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Loyola University Chicago Wedding Photos

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Relive your College Day Romance again on Your Wedding Day at Loyola University, Chicago!

We all know that university romance always turns out to be great and epic love stories happily ever after! All those moments spent in a university like sneaking around with your sweetheart or trying to hold each other’s hand while the professors are looking away and most interesting stealing a kiss while sitting underneath a tree and no one is watching! No wonder, university romance has its own charm! So, how about the idea of taking some leap of faith and starting the next chapter of your life with your sweetheart and exchanging your vows at your alma mater? Sweet! Isn’t it? 

Your alma mater isn’t just homes to higher learning. They are also the house of the most picturesque architecture and gardens in America, making them an ideal venue to consider for the most important day of your life! Many universities welcome their alumni and occasionally non affiliated couples to use their stunning property for tying the knot and have an amazing Chicago wedding photography experience! 

We believe that a wedding day is a perfect opportunity for a couple to tell their unique story, to give their family and friends a sense of their journey as the two love-struck couple. And when the love blossomed while you were on your graduation phase, then nothing first better than getting hitched at a university! Make your Chicago wedding and reception an unforgettable celebration for all your wedding guests by hosting it at Loyola University Chicago

Nestled in the world-class city of Chicago, Illinois, Loyola University has 3 picturesque campuses in downtown Chicago right off the Magnificent Mile (Water Tower), a few steep from gleaming Lake Michigan (Lake Shore), and a historic mansion in scenic Vernon Hills (Cuneo Mansion and Gardens). Sprinkled with endless photography opportunities, the Loyola University Chicago is a paradise for all our Chicago wedding photographers! It will be a treat for our George Street Photo & Video wedding photographers from Chicago and nearby areas to document a wedding hosted here! The team of professional wedding photographers at George Street Photo & Video has documented more than hundreds of weddings here! Our wedding professionals are experts in capturing every detail of your big day in picture-perfect frames! One thing we can assure you is that with us you will surely have endless memories in the form of beautiful wedding photos that you will relish for many more anniversaries to come! 

We want to enlighten you with the fact that George Street Photo & Video is a Chicago based wedding photography and videography company, that offers various wedding photography packages in an affordable budget! So, if you are a Chicagoland bride and looking for the best wedding photography company in Chicago then George Street Photo & Video is the answer! George Street Photo & Video is also known for offering lucrative engagement photography session packages for all the newly engaged couples, who want to have a fabulous engagement portfolio! So, if you want to book our flawless services, then all your need to do is schedule an appointment with our team of wedding professionals who will further assist you in making your Chicago wedding photography session an easy breeze!

A variety of ceremony spaces are available across the campuses highlighting different settings. So before booking any one event space, we advise you to take a tour with your darling and then select from sparkling lakefront settings, vibrant cityscape views, or lush gardens at the three campus locations featured by the stunning Loyola University. The University boasts extraordinary venues that vary in size, style, architecture, and geographical location to give you many options to select from. Based on the style and theme of your wedding, you can select one campus and have a fantastic celebration that everyone will cherish for their lifetime! Once you have selected a venue for your special day, the experienced wedding planning team at Loyola University will work with you to coordinate all celebration logistics and thus will also help you in customizing the wedding reception that you have always desired since you fell head over heels in love with your BAE! 

If you want to go all traditional style Catholic wedding, then the Madonna Della Strada Chapel is an ideal place for you both to declare your love in the presence of all your loved ones! Sitting on the edge of downtown Chicago, the Madonna Della Strada Chapel overlooking Lake Michigan lending a surreal setting for swoon-worthy wedding photography! Our skilled and talented wedding photographers from the Chicago and its suburbs believe that it’s hard to find a more beautiful location for your big day than the Madonna Della Strada Chapel on the Loyola University of Chicago campus to have magical wedding photos! The incredible architecture inside the Madonna Della Strada Chapel will blow you and your wedding guests away. Outside is just as stunning with the shimmering surface of Lake Michigan looking back at you. 

The outside views are incredible and can be an outstanding frame for some heart-warming first look photography session! Our professional team of Chicago and its suburban wedding photographers would love to capture some incredible and utterly romantic dreamy first-look photos and after the first-look photo session, they would like to capture glamorous photos of you and your bridal party by the gorgeous lake encircled with the towering trees! The sparkling lake in the background will add an extra charm and elegance to your outdoor wedding photography session

This venue is ideal for a classic Catholic wedding ceremony full of romance, grace, and breathtaking beauty. Make your special day even more special by celebrating at the gorgeous Madonna Della Strada Chapel.

After your traditional Catholic wedding at the whimsical Madonna Della Strada Chapel, you can head to Lake Shore to explore your options for an extravagant Chicago wedding reception! 

Settled along the shore of mesmerizing Lake Michigan on Chicago’s North Side, Loyola's main residential campus, Lake Shore Campus features marvelous indoor and outdoor event spaces that are available for wedding receptions. Whether you are planning for a grand wedding reception with 250 of your wedding guests or just wanted to have a small and intimate affair in the presence of your closed ones, the Lake Shore Campus has everything that will resonate with your wedding dreams! 

