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Melaine & Brandon's Wedding Day: A Romantic Winter Celebration In The City Of St. Louis!



Being in love has its own magic and charisma! Being in love with someone with whom you wish to spend your life together is something that every one of us dreams about every single day! Being in love makes everything beautiful! While you are in love, you feel empowered and feel like you can conquer anything in the world! The moment you see the love of your life you feel endless butterflies in your tummy! When you are in love, the only voice you always wish to hear is your sweetheart’s! It feels like some jingle bells happily ringing in your head! Your darling’s presence does it all! Their eyes on you and love make the whole world go blurry in the background while your loved one stays in the focus! Being in love makes every season of the year extremely beautiful! Summer, SpringFall, and Winter, no matter which season of the month it is, you are just head over heels in love with every day of your life! 


Though every season is beautiful and perfect to fall in love with, we and our professional wedding photographers believe that when it comes to weddings, winter is indeed the best season to get hitched to the love of your life! Surrounded by a white pristine blanket of snow, and announcing your love for your sweetheart is nothing but purely magical! Winter weddings and glitter always go hand in hand and they always lend a whimsical setting to capture swoon-worthy wedding photographs in the best way possible! Our team of creative and talented wedding photographers believes that winter weddings have a lot going for them! Yes, summer weddings sure are stunning but there are some downsides to consider!  Scorching heat tends to make a hot mess of a bride's carefully coiffed wedding hairstyle and even to her bridal makeup. And with a hectic itinerary packed with other summertime nuptials, some of the wedding guests might be forced to RSVP 'no' to your warm-weathered wedding celebration. Bummer, right? But with a winter wedding, you can avoid all that and get stunning and romantic snowy wedding photos, holiday-themed wedding decorations, and much more that will make your wedding guests say a ‘big yes’ to your wedding invitations! The reason we are talking so much about winter romance and why winter weddings are best is that today we are going to take you all on a romantic and chilly walk-through of a winter wedding portfolio of our lovely couple- Melaine and Brandon! 


Our lovely St. Louis couple got married in the month of February which is again a winter month and also the most romantic month of the year! This month is all about love! As far as eyes can see, there is love and only love! The same thing you will be able to witness in all their wedding photographs that are captured by our creative St. Louis wedding photographers! Being a winter bride and groom is nothing but actually the best! And our adorable couple Melaine and Brandon’s winter wedding photos are the live proof of the same! 


Melaine and Brandon’s Wedding Theme

As they decided to get married in the month of February, our couple planned to host a winter-themed wedding! Everything about their St. Louis wedding was about winter, romance, and endless smiles and laughter! From their wedding decor to Melaine’s bridesmaid’s dress to her bridal bouquet and everything in between gracefully complemented the winter season in every possible way! 


For her winter wedding, her lovely ladies choose to wear burgundy color flowing maxi dresses, whereas, on the other hand, the groomsmen squad wore royal blue suits paired with a crisp black shirt to highlight the wintry vibe in every way possible! The rustic setting of her wedding reception venue added an extra charm and elevated her overall winter wedding experience! 


For all the couples who are planning a winter wedding and are looking out for some trendy and chic inspiration, Melaine and Brandon’s St. Louis wedding portfolio definitely have a ton of them for you to get inspired! 


All the Little Details Matter

Our professional St. Louis wedding photographers have keen eyes for all the little details that matter a lot when it comes to creating a flawless wedding portfolio! Our St. Louis and suburban wedding photographers captured every minute detail of Melaine and Brandon’s wedding in the most cinematic frames! Apart from capturing stunning and glorious Melaine’s bridal portraits and Brandon’s enchanting groom portraits they did capture other shots that are also important for an ideal wedding album! Our professional and affordable photographers in St. Louis captured Melaine’s wedding dress hung on a wooden hanger before our bride slipped into it in the most swoon-worthy frames! 


After her wedding dress, our St. Louis wedding photographers creatively captured our couple’s wedding ring along with all the other wedding decor elements of their wedding reception! Looking at their wedding reception decor, it was very much clear that our groom had deep love and inclination for the game of soccer! From the wedding guests’ seating arrangement to their sweetheart table, every corner had some soccer-inspired decoration! 


