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Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding Photos

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Host Your Wedding Day Amidst Fountains And Dreams In Atlanta

You are wearing the ring on your finger and looking forward to the biggest day of your life to start your lifetime journey together with the person that means the entire world to you. While diving into wedding planning, the first step requires you to choose a perfect wedding venue that resonates with your personality and should fit in your wedding theme and decoration, along with giving your loved ones a day to remember for the rest of their lives with fond memories. Whether you know your exact day or you have a specific season on your mind, some of the key things to look for in a wedding venue else whether it will be appropriate for all season weddings, the accessibility to the wedding venue and accommodation for out of town guests flying in for the wedding. 

If you are an Atlanta bride, browsing through wedding venues, and trying to find the best fit, you are in for a treat. Somewhere over the rainbow, spreading over 30 acres of woodlands, ornamental gardens, sparkling pools, gleaming fountains, and vibrant flora belonging to every shade of the rainbow, the Atlantic Botanical Garden, located adjacent to Piedmont Park, in Midtown Atlanta can be your paradise found. It is home to endangered tropical, mountainous and desert plant ecosystems, this blissful wedding venue in Atlanta, Georgia is a dream come true destination for fitting any kind of wedding that you have been dreaming about. The flexible wedding event spaces can host a perfect black-tie formal wedding with extravagant and luxe details, or rather a casual wedding affair with intricate laidback settings for hosting your wedding in a cozy and comfortable setting.

The Atlantic Botanical Gardens was established in 1976 to develop and maintain plant collections from around the world, for the purpose of educating and conserving, research of the invaluable forest lands, and create an enjoyable environment for Atlanta residents. It is the emerald jewel in the crown of Atlanta culture, as this naturally inspiring and fun atmosphere can reconnect you to the original roots of the ecosystem and environment, and rejuvenate your senses with a tranquil and calming experience. With a guest capacity of up to 250 people, this urban oasis of Atlanta looks equally fascinating throughout all four seasons, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces for you to host your wedding activities leading up to the reception like evening cocktail parties, private dinner parties, rehearsal dinner parties, and bridal showers.

Exchange your vows in this breathtaking Midtown Atlanta wedding venue famous for its plant collections and aesthetics display of spectacular horticulture. The bright sun lights up the entire wedding outdoor space during the daytime, and the same event space lights up during evening celebrations with 1 million energy-efficient garden lights, making it a great choice for both day and night wedding functions, and equally perfect for your Atlanta wedding photography session to create an unforgettable and bright wedding album.

This vividly natural and classic wedding venue in Atlanta, Georgia is home to one of the city's most popular icons known as the Earth Goddess, the 25-foot sculpture, representing Mother Earth with her flowing locks and out-held hand spilling with water. It looks like 'Tefiti' from Disney's Moana and is one of the most photographed icons of Atlanta, along with the latest exhibit Imaginary Worlds' Alice's Wonderland, featuring many sculptures made from a variety of perennial plants known as mosaic culture depicting characters from Lewis Carroll's classic tale 'Alice in Wonderland'. Talking about wedding photography opportunities in Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the list can go on and on, starting from 9 permanent sculptures displayed throughout the garden, vibrant display off water fountains and fixtures and incredible exhibition sculptures by Dale Chihuly, the intricately preserved orchid houses, creating an inspiring environment for our Atlanta wedding photographers to play with their camera shutters and create unforgettable couple portraits.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens can be transformed into a traditional wedding venue or even a luxurious wedding destination, because of its unmatched flexibility in its wide range of wedding event spaces. Let us explore some of the wedding event spaces of the Atlanta Botanical Garden wedding venue for you to choose from and plan accordingly. 

The Trustees Garden 

With a capacity of 90 people, and accessible through the Flower Bridge from the Southern Season Garden, this tranquil garden is a hidden gem, that is surrounded by exposed red brick walls and features a white entry gate with stately columns, a European gazebo, red cobbled flooring, corner classical pavilions, balustrading winding staircases leading up to the entrance, with formal dwarf boxwoods edgings around the flower beds and Earth Goddess and the Cascades Garden as your Atlanta wedding photography backdrop.

The Longleaf Restaurant 

The full-service restaurant featuring airy space lined with floor to ceiling windows, crystal furniture, and intricate decor, overlooking the Southern Seasons Garden makes a perfect indoor event space to host your cocktail receptions and rehearsal dinners. Your wedding guests are sure to have a great time enjoying a wide variety of plant-to-plate dishes belonging to various cuisines from around the world.

Gardens In Storza Woods 

Nestling right in the middle of an old-growth forest in Atlanta, the four gardens of Storza Woods feature rustic outdoor wedding event spaces. The 4 event spaces namely Beachwood Overlook, Boardwalk Balcony, Channel Overlook, and the Glade Garden, are equally stunning and elegant weaving a fairytale vibe for our wedding photographers in Atlanta, to capture every precious moment as it happens on your wedding day. The modern twist on the classic woodland grounds, the Saffron Tower of Glade Garden features glowing neon tubing in vibrant contrast to the natural surroundings, ready to pop in your wedding album.

Fuqua Orchid Center 

Featuring a distinguished orchid collection the two distinct climate rooms namely High Elevation House and Orchid Display House of the Fuqua Orchid Center can be used to host your wedding ceremony amidst vibrant tropical and mountainous orchids from around the world. Our wedding photographers in Atlanta love the vibrant green and highly animated colors of different orchids nestling in these two climate rooms.

