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A Cat Lover’s Wedding Guide To Make Your Heart Purr!


Unite, all the cat-loving couples in the world, because this one is for you! From taking up your bed and couches to staying in your head rent-free day in and day out, cat wedding inspirations are everything that we are living for right now. We might not see cats as often as ring bearers or maids of honor but will love our homebody as much as we love our other pets. We love our paw-parents as much as we love their furry kids. And our love for pets goes beyond our capability to express especially when it comes to honoring pets in big day details!


Even though the world is divided between dog people and cat people, we love both of them equally and our previous pet wedding inspirations are testament to this love. While dogs are more extroverted personalities and people love dog wedding ideas, we love our quiet and equally adorable feline buddies and adore creative cat wedding ideas. And just like other pet wedding inspirations, we squeal over the tiny toe-beans and adorable cheeks every time we come across incredible cat-inspired wedding details. The finicky, fluffy, whiskery, moody, and velvety creatures are the center of your lives and why not make them a part of your big day? In this article, we are crushing over the cuteness of cats in several cat-themed wedding ideas- from cat wedding details featuring in incredible wedding cakes to honoring pet cats who live in the couple in spirits, these cat-themed wedding inspirations are a little bit of everything for a purrfect celebration.


Our favorite ways to include cats in weddings:


Walk down the aisle with your cat
Now, before you get too excited about the prospect of a cat ring bearer, listen to us out. The ability of your cat to attend your wedding is highly dependent on a variety of factors, including the location of your wedding, the wedding venue’s pet rules, and, of course, your cat! Although dogs are the most common pets which are brought to weddings- from dog ring bearers to pups of honor, we have also seen couples bring their horses, goats, and rabbits! Your cat is your furry buddy who has been there for you through all of life's ups and downs. Why not have your pet walk you down the aisle, too?


Cat wedding photo ideas
Have a real wedding photoshoot with your cat or make him pose next to your wedding gown for a still-life shot that's too cute for words. Inviting your cat to the bride's getting ready suite is another adorable idea where you can make him pose with the bridesmaid squad for the standard "bridesmaids on a bed" photo with him in the middle to get the cutest pet-inspired wedding photo update. Have fun with your little one along with your team of bridesmaids or groomsmen and let your wedding photographer capture incredible cat wedding portraits. If your cat cannot make it to your wedding, you can incorporate photos of him in some statement-making wedding details. Incorporating adorable photos of your cat into the big wedding details can tell your story whether it is a cute display of polaroids or photos from your pet engagement shoot dotting the entire reception hall along with other wedding décor ideas.


Pet-inspired wedding stationery 
One of the most popular ways to include your fur baby in the wedding day details is to send out cat-inspired wedding invites as a hint to the big wedding day theme. Cat-themed wedding invites can set the tone for your pet-inspired wedding day along with several other pet-inspired wedding stationery ideas. There are incredible ideas for making your cat the star on your wedding day through the medium of stationery. For instance, when you are planning your reception tablescape and centerpiece ideas, schedule a mini picture shoot of your pet for your escort cards and hire an illustrator to include their fuzzy faces into the place cards. You can also print an illustration on menus, signage, napkins, or brown paper bags to send out wedding favors or if you are having a sweet dessert table. Also decorating take-home bags with custom stickers featuring your pet's face is another cute idea.


Mention them in the wedding ceremony 
This idea is particularly great for couples who want to honor pets who have already passed away or couldn't make it to the wedding for any other reason. The inspiration behind pet honoring wedding ideas is to include them in the ceremony, either in your vows or by dedicating a special animal-themed poem to them. You could also reserve a front-row ticket for them with a framed portrait while planning your ceremony seating arrangements, so they will be there in spirit!


Cat wedding favors
If you are having a summer wedding, you can hand out cat-themed water bottles and ensure your guests stay hydrated during your outdoor ceremony. Passing around water bottles during your wedding ceremony with a picture of your furry friend on them can be a great summer wedding idea that involves your pet. Similarly handing out koozies with illustrations of your beloved cat as a seasonal winter wedding favor idea can be great for cold-weather weddings.


Make a cardboard cutout
Make a life-size cardboard cutout of your cat and bring it to your wedding day as a way to honor your pet's presence on your big day. The fact that your cat will be allowed to appear in your wedding photographs with the help of a life-size cardboard cutout is one of our favorite aspects of this option. Many online sellers offer custom cutouts along with several local printers who might be able to help you out as well. Similarly, if you own a cat, a large cardboard cut-out of your cat's face is a must-have in your photo booth props arsenal. This way, your furry friend can photobomb all of your guests' wedding photos.