Follow us as we are going to take you on the virtual tour of all the event spaces featured by the Lake Shore campus so that you can find your perfect fit for the day! 

Crown Center Lobby/Patio

The Crown Center Lobby/Patio is a stunning open space that flaunts breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and holds the capacity to welcome up to 200 of your near and dear ones in an open floor plan! This place is best suited for an open style wedding reception! Nothing will be more romantic and soothing than celebrating the day of your love underneath the starry Chicago skyline! Being an open space, the Crown Center allows a wealth of natural light to lit up the entire ambiance making it more romantic and inviting for our professional wedding photographers in Chicago suburbs to capture all must-have wedding photos in fantastic frames! Just next to this space, lies an outdoor patio which is just a few steps from the lake which makes this dual indoor/outdoor event space a popular destination for reception amidst our Chicagoland brides! 

While your guests relish the celebration at the Crown Center Lobby, you can sneak out with your partner to venture into this beautiful outdoor patio! Don’t forget to take our expert Chicago suburbs wedding photographers along with you as they are the only ones who will capture the two love birds sharing some alone time in the best of frames! So, celebrate the lakeside at this contemporary venue with gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. Enjoy modern elegance in the open lobby reception area and access all night to the outdoor patio overlooking the water.

Donovan Reading Room

With the same space to welcome to up to 200 of your wedding guests, the Donovan Reading Room is a stunning and incredible place for an elegant and classy Chicago wedding reception! Roosted in the historic Cudahy Library, the Donovan Reading Room is an opulent wedding venue boasting stained glass windows that allows the natural light to pour in effortlessly and radiate the entire ambiance, giving ample space to our skilled Chicago wedding photographers to capture astonishing indoor wedding photographs! The moment your guests will step into this room they will be left in amazement! The sky-high ceilings, lighted bookcases, a unique mural, and classic Art Deco finishes will sweep them away! The room also boasts a large hardwood dance floor set up in the middle of the room, so that you and your soulmate can share some choreographed moves and spins together. During the golden hour, the room is filled with different tones of sunlight creating a magical ambiance for everyone to shake a leg while savoring every moment of the celebration. 

Donovan Reading Room is coupled with breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and a cozy outdoor patio overlooking the campus quad! Our Chicagoland brides believe that the Donovan Reading Room is one of the hidden treasures featured by Loyola University! Allow your near and dear ones to raise a toast for your day during the cocktail hour hosted on the stunning outdoor patio while everybody praises the mesmerizing views! 

McCormick Lounge 

With the room space to welcome up to 140 guests, the McCormick Lounge is situated on the first floor of Coffey Hall at Loyola University. This airy and illuminating room is recently refurbished into a multi-purpose boasting sparkling lake views that create a magical backdrop for amazing Chicago wedding photography! The floor-to-ceiling windows act as a cornerstone of this room as it not only allows the room to get flooded by the sunlight but will also give the best of both the world to all your loved ones! While cherishing the celebration inside, all your guests will be able to adore the magical views of the outer world! The modern carpeting, chic furniture, and exquisite decor will leave you in amazement! McCormick Lounge is a fully electronic room infused with a built-in sound system (to get drenched in the hip music), and a projector (in case you want to share your love journey with your loved ones). This amazing space is one of Loyola’s most sought after new venues! So, celebrate your day of love at McCormick Lounge and dance under the stars in the gleaming moonlight lake views! We can assure you that this newly renovated space will surely delight all your wedding guests! 

Mundelein Auditorium

Mundelein Auditorium is a gorgeous Art Deco style theater with a spacious elevated stage for you to narrate your unique journey to your folks! With the space to welcome up to 800 wedding guests, having your wedding reception in this place will be nothing less than an unforgettable sequence from an epic drama! The stage covered with red satin curtains makes a perfect set-up for your best friends to narrate the ultimate love story of you both in Shakespear style! The vintage decor of this room will make you feel like you have been transported to the era of historic times. The stoned glass windows, sky-high ceilings, and a balcony with seating facility make Mundelein Auditorium a classic spot featured by Loyola University! The art deco chandeliers add elegance and charm to the grandeur of this magnificent room! This luxurious room comes with an outdoor courtyard as on the east side of the building, which can be used as a pre-function space for cocktails and some amazing bridal portraits! This courtyard is encompassed by flowers and fountains offering a dramatic setting for your stunning bridal portraits

Palm Court

The tented styled Palm Court is a stunning and mesmerizing atrium event space that boasts stunning lake views and an abundance of natural light! The glass ceilings and huge windows allow the changing hues to the sky to shower its light and illuminate the setting of your celebration! The Palm Court offers an ideal setting for intimate wedding celebrations with the capacity to accommodate up to 100 guests conveniently! The classic and exquisite decor of this room will add grace to your wedding photos clicked by our professional Chicago and suburbs wedding photographers! The Palm Court is also coupled with a wrap-around outdoor terrace where all your wedding guests will be able to converse over a glass of vintage champagne. The outdoor terrace can also be a pleasant escape for you both to share some alone time together while posing for some romantic couple portraits for our professional wedding photographers in and around Chicago! 

