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A Beautiful Winter Engagement Session Filled With Love, Romance, & Snow in the City of Chicago!


Let’s face it! With unpredictable weather, frigid temperatures, and endless corporate parties, planning a winter wedding is indeed a challenge for all the soon-to-be-married couples! It is, however, the best and the most romantic season for engagement photos! Imagine the gorgeous snowflakes falling like confetti, all the fun Christmas lights, secluded ice rinks, and the cozy flannels. Do we need to say anything more about the natural setting offered by this gorgeous time of the year? There is nothing more romantic and magical than having your engagement photo shoot in the snow! So, why not embrace the classic winter wonderland when planning your engagement photography session


Winter engagement photography sessions are more than just romance! They are filled with endless unique and enchanting photography opportunities that our professional engagement photographers can’t overlook at any cost! It is always a treat for our wedding photographers to document a couple’s romantic engagement portrait session, especially during the winter months when everything is covered in white glowing snow! All the newly engaged couples don’t have to think much when they are planning a professional engagement portrait session with our creative wedding and engagement photographers by their side! All they have to think about is woolly scarves, hot chocolates, warm fireplaces, and snow falling outside, and the greatest romantic phenomenon of a winter proposal


There is no denying the fact that the winter season also brings the festive seasons and the festive vibes with it! Where friends, family, and love are being celebrated in every corner of the world! It has been observed that every December about tens of thousands of tiny and expensive ring boxes are placed under the Christmas tree every year! The Winter season is indeed the time when everyone gets together with their extended circle, making it a perfect time to warm their hearts, no matter how cold it’s getting on the outside, with a romantic proposal! While the weather outside may be frightful at times, there is no denying that there is something delicate and unique in the wintertime air that fills us with endless romance! From long and romantic country walks to cities lit up with shimmering Christmas lights, winter is definitely the time for taking in a little magic, which is precisely what drives and encourages so many newly engaged couples to plan their winter engagement photography session by hiring our professional and talented wedding photographers


Cold December days make for an unforgettable engagement portrait session! Remember that romantic scene from Love Actually when Juliet (Keira Knightly) is surprised by her husband’s friend, Mark, (Andrew Lincoln) who confesses his secret love for her with handwritten messages? Take your cue from endless famous Christmas rom coms or go on a deep dive into Pinterest and you will see endless winter engagement posing ideas for your engagement portfolio


Everything about the winter engagement session is just adorable and extremely romantic! It does not get more romantic than staying warm together under a cozy and soft blanket, sharing a cup of hot chocolate together (or coffee if you are two coffee-addicted people), and cuddling close to keep warm in the cold temperatures! Many couples prefer an indoor winter engagement session, whereas there are couples who always prefer a classic snowy outdoor backdrop for their winter engagement photography session! An outdoor engagement session does offer so much fun to our wedding photographers to capture in the best of frames! Couples can have fun with snowball fights, or just have a romantic walk hand in hand through the trees together, or just prefer to snuggle to keep warm! Winter engagement photos are sure to bring laughter to any couple who is planning to create wonderful photos with their darlings and sweethearts! 


So, coming back to winter engagement portfolios! Now that you are engaged with the love of your life, and starting to plan your professional engagement portraits session. The question that might be popping in your head, is where to begin? Chicago, affectionately known as the Windy City offers unlimited possibilities for your winter engagement photography session, and we are here to help you! Being in the profession of capturing love and romance in every form and in every season, our team of professional Chicago engagement and wedding photographers adore winter engagement sessions for so many reasons! It might be damn chilly in Chicago during the winter months but, oh my goodness, all the newly engaged couples always end up with some seriously amazing and incredibly romantic engagement photos with our Chicago wedding photographers! We can go on and on about how great wintery engagement photography sessions are but let us keep it short and sweet with this lovely blog post of Rebecca and Dan who decided to have a winter engagement photography session at Blackwell Forest Preserve, in Chicago! We all know that winters in Chicago are nothing but are all about the pristine white blanket of snow covering almost every corner of the city! And yes, let’s not forget those unexpected snowflakes falling on their sparklers and adding an extra layer of charisma and drama to a winter engagement photography session! We can assure you that romance and love are sure to reflect through Rebecca and Dan Chicago’s engagement portfolio! By looking at their engagement photos we can assure you that you will say nothing except that their winter engagement session did turn up the heat with the romance factor! 


Rebecca and Dan’s winter engagement photography session at the Blackwell Forest Preserve was so much fun to capture! Looking at their pictures anyone can easily tell that they both did a marvelous job in front of the camera! They just nailed every pose! They were up for every goofy and romantic idea and our professional Chicago wedding photographers have tons of ideas of their own which did wonders to their winter engagement portrait session!  There was no question, our Chicago and suburban photographers did have a blast running around Blackwell Forest Preserve and capturing our newly engaged couples in the most dramatic frames! 


Their Engagement Location

Blackwell Forest Preserve is a stunning engagement location in Chicago. Featuring rolling hilly terrains, panoramic forested acres, and rippling water reserves of this location can elevate any couple’s Chicago engagement photography experience! Well, this beautiful and quaint place is the perfect retreat for nature-loving couples if you are planning a spring, summer, or fall engagement photography session! 