For a mother seeing her little daughter getting hitched and starting the new chapter of her life is unquestionably the most beautiful yet emotional moment! And it was the same experience for Melaine’s mom too! Before she and her mother got all decked out for her big day, they took out some time and posed for some relaxed mother-daughter portraits! After capturing some fun moments of Melaine and her mother, our wedding photographers of St. Louis gracefully and creatively captured our bride’s getting ready moments! While our bride was getting ready for her big day, she had the best company to help her in attaining that chic bridal look for her special day- her mother! Melaine’s mom helped her in buttoning her dress, along with her bridal accessories and other things! Capturing these kinds of moments is always a treat for our wedding photographers as these kinds of mother-daughter pictures speak for themselves! 


On the other hand, our photographers had a great time capturing our groom getting ready! Our wedding photographers did not let go of any detail! The way our groom was fixing his bow tie to the way he was rehearsing for his wedding vows and everything in between was beautifully captured by our talented photographers in St. Louis! We just loved the way our photographer captured our groom’s iconic US flag-inspired socks! They were really very cute and adorable! 


Not to forget the chic picture of one of Melaine’s bridesmaid’s denim jackets monogrammed with “babe” on the back! That was indeed a great DIY idea chosen by our bride’s bridesmaids to show the boss lady vibe for our bride and her girl’s team! 


None of the wedding details were spared! Everything was flawlessly captured in the best of frames by our professional wedding photographers! You can check out the details of our couple’s winter wedding in the portfolio below! 


Melaine and Brandon’s St. Louis Wedding Venue

For their beautiful and memorable winter wedding, our cute couple chose St. Angela Merici as their wedding venue! Melaine and Brandon opted for a traditional indoor wedding ceremony! Their indoor wedding ceremony was very intimate and classic with just their loved ones! The interior of the St. Angela Merici church was well lit with the natural light which was pouring in effortlessly and illuminating the entire ambiance making it more romantic and inviting! With so much to capture in the great natural light, our wedding photographers in and around St. Louis had a great time documenting classic indoor wedding ceremony photos of our lovely couple Melaine and Brandon! 


Our Bride’s Stunning Winter Wedding Day Look

For her wedding day, Melaine chose a sleeveless ball gown wedding dress which made her dream of looking like a Disney princess come to life in every possible way! The deep plunging sweetheart neckline of our bride’s designer wedding dress gracefully brought her inner diva out and made her look breathtaking and sensuous at the same time! The exquisite floral applique on the bodice of Melaine’s wedding gown added a fine touch to elegance and sophistication to her strappy wedding gown! The moment our beautiful bride slipped into her wedding dress she looked nothing less than gorgeous and arresting! For her wedding day bridal hairdo, she kept her hair neatly side-parted in wavy curls and adorned them with a beautiful hair accessory! Her black mascara blushed cheeks, and light wine-colored lipstick perfectly highlighted her facial features making her look even more gorgeous! The simple and elegant necklace with a small pendant and little drop earring was the perfect choice for her bridal jewelry! Melaine completed her entire bridal look with a long floor-sweeping wedding veil which not only added drama and character to her overall look but also made her look fabulous and breathtaking when she walked down the aisle all donned up in her bridal attire along with her beautiful floral bridal bouquet! Melaine’s wedding day bridal bouquet had all the winter wedding color palettes! From maroon-colored roses to blush pink or seasonal winter florals along with some green and red accents, it was just a perfect winter bridal bouquet! In short, she looked like a princess from a fairytale story! She was indeed a dream-come-true kind of bride when she made her appearance, all donned up, shining like a diamond from head to toe! Our St. Louis and surrounding wedding photographers just can’t get their eyes from her! They captured endless bridal portraits in the best of frames!  


Our Charming Groom Look For the Day

While there was no eye in the audience that was not glued onto our lovely bride, but our groom wasn't left behind too! While our bride cherished all the undivided attention from her wedding guests and all her ladies, our groom in his alluring and handsome attire left no heart in the crowd left to skip a beat! For his wedding day groom look, Brandon wore a royal blue suit and paired it with a crisp black shirt! For his wedding day groom accessories, he chose to wear a black bow tie along with the red rose boutonniere with some green accents! His neatly parted hair and subtle look worked his charm and he got his share of attention! 