Piper Hall

Rested on the calming shores of Lake Michigan, Piper Hall Mansion is a one-of-a-kind historic event space built in the early 1900s. The breathtaking views featured by this space is something to die for. No wonder why our Chicago and its suburbs wedding photographers are always excited to document a wedding ceremony or wedding reception held in the Piper Hall! Accented with Tiffany inspired windows, the Piper Hall creates a setting for a lavish and memorable celebration. Beautified with ravishing light fixtures, original wood flooring, and a restored interior makes Piper Hall a popular choice amongst our Chicagoland brides for hosting the wedding reception of their dreams! The arresting water views featured by this dramatic hall will make all your wedding guests fall head over heels in love with this space! The best benefit of renting this place for your Chicago wedding reception is that on your wedding day you will have access to the complete first floor, wrap-around porch, and a lovely patio overlooking Lake Michigan!

This room can also be an ideal spot in case you want to have detailed bridal portraits before you went ahead for your grand ‘I do’ moment! 

Sister Jean Schmidt Ballroom

With the room space to entertain up to 470 guests, the Sister Jean Schmidt Ballroom is one of Loyola’s largest and brand new event spaces. Located in the Damen Student Center on the second level of the Lake Shore Campus, this exotic event space is a fantastic location for a grand and lavish wedding reception! Designed in April 2013, Sister Jean Schmidt Ballroom will offer you the versatility and flexibility to customize this space as per your wedding desires! In case you want to have a small gathering in this luxurious space, then you have the facility to partition this space into two separate spaces with an air wall! The dark color palette, modern in layout and design lends a gothic setting to the surrounding!

The dark setting and golden lightning will take your indoor wedding photography experience to the next level especially when it will be clicked by our professional Chicago wedding photographers! 

As already mentioned, the Loyola University of Chicago boasts 3 campuses with various event spaces for the couples to choose from. So, now we are going to take you on the virtual tour of the 2nd campus featured by this University- Water Tower Campus

Perched near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Loyola’s Water Tower Campus offers various graceful event spaces along with the Downtown charm, stunning views, and that too within affordable and lucrative wedding packages! So, let’s just check out which event space will fit better for your wedding day!

Beane Ballroom

This historic wedding space has a different kind of charm and glory attached to it! Your wedding gathering in the Beane Ballroom will surely make your celebration the talk of the town. The vintage-styled candle chandeliers make the setting of this space surreal! The moment you will make your first appearance as the newly wedded couple, you will feel like you have been transported to the era of old-world charm! The medieval vaulted windows and floor-to-ceiling windows allow the effortless pour of natural light inside the room and lend a romantic and inviting glow to the surroundings! The ornate ceiling and rich textiles will make your wedding photos a cut above the rest. Perfectly designed for small gatherings with the capacity to welcome up to 80 wedding guests, having your wedding reception at the Beane Ballroom will raise the bars for all the soon-to-be brides for their Chicago wedding celebration! One of the greatest advantages of having your wedding celebration in this ballroom is that your wedding guests will be able to relish the gorgeous views of iconic Chicago buildings and Lake Michigan while savoring the celebration inside! 

Kasbeer Hall

Kasbeer Hall is a modern and expansive celebration space featuring floor-to-ceiling grand windows with the flow of abundant natural light! Settled on the 15th floor of the Corboy Law Center, this pleasing hall boasts great city views and is an ideal choice for an extravagant wedding reception! All your 200 wedding guests will experience the true essence of the Chicago wedding reception in this pleasant Kasbeer Hall!

Regents Hall

Positioned on the 16th and 17th floors of Lewis Towers, Regents Hall is a pleasing and modern wedding venue with arresting views of the Magnificent Mile! This contemporary multi-level event space is unique in every regard! The towering windows, a wrap-around balcony, built-in amazing sound system, and two projection screens (in case you want to show your guests how your love bloomed) make the Regents Hall an outstanding space for your Chicago wedding celebration! Featuring eye-catching views of Lake Michigan and gorgeous cityscape views, the Regents Hall is a hidden gem at Loyola University! It will be a treat for our Chicago wedding photographers’ camera lens to document a celebration happening in this superb hall!

Wintrust Hall

Wintrust Hall is a premier and brand new event space at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus. Rested on the 9th floor of the Schreiber Center and boasting a stunning open floor plan in the expansive space of 2,600 square feet. Featuring fabulous views of downtown Chicago, the Wintrust Hall will offer panoramic views to all your wedding guests who have come to witness your exchange of nuptials and further wedding festivities! Boasting a huge and impeccable glass wall, the Wintrust Hall will bring the tranquil views of outdoors inside! Lovely views of downtown Chicago in the background will give endless possibilities to our Chicago and nearby wedding photographers to capture true esthetics of the celebration in the best of frames! 

No matter which campus you choose for your wedding day, one thing is sure that your wedding at Loyola University will be a memorable celebration for all your wedding guests! So, book your tour appointment with them asap!

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