweeping and unobstructed views of the Windy City, this hotel wedding venue is ready to host your wedding day with an abundance of picturesque settings posing as the backdrop for a classic Chicago wedding photography session.

With a capacity to host up to 250 guests, the gorgeous and chic ballrooms and other wedding event venues can be a classic setting for hosting weddings. Overlooking the glow of city lights during evening receptions and panoramic views of the classic neighborhood during day wedding ceremonies, your wedding album will be filled with unforgettable wedding portraits with sweeping and scenic backdrops. Let us explore the world-class wedding event spaces of the historic Warwick Allerton Hotel-Chicago wedding venue.

Tip Top Tap Ballroom

Sprawling in a 3,424 square feet area on the hotel's 23rd floor, this historic Chicago ballroom is one of the most recognized signs in Chicagoland. With a capacity of up to 325 guests, this restored Michigan Avenue ballroom features flexible seating arrangements, grand and opulent crystal chandeliers, and large windows that overlook the entire downtown Chicago and its landmarks. The panoramic and unforgettable views of the Windy City from this breathtaking ballroom setting that is filled with an abundance of natural lighting is a picturesque location for your Chicago wedding photography session. The reception-style arrangement can accommodate any kind of wedding decor as the natural palette of the walls quintessentially reflects the unobstructed lighting that comes in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Buckingham Ballroom 

The breathtaking two-story ballroom sprawling in 2200 square feet of space that is located on the third floor of the historic hotel is another scenic spot to host your wedding ceremony and reception. The sophisticated architecture blending in with the chic and urban decor, featuring a new color scheme of darker accents and gold trim that comes together with classic Chicago-style clean modern lines. The amazing makeover that these ballrooms received recently feature gorgeous chandeliers and neutral palette upholstery, that speak volumes for retaining the 1940 characters and charm. The luxury wedding reception event space features an ornate stone facade and elegant art-deco lobby with a very sophisticated atmosphere for hosting your wedding day in a grand way. Everything about this elegant wedding venue is loved by our Chicago wedding photographers ranging from the naturally illuminated spaces to the accessibility to the nearby downtown Chicago attractions for creating an amazing and unforgettable wedding album.

You can get in touch with the event coordinators and management team for planning your wedding to the details, and discuss every little element that is on your wedding checklist as the in-house wedding experts with their attention for perfection will surely plan and host an unforgettable wedding day. The dedicated team of wedding coordinators will make sure that your special day is nothing short of perfect. The full-service catering team can fulfill all your catering requirements with a full selection of premier wedding menu options, starting from rehearsal dinner food stations to versatile wedding reception menu. The availability of fully customizable wedding packages of the historic Warwick Allerton Hotel- Chicago wedding venue can fit right into your wedding budget to host amazing and epic wedding celebrations. 

Built in Italian Renaissance architecture, this historic hotel in downtown Chicago is a classic example of the lavish lifestyle of the roaring 20s. Originally known as the 'Club Hotel', the Warwick Allerton Hotel in Downtown Chicago was one of the first high rise buildings that adorned the scintillating Magnificent Mile Skyline. With a history so rich, there is no doubt that The Tip Top Tap ballroom was once considered one of the city’s most exciting after-hours spots with the addition of its penthouse bar. The sweeping views of the Chicago Skyline from the stylish rooftop bar and cocktail lounge, this iconic ballroom in Chicago has an unmatched history where once Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack would play music. Our wedding photographers in Chicago love to capture the intricate details of this historic wedding venue, that was once home to many local musicians, popular orchestras and touring bands, who used to perform for the elites of Chicago. The recent renovation continues to carry the remarkable influence of the classic era with a blend of modern sophistication.

The unmatched accessibility to nearby places in Downtown Chicago and its other suburbs, as it is nestled right at the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Huron Street, near the historic and most famous Millennium Park. The bustling city experience comes to life as The Warwick Allerton - Chicago hotel is surrounded by world-class designer stores, upscale shopping outlets, on-trend restaurants, endless dining and nightlife options, historic theaters and museums, amazing beaches, and parks, and it can lend a spectacular angle to your professional photography session in Chicago

If you haven't indulged in engagement photography yet, you can always plan a day with our professional photographers in Chicago and head out to the most popular destinations of this Illinois city to create a memorable engagement photo album. Understanding the true taste of Chicago, our talented team of engagement and wedding photographers in Chicago can bring the dramatic architecture and rich heritage to life by capturing memorable photographs. Ranging from capturing the cosmopolitan atmosphere to exploring the breathtaking metropolis’ legendary landmarks, your engagement photography session in Chicago will be filled with eclectic landscapes and dramatic elements blurring in the background like a dream. 

You can start your day by visiting The Millennium Park, which is considered to be Chicago's most favorite gathering spot, which is also home to the famous Cloud Gate sculpture which is also known as The Bean. Explore the cultural programs, free concerts exhibitions, and tours, and let our professional photographers in Chicago capture the best of you in frames. Another iconic landmark of Chicago, that is famous for golden hour photography sessions, the historic Navy Pier is a beloved spot that spans over 50 acres of gardens, shops, restaurants, and amusement parks.

With friendly faces and neighborhoods around, you will never run out of places to visit in Chicago when it comes to entertainment, relaxation, and fun. From the famous Sears Tower (Willis Tower) that was once the tallest building in the world, covered in resplendent black and aluminum glass, makes it one of the most historic photo backdrops for wedding and engagement photography in Chicago. Talking about famous places, we have to include the John Hancock Center and its observatory on the 94th floor that is simply spellbinding and breathtaking. For the museum nerds, Chicago can be a treat as it is home to the Field Museum of Natural History that features the biggest T-Rex ever discovered. The ones interested in underwater life can head to the enormous oceanarium known as the Shedd Aquarium and the ones who love to think what's above them can head to Adler Planetarium. Chicago will never disappoint the lovers of art, as the second-largest art museum in the country- The Art Institute of Chicago features an impressive collection of artworks from around the world. As we know that the city is crammed to the brim with photo opportunities for wedding photography and engagement photography in every corner, which makes it a great choice for hosting your once in a lifetime event.

For all the chic Chicago couples, who are preparing to get engaged or planning to get married, your wedding venue in Chicago doesn't get better than this historic and classic wedding venue in the Magnificent Mile. Immerse yourself in Chicago's vibrant atmosphere while getting married in the exact way you want, while our talented team of engagement and wedding photographers document your special day in a unique way and create a memorable wedding photo album for you to cherish for a lifetime. The staggering 25 story skyscraper overlooking the most popular and vibrant city of Illinois can bring all your wedding dreams to come to life. Conveniently suiting all kinds of wedding budgets and plans, George Street Photo & Video's exclusive wedding and engagement photography packages are ready to tabulate every single precious moment of your wedding day.

Warwick Allerton Hotel Chicago

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