Not only our charming groom, but his handsome groomsmen color-coordinated their outfits for our couple’s winter wedding day! Brandon’s men squad also wore blue-colored suits with the same colored shirts! They all together in a frame looked just heart-throbbing! 


Finally The “I Do” Moment

Before our lovely and stunning-looking bride made her way down the aisle, she and her handsome groom posed for some heartwarming first look wedding photos! Together, they both looked a perfect match made in heaven and our wedding photographers just can’t stop adoring them! After their first look wedding photography session was over, our pretty bride posed with her daddy dearest to have some adorable and father-daughter moments to make us say “aww”, and cherish for the rest of her life! 


Finally, it was the time for the big moment when everyone was left breathless and our gorgeous bride made her way down the aisle towards the love of her life to start her happily ever after! Our St. Louis couple had a traditional indoor wedding ceremony in the presence of all their loved ones! Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they both leaned in for their first kiss which made everyone swoon! It was indeed a beautiful moment for our wedding photographers to document the love and romance of our lovely couple in the most romantic frames! 


After their wedding ceremony, our couple posed with their families to have their favorite family moments captured in the best of frames! Once that was done, our photographers documented some more bridal portraits of Melaine at her wedding ceremony location! The duo posed for some couple portraits too after their wedding ceremony! 


It’s Photography Time With the Gang

Well, everyone knows that once a couple is officially married, it’s time for that fun-filled endless wedding photography session with none other than bridesmaids and groomsmen! For our couple’s wedding, the color combination of our bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s outfits were nothing but just perfect! The maroon and royal blue colors were a perfect and classic combination for a classic winter wedding! Our bride and groom posed with lovely ladies and charming men! The pretty picture of our bride and all her bridesmaids holding their bouquet and smiling bright and wide actually had our photographer’s hearts! They all looked so pretty that anyone can fall for them! Even the groom and his dashing squad were looking damn compelling and fabulous in their color-coordinated outfit! 


As the outdoors were covered with a pristine white blanket of snow, our bride and her ladies had beautiful winter outerwear to elevate their look! For her bridal winter outwear, Melaine opted for a white denim jacket whereas her bridesmaids chose to fight the freezing cold with denim jackets! 


Our groom also had his share of fun with his groomsmen during their outdoor wedding photography session! He posed with his charming ‘best man’ in the snowy outdoors! Once they were done with their gangs, the newly married couple ventured the snow-covered outdoors and posed for some romantic couple portraits! They kissed, hugged, and shared a laugh together, which indeed gave our wedding photographers endless wedding photography opportunities! 


And The Celebration Continues

As the night was approaching, it was the time for the ultimate celebration- our couple’s wedding reception! For their wedding reception, they choose Piazza Messina as their celebration venue! This luxurious and spacious venue indeed offered a great ambiance and setting for our couple’s St. Louis wedding reception! Our couple made their grand and dramatic entry to their wedding reception and headed to the dance floor to share some romantic steps for their first dance moment! While they were immersed at the moment our wedding photographers documented various stunning pictures of our couples dancing to their selected tunes! 


After they had shared some dance moves on the dance floor, it was time for the father-daughter and mother-son dance moment! That exact moment was very special and tender for our wedding photographers to capture! We just loved the way Melaine hugged her dad so tightly! Seeing them hugging and cherishing every moment left no eye dry in the crowd! That was indeed a very emotional moment for us too! Our bride’s father had a special gift for her! The tie that he wore at her wedding reception had a cute picture of little Melaine and her dad! That was really very cute, adorable, and overwhelming too! 


As it is said that ending everything on a sweet note is the best way to start something sweet! Our couples had their cake-cutting ceremony! Their personalized three-tiered colorful wedding cake adorned with red roses, green accents, and cute little miniatures of Melaine and Brandon on the top left everyone wanting for more! Before our newly married couple made their memorable exit, Melaine had the bouquet tossing ceremony to find out who will be the next bride-to-be! 


Being in the profession of documenting weddings to create memories that last a lifetime, our belief in love and its form is getting stronger and stronger! When you are in love all you want is your happily ever after to start as soon as possible! No matter whether it’s raining outside, or it’s snowflakes showering like sparkles and confetti for your celebration, you just want the love of your life to be around you like every minute of the day! Melaine and Brandon’s winter wedding in the city of St. Louis was one of the last that left a lasting and loving impression on our hearts and minds for a quite long time!


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