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Tory And Mike’s Elegant Philadelphia Wedding


When we met the couple, we could only think of a quote we had read about long ago. The quote went something like, “We march on because spring is almost in the air.” Now, the cute detail here is that we don’t know who wrote that quote. However, we have an analysis of the quote, which makes us think of it when we talk about Tory and Mike. March falls between spring and the month of love, February, which makes it a beautiful time to be in love and to have a beautiful wedding. Sure, we love spring weddings, but there was something mesmerizing about their wedding. The wedding day was adorably cute and was made of many romantic details. One of the things that we love about their wedding, is that even though they were set on throwing a wedding with minimal details, the details married together well. One look at their wedding photos, and you’ll see how beautiful they are and how minimal the wedding is, but everything not only looks wonderfully lovely but also looks absolutely stunning! For the wedding, the two had picked out all the wedding details in advance and made sure that everything went well together. Their hard work with wedding planning is very obvious.


Philadelphia is a city with many things to do and many things to see. Although the city is known for many things, one of the most prominent things that the city is known for is the Philadelphia Eagles! Apart from that, The birthplace of American Democracy, and cheesesteaks, is filled with delicious delicacies and amazing places to visit. With a bustling life and even better nightlife, this city makes you feel as though you’re a part of something bigger. The beautiful city is filled with a lot of things to do, some of those places to visit include Dilworth Plaza, Independence Hall, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Reading Terminal Market, The Philadelphia Fashion District, and much more! With so many pretty places, the couple chose an amazing wedding venue for their wedding day. For the day, the wedding venue was Renault Winery. This place is an elegant mix of lovely architecture and open spaces. One of the most notable things about this wedding venue is that it has been crafting its own wine for over 150 years. The wedding venue vendor has a few options for couples to choose from, Tory and Mike chose some of the best areas to tie the knot. The couple chose a beautiful yet classy wedding theme for the day, it was pretty white blended with black and gold. Tory and Mike had been looking forward to this day, ever since the two got engaged. For the day, these two planned all the wedding details, decided on the outfits, and decided to have a first-look photo session before the wedding ceremony. 


Our wedding photographer met the two at the wedding venue and was excited to be a part of their journey. This early spring wedding was everything we had imagined and hoped for it to be! Our Philadelphia wedding photographer did a great job of capturing the details of the wedding. Before the wedding celebrations began, Tory and Mike made their way to the wedding venue and decided to get dressed. Since the wedding ceremony was to happen in the late afternoon, the couple wanted to ensure that their wedding day looks were done properly. So before the couple decided to get ready for the day separately, they spent some time talking to our photographer. Then, Tory and Mike went their separate ways to get dressed for the day. Our photographer took some amazing getting-ready photos of the two. It was easy to see that Tory and Mike, of them, could not wait to tie the knot with each other. Their bright eyes and even brighter smiles made the getting-ready photos exceptionally beautiful. The groom and the groomsmen were quick to put on their wedding day tuxedos. The boys had decided on a simple theme of black and white. The three-piece suits had a white shirt and everything else was black. To complete their outfits, the groom and the groomsmen had some beautiful boutonnieres, which were white and brown in color. The boutonnieres added a pop of color to their outfits. As for the groom’s outfit, Mike had decided to keep his wedding look a little different than the boys. He had decided to make his wedding outfit a two-piece suit instead of a three-piece suit. Additionally, the father of the bride and the groom had the same outfit as the groomsmen. The similar outfits added a beautiful charm to the wedding look. The groom had decided to add a few touching groomsmen gifts too, which included a few of their favorite candies. Before our photographer left the boys to take some getting-ready photos of the bride and the bridesmaids, the groom posed for a photo with the candies from the gifts. Smiling, our photographer took a photo of the groom before they found the girl’s dressing room. The girls had been sitting in their dressing room, simply chatting. 


