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John and Alexandra’s Sandy Engagement Session, Orlando


John and Alexandra’s beachy engagement session is giving us summer goals! The couple took to Cocoa Beach in Orlando for their breezy engagement session. The quintessential beach town plays host to many glittering sandy beaches and scenic views that would make anyone swoon over. 

The couple had their playful engagement session up against the pristine sand and the beautiful changing skyline. The two got a little adventurous as they experimented with different poses against the Space Coast.

We absolutely adore the casual look sported by John, in his plain white button-up and rolled-up tan pants. Alexandra took our breath away with her golden yellow and blue patterned flowy dress and relaxed beach waves. She exuded charm and sophistication while frolicking around in the foamy waves. 

We think the most striking and breathtaking element of their romantic engagement session was the changing sky. As a storm cloud rolled in, the sky changed from a deep grey to a beautiful sunset later on in the session. We loved how their engagement photographer captured the moment perfectly, just as the couple waded in the water.

We especially loved the shots that featured John and Alexandra sitting in the water while the waves crashed around them, their drenched hair and clothes created an authentic and romantic feeling. The shoot was perfect for couples looking for a romantic engagement or wedding shoot and the wedding photographer did it such justice!

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