But, if you are also planning a classic winter engagement session just like our newly-engaged Chicago couple, Rebecca and Dan, then this is one of the most romantic places in Chicago for your engagement photography session! While spring and summer offer endless seasonal colors and blooms that can make a photography experience really incredible, a pristine white blanket of snow in the background will step up your winter engagement photography game at the Blackwell Forest Preserve! Every inch of this place is covered with white sparkling snow, including the freezing water reserve in the background lending a charismatic setting for incredible romantic winter engagement portraits! 


Rebecca’s Outfit for the Day

Our soon-to-be bride kept her engagement portrait look very casual! For her winter engagement session, she chose to wear a plain white top with blue denim! For her winter outerwear, she opted for a dark wine-colored zipper jacket, so that she can look stunning and stay warm and cozy throughout the photography session! Her ankle-length boots were a perfect fit to walk over the carpet of snow! She kept her blonde hair open and side-parted. Her minimal make-up look did wonders to her! And lastly, her bright and beautiful smile, which indeed was the center of attention, really caught our Chicago and suburban wedding photographers’ attention every time she smiles in front of the camera! 


Dan’s Winter Engagement Look

While Rebecca looked so pretty and lovely in her simple and elegant winter attire, Dan looked nothing but handsome and charming! He rocked his winter day engagement look with a full-sleeved blue colored T-shirt and paired it with blue denim and paired it with dark brown shoes, which were comfy for his romantic snow stroll with the love of his life! His neatly parted hair and stubble look was something that can make any girl fall for him in a blink of an eye! And through their engagement portraits, we can see how Dan’s romantic magic perfectly worked on Rebecca and made her fall in love with him! 


Rebecca & Dan’s Snow-Filled Engagement Photography Session

“Love is in the air” is the phrase that we all have heard and even witnessed once in a while in our lifetime! But, this romantic engagement portrait session was all about love in and around the snow! Rebecca and Dan did not leave any stone unturned in posing in a setting that is covered with snow with our professional Chicago engagement photographers! Their laughter, romance, kisses, holding hand moments, romantic strolls, and everything in between were gracefully and flawlessly captured by our Chicago and surrounding wedding photographers in swoon-worthy and magical frames! 


With the snowflakes falling like sparkles and confetti, our engagement photographers in and around Chicago had a great time capturing the romance between our lovely couple in the best of frames! 


Well, their white winter engagement photography session did have some green tones too! A blanket of snow and green setting of beautiful towering trees in the background added more character and drama to their winter Chicago engagement photography session! 


Some of Our Favorite Shots From Rebecca and Dan’s Winter Engagement Portraits

The very first photograph that has our hearts is the one where our lovely couple- Rebecca and Dan were standing over a wooden bridge which was covered in the snow and the frozen lake in the background was an ideal backdrop for their cute and romantic engagement portraits! The way Dan kissed Rebecca on her cheeks and while the snowflakes were acting like the confetti elevating their romance, indeed created a magical moment for our wedding photographers in Chicago to capture mind-blowing couple portraits in the best of frames! 


The second photo that we think can be an ideal engagement cover portrait for their engagement album is the one where Rebecca and Dan stood close to each other with their heads together on the soft and white blanket of snow. The dried season shrubs and white snow created the best frame for their romantic couple portraits! It was all white as far as eyes can see at Blackwell Forest Preserve!


We even loved the photograph where our couple was on a romantic stroll and were so lost in each other that all they could see was their bright and gleaming smiles and their endless love and passion for each other! It was indeed one of the romantic moments for our engagement photographers in and around the Chicago area to snapshot in the most cinematic frames!


That instant picture where Rebecca and Dan stole a kiss amidst the snowfall with some greenery in the background was a picture-perfect moment for our photographers to capture! 


The picture of Rebecca twirling around Dan in a setting that is covered with snow with a frozen lake in the background gave us a Switzerland vibe! It is being said that Switzerland is the most romantic destination for all the head over heels love couples and this kind of setting offered by the Blackwell Forest Reserve was nothing but exotic, romantic, and incredibly intimate! 


The moment when Dan kissed Rebecca on her forehead literally left us all in aww-ment! It was really an intimate and incredible moment for our photographers to capture in the lovely frames! 


Every photo from Rebecca and Dan’s winter engagement photography session was filled with love, romance, and yes, of course, snow! The cute and adorable picture of Dan lifting Rebecca in his arms on the white blanket of snow looked like nothing but the poster of a romantic winter movie! 


The last picture of their engagement portfolio, where they both faced the frozen water and it was all white as far as our photographer’s camera can see, was indeed one of the best signing-off pictures for an engagement portrait session! 


Being in the business of capturing and adoring romance and love in its every form, documenting a newly engaged couple is always bliss for our wedding photographers! The journey from engagement to wedding day at times is quite long, and a prior engagement session always creates a comfortable bond between the couples and our professional wedding photographers! The level of comfort and easiness that Rebecca and Dan shared with our photographers is clearly highlighted in all their engagement photos! Their winter engagement photography session was one of the best engagement sessions for our Chicago wedding photographers to capture as it was full of love and snow! If you are also planning a winter engagement shoot, get your inspiration from Dan and Rebecca!


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