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Engagement Romantic Modern Outdoor City

Katie and Troy’s Classic Engagement with a Promise of a Timeless Future


In modern consumerism related to our everyday lives, it is easy to forget how it takes little things to make us happy. We rarely want a passionately written sonnet, boombox in the front yard, or a balloon ride from our loved ones but rather we want their quiet presence in our lives and that suffices in most cases. Something about this engagement shoot lets us appreciate the love and its simplest form. 


Katie and Troy’s engagement photo session eases us with a sense of easy-going love, simple yet romantic panoramic sights, and a lingering feel-good feeling! This simple, clean and heartwarming photo session will not only bring a smile to your lips but will also let you appreciate the aesthetic agreement of colors and scenery of the same which almost comes as an afterthought. 


To start with, this Dallas couple seems to be completely submerged in each other’s company and the love in the air is obvious. They sure brought in their A-game for their engagement photoshoot and looked ever-so-gorgeous! Katie wore a maxi dress in a shade of evergreen which brought in a refreshing vibe to the photoshoot. With twin strapped sleeves, a long flowy silhouette with side slits was perfect for the occasion. The tan block heels added height while being adequately comfortable for long hours in the outdoors. Katie’s chocolate brown hair was left in soft undone waves and simple earrings and minimal make-up completed the ensemble to give her an elegant yet earthy look! Troy looked dashing as he knows you can never go wrong with basics! His white shirt and gray trousers looked like a combination made in heaven and his black dress shoes and a million-dollar smile completed the look


The Dallas engagement photographer did a stellar job capturing the lovebirds and every frame looked nothing less than perfect. The pictures in the waterfront where the engaged couple sat on the picnic blanket and took some cozy shots are our favorite. The black and white of the throw blanket broke out the monotony of color and brought in an element of interest to the frame. With the green carpet of grass laid out under their feet and the calm sheet of water laid out ahead, there was magic to the setting which surely translated to the photograph well! 


The location had some gems in the name of the scenery. We also love the shots taken with the interesting plant with bright red leaves. Talk about adding life to the pictures. The searing red of the leaves added dimension and depth to the pictures, as the love-struck couple posed! The engagement photographer tried several different locations around the location and each frame was prettier than the last!  


We love the photos clicked by the dock and can't say enough good things about them. The sepia-tinted setting, the sun melting in the background, and the water gleaming golden, everything does their part and adds to the romance of the frame. The raw weather-beaten wooden boards, the magic of the water ahead, and a couple deeply in love with each other, there is not much that our photographer needed to complete the shots. They sure used the area to the max as they took some standing shots and some captures featuring the picnic blanket and love where they just dangled their legs as they sat on the edge of the dock. The boats in the background and the picturesque setting added gems to the engagement album. 


There was no bold colors, optical stunts, theatrics, and dramatic silhouette in this shoot. This was a heartwarming engagement shoot which had no big ask. All they wanted is that their unique blend of love is captured delicately within the frames, and that's exactly how this shoot was handled. There is a classic and timeless appeal to this couple which leaves an impact on one's mind, and we wish them a great wedding ahead! Something tells that this is a couple who has endless Sunday mornings and sunsets by a porch with their names on it! 


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