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Kim & Patrick’s Houston Engagement Session at The Dunlavy


Getting engaged is indeed one of the most special and beautiful moments of a person’s life. When you are deeply, madly, and truly in love with someone, the whole world gets blurry and only the love of your life stays in focus. We can understand the feeling of you being so much in love and all you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and nothing else. Well, we clearly know this feeling because we are a team of professional and affordable wedding photographers who believe in capturing all these priceless emotions and tender moments in the best of frames and bring them to life in the form of stunning and swoon-worthy engagement photos.


When your partner pops the question, and you say yes without even taking a second and finally the ring slides onto your ring finger, your lives together become one. And from that moment all you want is to spend every moment of your every day with that other person. You feel like you want to spend forever with them, and your engagement makes that a lively and romantic reality. Being engaged to the love of your life will definitely influence the rest of your life and how your future will look. But, in a beautiful relationship of true love, all you can always expect is endless happiness, the ultimate rush of being together for the rest of your life, and lastly a life of being in love with your favorite human being in the world, your soulmate! And all these beautiful and compassionate emotions are very much highlighted in the engagement photography session of our adorable Houston couple, Kim and Patrick! 


For their beautiful and memorable engagement photoshoot session, Kim and Patrick chose the spring season. Well, if you are in love and engaged and all set to have your engagement photography session done especially in Houston, then trust us, your engagement photo shoot will be fun any time of the year in this charming city! It does not matter if it is cold in February or super-duper hot in July, our professional Houston wedding photographers will always plan and will capture outstanding engagement photos highlighting the incredible backdrops offered by this alluring city. In Houston city, every season is utterly special and has its unique look to offer! But, bookingspring engagement session in the city of Houston is surely a great way to test our potential and incredibly creative Houston wedding photographers so that you can see if you jive during the shoot before booking them for your wedding day


These days spring engagement photos are in trend for endless good reasons. While love may keep you and your sweetheart warm during the fall and winter, the upcoming spring season always holds a promise of something to look forward to! And, Kim and Patrick’s Houston engagement portfolio is all about love, hope, and the upcoming days of new promises! 


Talking about photography locations for engagement photoshoots in Houston, trust us, you will jump out of joy! There are dozens of fantastic places for your astounding Houston engagement photos. Of course, you can always pick a spot with personal meaning to you and your darling other than your residence. You can look for the spot where you two first went for your dinner date or the park where you two meet to jog every morning. But if you both are in search of a unique local spot for your unforgettable Houston engagement photos, especially if you are both loyal Houstonians with plans for memorable Houston weddings, it always makes more sense to feature one of the city’s iconic and popular locations in your engagement shoot! 


Well, our lovely couple, Kim and Patrick chose The Dunlavy as the location for their whimsical engagement photography session! Gracefully overlooking the charismatic banks of Buffalo Bayou and Lost Lake, The Dunlavy is a stunning location with quintessential vistas to offer. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, The Dunlavy is one of the best engagement photography locations in Houston city. Kim and Patrick chose to move to downtown Houston and take in the nature that perfectly surrounds The Dunlavy wedding venue, situated in Houston, Texas! 


We are absolutely over the moon while sharing Kim and Patrick’s Houston engagement photos at The Dunlavy! Our talented wedding photographers in Houston had the pleasure of capturing these two gorgeous love birds in magical frames! Indeed, Kim and Patrick were a dream to capture. The way these two love birds snuggled their noses and melted into each other throughout the day was definitely beautiful to watch and capture too! Our Houston and suburban wedding photographers had endless aww moments throughout their engagement photography session. We are in awe that they found each other and are all ready to start the next chapter of their story together because we believe that when you find your right person all you want to do is spend all your time in the world with that person! 


Just like our lovely and wide smile couple, Kim and Patrick’s engagement photo session was just like them, absolutely perfect and romantic! Their Houston engagement photoshoot began with Kim and Patrick dressing up for their shoot in the most gorgeous aesthetic ensembles! Kim wore a lovely white satin midi dress with beautiful pink and black flowers and paired it with a watermelon pink-colored belt over it. The plunging V-neckline of her dress made her look absolutely stunning and gorgeous! She wore a pair of nude heels and minimal makeup, and the jewelry was romantic and dainty! For her engagement shoot, she kept her hair open and let it flow and get ruffled with the romantic breeze of the spring season. Although Kim was looking adorably cute, Patrick looked nothing less! Patrick wore black jeans, a crisp blush pink shirt, and a gray blazer. He wore black shoes and a brown belt to complete his sharp yet romantic look. Altogether, the vibes were soft, extremely romantic, and airy, ideal for a daytime outdoor shoot. Our Houston engagement photographers did a fantastic job of capturing the glowing and radiating duo in the most flattering angles and against the lush greenery in the background, lending the outdoor photos a refreshing and whimsical tone! There was no doubt that the frames for their engagement photos were artistically and beautifully chosen by our creative wedding photographers in Houston. From the creative ring shot to the lovely kiss to the more formal portraits. From the playful twirly dancing to the fun and romantic life, Kim and Patrick’s fun and vibrant spirit came through mind-blowingly and showed them in their truest form. In short, every photo of Kim and Patrick’s engagement portfolio was unique and romantic, leaving our engagement photographers in the Houston area astounded and stuck in awe-moment! The verdant green trees in the background along with the beautiful Houston skyline and those alluring purple lavenders elevated the whole photoshoot experience for both the couples and our Houston engagement photographers! While the shimmering waterline brought in serenity, making the whole scenario more calm and composed, our energetic and enthusiastic couple flawlessly complemented the overall ambiance! 