The bride-to-be and the bridesmaids were psyched and super excited for the day. With a few memories discussed and a promise of what is to come, the girls were having a great time. The bride and the bridesmaids had decided on their wedding dresses, and in a similar fashion, they even decided to keep their getting-ready dresses the same color as their wedding day outfits. The bride-to-be was dressed in a white robe, the bridesmaids were dressed in rose gold and gold robes. The girls posed for a big group photo for one of their getting-ready photos. As the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and the bride discussed how to efficiently make use of their time, our wedding photographer took some detailed photos of the room. Tory was a detail-oriented bride and it showed in her choice of how she decorated her room. The dressing room was pristine and beautiful, everything was close and easy to find. Our photographer took a photo of the bride’s wedding dress. The satin white dress was stunning. It had some pearl details, and lace details, which made the dress look absolutely beautiful. Apart from this, to match the wedding theme of the day, Tory decided to wear gold accents along with her stunning white dress. Tory’s wedding day footwear was made of gold rhinestone details. Tory had placed her shoes, the dazzling gold-themed wedding stationary, and the wedding rings in the same spot, along with a bejeweled hair clip. Then our photographer also took a photo of the beautiful bridal bouquet. Tory had decided to choose a lovely bouquet of freshly blossoming flowers in mild shades. The bouquet was a hand-tied round bouquet, which added a cutesy charm to the wedding details. The colors of the bouquet were white, mauve, peach, and lavender. The bridal bouquet looked as mesmerizing as the other details of the wedding.  


We’re firm believers in setting the tone of the wedding with your wedding stationery, and this couple aced it! One look at the wedding invitations and you could imagine what their wedding would look like. The wedding invitations were gold lettering on white paper, which was in sync with the wedding decor and theme colors. The bridesmaids decided to get dressed before Troy, they wanted to help her get dressed so that it is easier for her. While the bridesmaids were putting on their outfits for the day, the bride posed for a few solo photos. As our photographer was done taking Tory’s getting-ready photos, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor were ready. The bridesmaids’ outfits were beautiful gold dresses in satin. Then the bride-to-be was in awe looking at her best girls and was super excited to get ready. The bridesmaids quickly worked on getting the bride-to-be ready for the day. From helping Tory to get into her beautiful dress to helping her fix the train of her wedding dress, from helping her with her makeup to getting her everything she needed, the bridesmaids made sure that Tory was comfortable. For the day, Tory’s bridal hairstyle was a natural sweeping look, with a classy silver hairpin, which matched the details on the wedding dress’s sleeves. Her bridal makeup was also simple and natural. 


Just like that, Tory was all dressed up and ready, it was time for her to leave and meet her soon-to-be-husband. Mike had already reached the open space in front of the building, with his back turned to the venue’s buildings. Mike looked at his feet, waiting for his wife-to-be to make her way to him. She quietly walked up to Mike, a soft smile playing on her lips. Quickly making her way to Mike, she gently tapped his shoulder, Mike paused for a second before turning, knowing his life was about to change. And then, he turned around and took a step back. Looking at Tory, he smiled a little, Tory looked up at him, smiling softly too. Looking at these two simply lost in each other’s eyes made our hearts warm. Before the couple made their way to the outdoor wedding ceremony to finally become Mr. and Mrs. Before leaving for the wedding ceremony, the two leaned in for a cute kiss. And just like that, they walked hand in hand to the wedding ceremony venue. The wedding ceremony venue was just as beautiful as the other decor details for their wedding. The wooden wedding arbor was decorated handsomely with ribbons and flowers! For the wedding guests, the couple had chosen white chairs. The entire setting of the outdoor wedding ceremony was just perfect, befitting the classy couple. Mike took his place on the arbor with the wedding officiant. The couple had decided not to use any aisle decor ideas, but they had some corner accents. As corner accents for the wedding, they chose rustic decor ideas, which included barrels with cute arrangements of flowers and pampas grass! 