Have a pet sitter bring your cat to the wedding for a brief visit 
If your cat cannot attend your wedding for one of the many reasons, hire a certified pet sitter for your wedding or somebody who is willing to travel with you and is good with your pet. You can ask him or her to bring your baby to the wedding just before the wedding ceremony or to click a few pictures before the wedding reception. This option is great for couples who cannot imagine their big day without the little ones by their side. You will still need to check with your wedding venue do's and don'ts and enquire if they will allow your pet within their premises. This way your cat will be in good hands as you get married and also they can take part in the day and appear in a few wedding photos without being a hindrance in the wedding day celebration.


Cat wedding cake ideas 
We can't say no to a pet wedding cake topper idea, especially if it's a miniature version of your favorite cat. You can include illustrations of your beloved cat by asking your baker to include him in the icing of your wedding cake or include a cat wedding cake topper made out of clay or wood. We have also seen several incredible themed wedding cake designs with cats crawling up the tiers or peering out from beneath the icing. One can also have their entire wedding cake carved out in the shape of their beloved fur baby. Even a simple single-tiered wedding cake can be turned into a statement by including a hidden surprise- the replica of your cat peeking out from beneath the bottom layer. Again a cake topper with your pet's seal of approval is a definite crowd-pleaser and so is a family-inspired wedding cake topper featuring wooden figurines of the couple with their beloved cat.


Make a charity donation to a pet shelter 
One of the sweetest pet wedding ideas for animal-loving couples is to make a charity donation to a center that works for rescuing and rehoming stray animals. This lovely sentimental wedding idea will need you to make a donation for your chosen animal rescue and charity home in honor of your fluffy companion and then find a cute way to let your guests know about it. Many animal charity homes are going to print wedding cards and other stationery for you using a photo or the name of your pet which you can leave on the tables or send out to your wedding guests. The idea of donating to an animal rescue program or shelter home before your wedding day can also be an amazing alternative to traditional wedding favor ideas as a gesture of giving back to the community.


Paying homage with a pet-themed wedding décor 
With pet-themed wedding décor, you can be as subtle or as extravagant as you want, especially if you are into incredible DIY wedding ideas and aesthetics! We have seen everything from cow reception table centerpieces to rabbit-shaped candles. Hence this is one area where you can let your imagination go wild! You can use cats as inspiration for table names if you only have a few tables (or a lot of pets), and we adore the concept of a cat-themed photo booth! From including a cat-inspired beverage to the idea of naming a wedding signature cocktail after your pet, there are many inspirational details for your precious furball to be included on their parents' wedding day. You can also display many cat-themed figurines as table numbers draped with your choice of wedding blooms. Another easy way to incorporate your cat into your wedding is to use the pictures of your furbaby as table numbers and design a seating chart by drawing them on separate pieces of paper. From a graphic black and white cat wedding menu to kitten-inspired wedding trinkets that were used as groomsmen boutonniere, we love how couples get creative by including their beloved cats in their wedding celebrations.


Wearing cat-inspired accessories
You could honor your cat with some special cufflinks if you want to keep your pet close on your wedding day. A photo can be customized with cufflinks from some online customizing shops, but a paw print or illustration showing your cat's breed might be just as cute! Brides can get a similar effect by tying a charm to their bouquet with a photo of their pet, and we think both of these ideas would make wonderful wedding gifts for your soon-to-be spouse!


It's a general rule of life that cats make everything better! Cat wedding details and ideas are one of the most searched things on the internet. Adorable cats and kittens are not only cuddle monsters, but also asteroids of cuteness and gorgeousness. The above-mentioned adorable cat-themed wedding ideas include everything from stylish kitten wedding displays to unique cat-inspired concepts and personal touches which you can incorporate into your big day details by talking to your wedding vendors beforehand. If you do not want to take the bold way of wearing a cat-themed wedding dress, then go for tiny and memorable touches that remind everyone how much you love your feline partner. From using cat-puns in your wedding signs and putting up balls of yarn as reception centerpieces to using kitten-inspired cake toppers and chic wedding stationery with cat illustrations, the world is your oyster when you get creative! The compilation of the above pet wedding inspirations is amazing to incorporate your beloved four-legged BFF into the wedding celebrations and make them a part of their parents' biggest day by playing a special role.


While considering these pet-inspired wedding ideas, just take into account whether or not your wedding venue will allow your pet on its premises and after taking your pet's personality into account. A few practice rounds before bringing your furry companion for the "I dos" and reception festivities can also prepare him for the big day. For instance, if your cat is going to walk you down the aisle along with your bridesmaids or stand with your team of groomsmen, make sure your wedding party is equally comfortable with him by their side. You can even dress up your cat for the big day- like a matching bow tie with the groomsmen or a little dress that matches the adorable flower girl. No matter which route you take, cat wedding themes are bound to be adorable.


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