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Top 4 Essential Wedding Day Tips For Every Bride!


After months of dreaming and planning, your big day is finally here, and your photographer is excited to capture the day for you! This is the day you will treasure forever and look back on fondly for decades to come, so it's important that your photographer only has one thing on their mind: capturing your day! Highlighted below are some tips to make sure everything else is delegated and well taken care of so that your photographer is free to capture your special day without worrying about anything else!

  • The Art of Delegation! Appoint a bridesmaid or trusted family member to make sure that you are looking flawless for each photo. Equip them with an emergency kit of beauty essentials–bobby pins, chapstick, lipstick, hairspray, oil blotting pads, pocket mirrors, etc. Assign them to do a quick check every few minutes during your portraits to ensure that your dress and veil are properly situated. This allows your photographer to focus on capturing each moment, and your wedding day look holds up throughout the day. 

  • Curate a Shotlist Before your wedding, create a shotlist of your can’t-miss photos through our online portal. Discuss these with your photographer during your pre-wedding phone call on the week of the wedding to stress their importance. Assign a bridesmaid or a family member who can ensure all your wedding moments are captured smoothly, and each group is corralled so your photographer can efficiently work through your must-have group shots. 

  • Know and Communicate What is Important Clear communication with your vendors about what matters most to you ensures everyone is on the same page. Whether it's that dreamy first dance under fairy lights, or a cherished photo with your mom, being clear about your expectations helps create a harmonious event.

  • Refer to The Day-of Timeline Using our portal to create a day-of timeline a few weeks before your big day is crucial to helping things run smoothly on the wedding day. By mapping out every detail from start to finish, you ensure that all vendors are on the same page, minimizing any potential hiccups on the big day. Consider enlisting the help of a day-of coordinator or a trusted friend to oversee the timeline and ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself! As your dream wedding day unfolds, the goal is to minimize the last-minute stressors and maximize moments that you will cherish forever. Whether it is planning ahead for the shot list, or entrusting a dear one to help your photographer get those group shots, having these details figured out ahead of time will not only lead to a happy and stress-free bride but also a wedding photographer who isn’t distracted and gets those amazing shots for you!


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