Tory’s father helped her walk down the aisle, at the end of which Mike was waiting patiently. Smiling, 

Mike took Tory’s hand and helped her take her spot. As the ceremony went on, the two smiled and stole a few glances at each other. After taking their well-written wedding vows and exchanging their wedding rings. And then the two sealed their wedding vows with a romantic kiss, and the wedding guests cheered and yelled congratulations. Then, the couple made their wedding ceremony exit, with all smiles and happiness spilling out of their eyes! As the guests took a short break before the wedding reception party could start, the couple took the time to take some photos with their loved ones. The bride and the groom rounded up their groomsmen, the bridesmaids, and the family members. First, the couple took some lovely group photos with their family. The bride and the groom also posed separately with their parents. Then, the two decided to take some photos with their groomsmen and bridesmaids. All of them pose for some beautiful photos. The bride took turns posing with some of her brightest smiles with each one of the bridesmaids. Mike, too, followed suit and posed with his groomsmen. Both of them looked as though they were on cloud nine as they posed with their close ones. Mike also posed for a few amazing solo groom photos in style. Our photographer helped him pose in the outdoor area of the venue as well as indoors with the wedding welcome signage. After that, the two posed for a few romantic photos with each other. Their eyes told a love story that words, in our opinion, cannot fathom. 


Once the two of them were done posing for a few photos, they decided to take some more photos after a while. The two held hands and slowly made their way to the reception party. The two walked into their wedding reception with a spring in their step and their arms up in the air. The wedding guests clapped and welcomed the two as they entered the wedding reception. The two took the floor for their first dance and swept it all over the dance floor. As they took the time to dance with their family, our photographer took a few wedding detail photos. The couple had carefully put together a very amazing set-up for their wedding. To ensure that the wedding guests had fun dancing, these two had put a few dancing slippers in a wicker basket, which added a beautiful rustic wedding decor detail to the wedding. Our wedding photographer also took a few photos of the tablescape and of the sweetheart table. The tables for the wedding guests had small candles and some amazing vases with a full floral arrangement. The reception table's floral decor was a little darker and looked pretty as well. For the sweetheart table, the couple had chosen a soft yet bold floral decor as well. Tory and Mike chose big vases of flowers for the table. Apart from this, the couple decided to make their pets a part of their wedding day and created signature drinks inspired by the two fur babies. For the dessert table, the couple had decided on pretty french-like details for the day! As the dance floor filled up with wedding guests to enjoy, the couple walked out to take a few more photos. The couple posed in traditionally romantic photo poses. Then the bridesmaids arrived and raised their bridesmaid bouquets for the two, Mike and Tory walked under it and our photographer captured the photo. Then the two walked around the venue taking photos in front of some of the best scenic spots. The photos they posed for on the bridge over the waterbody in the venue were perfect for social media, a wedding photo book, and looked like a calendar photo! Our photographer helped the two to pose in different areas so that they could get amazing photos


And then, the couple decided to go back inside and sit down to enjoy their wedding day. As the night went on, Mike and Tory posed for a few more wedding photos and smiled at their wedding guests. Before the night was over, the two finally decided to have their cake-cutting ceremony. Their wedding cake was a beautiful blend of colors on white. The three-tier cake looked the part of the wedding. The cake also had edible flowers. The edible flowers on the cake were similar to the flowers in Tory’s bridal bouquet. The wedding cake table was decorated simply with candles. As the couple cut the cake, surrounded by everyone they cherished, the wedding guests smiled and clapped. The couple couldn’t help but smile. And then the two made their way back to their sweetheart's table to enjoy the night. As their reception party progressed, the couple smiled and looked at their wedding guests enjoying themselves. Tory and Mike decided to make their way out before the party was over. Around the time of their wedding exit, the couple had their send-off with the guests gathering and clapping. The couple held hands and walked out as their wedding guests yelled congratulations and more for the two of them. Our wedding photographer saw the two leave the wedding venue and smiled, for they knew there was probably no other soul on this planet as happy as these two on that night.


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