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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources-January 2021


January 2021 came and brought in with it the warm rays of promises, optimistic enthusiasm, and our fingers are collectively crossed for happier times ahead! This has been in fact the most anticipated turn of the year ever, and we can't be more excited for what this year has in store for us. Isn't it funny how much a year can pack and how our lives have changed since January of last year? While we might celebrate some memories, and shun some away, saying they are the worst thing ever, in the bigger picture of our lives, everything makes sense- every loss, every disappointment, every fallback, or heartbreak. While last year has been anything but boring, we are sure you are with us when we say that we can't wait to see what adventures await us in the coming year! As we step into the new year, we are excited to continue doing these resource round-ups which brought so much joy to our lives in the trying time of 2020, and we hope it did the same for you! However, we will be moving this to a monthly series instead, bringing to you a collection of what's new and trending from the month with hopes of making this much more curated, helpful, and relevant for you! Speaking of relevance, we hope you are excited for the wedding trends awaiting us in 2021. If you are to-be-bride planning your special day in the coming year, you might want to look closely into this space every month. For the month of January, we have curated some great reads to start the year off on. Have fun!


Remember the days when a couple could plan their wedding day as per their preference after they get engaged while having complete control of whether they want a longer engagement or a shorter one? Now the normal wedding planning timelines are now thrown out for a toss, as setting the perfect wedding date is starting to demand a lot more strategic approach. While some couples are warming up to a rather long engagement, others are opting for a shorter duration of engagement and getting married quicker than usual. Read on to find out more about the changing anatomy of a wedding timeline. 


Is the Pandemic Changing Wedding Planning Timelines for Good?

via Brides

The joy of getting engaged is yours, but it is amplified when shared. After all, isn't a big part of getting married about being able to share the joys of life and love? While the current situation might restrict some of the loved ones from being present in your special moment, they can still be a part of your joy, thanks to the incredible time that we live in. If you are proposing to your special one of these days, and you know it will mean the world for them if your close friends and family can be there to share the moment, consider live streaming the moments. Read on to find all that there is to know about live streaming your wedding proposal. 


How To Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal

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Now and then we hear stories that spark up our hearts and make us emotional, and reassures us that love truly triumphs all. This is one such story. An essential worker Marleni Santana, a registered nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City elopes with her fiancée, Ezinne Okpo in a true 2020 style, and we love the vibe that this lovely couple exudes. Eloping in August after initially harboring intentions of postponing their wedding plans indefinitely, the couple came out of the year victorious, despite challenges, roadblocks, and setbacks. Read on to get the full story!


An Essential Worker's Emotional Elopement at a Stunning Brooklyn Home

via Martha Stewart


While getting lost in the “should'' and “should not”, we are always at the risk of losing our core selves. This groundbreaking, beautiful gender-fluid wedding inspiration from the Dorfold Hall promotes and celebrates gender-fluid couples, with planner & stylist My Pretties UK curating this striking and memorable modern editorial. Coaxing couples to forget the noise and make their wedding exactly what they want, the promotion is refreshing and heartwarming and is a nod to embracing your truest self and not conforming to any wedding planning and outdated societal norms that rubs you the wrong way!


Modern Gender-fluid Wedding Inspiration

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It's 2021, and new trends started emerging every day, making it an interesting and exciting time for couples who are to get married soon! With the change in the basic structure and purpose of getting married, many new trends emerged in 2020, and 2021 promises many more trends too. 2021 will be the year where quality is valued over quantity, private and intimate affairs are celebrated and purpose and intention are cherished over social traditions. Stay updated with what is in, what is last year's news, and what needs to be implemented on your wedding day by all means. From minimal to natural, from bright to neutral, everything has a place in 2021 weddings!


2021 Wedding Trends

via June Bug Weddings


Time flows fast and relentlessly, and seasons change, and while life moves on, significant days like a wedding day will always be looked back on and cherished for as long as you live! There is a reason why brides all over the world pay attention to the littlest of details when it comes to the wedding day, and nothing is compromised on. From the pleat in the skirt to the drape of the veil, everything needs to be just right, and that kind of perfection comes from extensive planning. Our delicate brides turn into the sharpest researchers when it comes to wedding planning, from tracking down a celebrity wedding gown to finding that vintage centerpiece that will complete the vibe beautifully! If you are in the wedding-planning state-of-mind, hang on, because we have some amazing resources coming up for you every month! Happy February, enjoy Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, and we will catch you at the tail end of the month!


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