The Japanese Garden 

Another quintessential beauty of Atlanta Botanical Garden wedding spaces, the Japanese Garden is perfect for an intimate wedding celebration with irises and azaleas blooming during springtime, with a seating capacity of up to 20 people. The changing vibrant colors of maple leaves during the autumn season, and the evergreen plants throughout all the seasons, this ornamental garden highlights the beauty of every season throughout the year. This exquisite wedding event space was originally a part of Piedmont Park in the 1960s and remains the oldest room in the botanical garden.

The Fragrance Garden 

Nestling quietly between the Orchid Center and Fuqua Conservatory, the Fragrance Garden with a capacity of only 20 people, is perfect for celebrating your wedding in an intimate way, surrounded only by your loved ones. The outdoor event space features sweet fragrant herbs, vibrant blooming flower beds, and a quaint reflecting pond.

Alston Overlook 

With a seating capacity of up to 75 people, this outdoor wedding event space features 360-degree panoramic views of Midtown Atlanta Skyline, along with Levy Parterre and the Fuqua Conservatory. Our Atlanta wedding photographers love this gorgeous outdoor setting featuring a rustic wooden pergola, garden umbrellas, and comfortable seating arrangements, with the Atlanta Skyline, sneak peeking show the vibrant treetops of Piedmont Park.

Cascades Garden 

One of the most loved wedding spaces by Atlanta couples, this event space is tucked in one of the most tranquil and sunniest spots of the garden, with terraced waterfalls under an arbored pavilion with comfortable benches for admiring the surrounding hardy tropicals and palms. With the Earth Goddess weaving magic in the background for your Atlanta wedding photography, the sound of trickling water and the smell of fragrant blooming flowers, make for the most amazing Atlanta wedding venue with the ultimate dreamy setting with a seating capacity of up to 100 people.

Rose Garden 

Another icon of this breathtaking Atlanta wedding venue, the splendid Rose Garden with the seating capacity of up to 200 people, has managed to charm Atlanta couples and residents, along with people from all over Georgia with its unmatched elegance. This is the newest addition to the garden and the garden's most popular wedding ceremony site, featuring brightly hued rose flower beds and intricately landscaped green lawns. It is one of the sunniest spots of the garden, making it perfect for golden hour photography, and even for detailed shots of precious moments as they happen on your wedding day.

Robinson Gazebo and Skyline Garden

The dramatic skyline of Atlanta waiting to spark magic on your couple photographs, this impressive wedding event space seating capacity of 100 people, features colorful walkways flanked with vibrant flower beds, and a pavilion-style gazebo just above several terraces of lush succulent beds. Even if you do not choose this as your wedding ceremony space, you should definitely come here and let our Atlanta professional photographers click some unforgettable candid photographs during the golden hour.

Day Hall 

Perfect to host your wedding reception, this recently renovated indoor event space is perfect for a lavish banquet as well as an intimate reception with a seating capacity of up to 250 people. The muted color palette of the walls, the handcrafted lighting, the floor to ceiling windows, the hardwood flooring, and the thoughtful details is perfect to host your wedding reception in sheer elegance and style. The huge dance floor, adjacent to the Lanier Terrace, Levy Parterre, and Mediterranean-influenced Cox Courtyard, is perfect for your guests to dance around the entire night without spilling drinks. 

Mershon Hall 

Sheer beauty in all its glory, the Mershon Hall is a seamlessly integrated interior wedding event space with classical architecture and urban interior design with a seating capacity of up to 125 people. This chic indoor event space is a wonderful wedding reception area featuring natural palette wall colors, bamboo flooring, floor to ceiling windows, and elegant industrial themed lighting along with a built-in-granite credenza. The credenza is perfect to welcome your guests with your framed display pictures or artifacts that you wanted to include at your wedding. The naturally illuminated indoor event space where the huge double palladian doors seamlessly let in natural light, making it an ideal setting for our couple photographers in Atlanta to commemorate this day in their camera shutters.

Sourwood Terrace And Canopy Walk 

Perfect to host your cocktail reception and ceremony, this picturesque outdoor event space features spectacular 600-foot long Kendeda Canopy Walk, surrounded by treetops, creating wonderful views of the surrounding old-growth forest. It has a seating capacity of up to 100 people. 

Hardin Visitor Center and Conference Room 

Just steps away from the parking facility, this dramatic and transparent is a naturally lit indoor event space right at the beginning of Atlanta Botanical Garden, which is an impressive setting for intimate wedding cocktail party receptions.

Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen

Another intriguing experience at this classic wedding venue in Atlanta Midtown, with a seating capacity of up to 100 people, the outdoor kitchen is a warm atmosphere for private dinners and cocktail receptions, surrounded by delicious vegetables, fruits, and herbs gardens.

The special events team of Atlanta Botanical Garden wedding venue teamed with their natural ability and unbeatable skills to understand every detail of your wedding and making them into a reality is sure to host your wedding day in the best way possible. The hands on attitude and unmatched flexibility, of this wedding planner and expert team, can offer you a tour of the various wedding spaces before you decide to book it, along with coordinating space reservations and booking your vendors. Starting from the kind of wedding decor you want for your wedding ceremony and reception, to customizing your wedding menu with delectable dishes for a fine dining experience, the team is going to assist you with every big and small detail, so that nothing misses your wedding checklist.

Celebrate your wedding day and immortalize your precious memories by getting in touch with our professional photographers in Atlanta, who will definitely add the extra edge to your big day celebrations.

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