Looking at the cheerful and happy faces of Kim and Patrick’s in the photographs will make you believe that they both had the best time of their lives posing for their fun-loving engagement photos, and yes, with our professional engagement photographers by their side! The wide and bright smile of Kim was enough to turn any gloomy day into a bright and sunny day with beautiful natural light and endless hope and positivity! 


Our Houston wedding photographers captured some long and mid-shot candid portraits of our lovely couple with the greenery in the background! As it was a springtime engagement session, seasonal blooms were a must to be captured! Kim and Patrick posed romantically amidst purple lavenders for the blissful and charming photography experience! Well, their Houston engagement photography session was definitely awe-inspiring in a romantic garden of incredible and aromatic purple lavenders. Our couple did not leave any corner of the property. They explored every corner of the location and posed against them for some stunning photos. They even took a small and romantic stroll through the trees-covered pathway. It was a great opportunity for our Houston suburbs engagement photographers to capture some close-ups of our adorable couple. They laughed, exchanged smiles, held each other's hands, gave each other a peck on their cheeks, and everything in between, gave a bucket full of opportunities to our professional wedding photographers in and around to capture pleasing and outstanding outdoor engagement photos with the best of backgrounds! Just like their bright smile, the outdoors were perfectly lit with the sparkling hues of the natural light lending a panoramic setting for incredible outdoor engagement photos! 


They also took a walk on a boardwalk bridge holding each other’s hand while the setting sun in the background lent a charismatic setting for romantic golden hour couple portraits! They even found a cozy corner near the Lost lake and stole a tender kiss, while our engagement and wedding photographers in Houston captured that oh-so-romantic and passionate moment with the verdant green backdrop! 


Amongst all their engagement photographs, there are a few of them that always captures our heart and leave us all gasping for more! Before you go ahead and fix your eyes on some photos and make them your inspiration for your upcoming engagement photoshoot, let us show you our favorite ones! 


The classic silhouette photos. The one where Patrick is lifting Kim in the air while holding her in his arms, the second one where she is kissing him while being lifted in his arm. In both the photos, the fountain in the background exactly looked like a big and natural sparkle created by mother nature. Or we say that the massive digital flower in the background seems no less than magnificent fireworks! We can assure you that these kinds of silhouettes will look stunning on the walls of your living room. Or will be the perfect opening and closing shot for your engagement photo book! Capturing Kim and Patrick in the same frame sharing a kiss was truly a must-have shot


The second favorite photo of ours is where Patrick dipped Kim in his arms for a romantic kiss! That exact photograph resonates very well with the moment from the romantic movie, ‘Kissing Booth,’ where Marco dipped Elle in his arms to kiss her away during the dance competition. Did it ring any bell? If not, then don’t stress away, you can always binge-watch it over and over with your partner on Netflix and try it out! 


And the last picture that we liked the most is that where Kim and Patrick were standing back to back and making a gun with their hands! Trust us, that photo reminds us of the iconic James Bond’s movie poster! After all, it was his signature style to get all the attention! Overall, the engagement photographers in the Houston suburbs did a fabulous job of capturing Kim and Patrick in the most flattering angles, and essentially created memories that they will carry and cherish for the rest of their lives! From the lights and crazy spring day to the elegant golden hour shoot, every frame was creatively documented with a skillful hand and an experienced flair, and the results are in front of you! Nothing but phenomenal! 


We feel extremely lucky to be in a business that allows us to witness so many unique and beautiful love stories along the way, and while every love story is heartwarming and wonderful, there are some which impress us in a way others could not! And Kim and Patrick’s engagement photography session was one of them. It was just plain and pretty and full of amazing vibes. And we are so delighted to be a part of this day with these two lovelies! From cliche poses to utterly adorable and romantic photos, Kim and Patrick’s Houston engagement portfolio has a variety of colors and shades just like the rainbow of beautiful colors and romance!


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