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2022 Spring Bridal dress Trends


If you're a 2022 bride, there's a strong possibility you were a 2021 bride at one time but opted to postpone your wedding because of the pandemic. This might be annoying, but the extra time you now have to organize your big day allows you to rethink what you want to wear for the occasion. Perhaps you were engaged while in quarantine, and your wedding is the light at the end of the tunnel; an adventure you can't wait to embark on- in a stunning gown bursting at the seams with tiers that embodies all the elegance you've been hiding.


Wedding dress designers from across the world show their current bridal collections to the media and bridal salon buyers twice a year, during the autumn and spring seasons, to select which styles they'll offer in their stores. With the current wedding boom, there are dozens of new wedding gown trends for 2022, and we've got the scoop. Couture companies and bridal ateliers have been hard at work figuring out creative methods to make and display their latest designs safely, and we think these wedding gowns will offer you much to look forward to on your big day. If you're planning to marry in 2022, now is the time to start looking for your wedding gown.


Our Favourite Spring Bridal Dress Trends For 2022:


Wedding dresses with floral motifs


Floral wedding dresses in the springtime? It's a no-brainer! You know how the saying goes, right? Floral bridal designs are going to reign the spring season, and we think this style is incredibly stunning. Wedding dress designers like Markarian came up with dramatic and stunning mini wedding dresses with three-dimensional floral appliqués and wedding gowns with florals, sequins, and beading are being presented in the bridal designer line Alyne by Rita Vinieris and Marchesa. Colorful motifs, particularly floral prints and statement-making flower embellishments, are a top wedding dress trend for 2022. These botanical-inspired bridal designs are a breath of fresh air, whether you're getting married in a garden setting or simply looking for anything different than a white gown. If you're searching for a more subtle approach to join the trend, pastel embroidery, hand-painted accents, and small floral designs find the sweet spot between classic bride and the full-on risk-taker ones.


Wedding dresses with dramatic feathers 


Feathers are known to be one of the most over-the-top bridal outfit embellishment ideas. But 2022 bridal outfit trends are all about going bold or going home! With the return of large-scale weddings, top bridal designers are offering brides the option to amp up their bridal wear. Iconic bridal designers including Elie Saab, Naeem Khan, and Marchesa Notte Bridal, used dramatic feather accents in wedding dress designs in their shows.


Bridal separates as wedding dress alternatives 


We've said it before and we'll say it again- the rise of non-traditional wedding dress ideas, particularly bridal separates, is becoming our all-time favorite. This is the time to shine for brides who like to wear creative and gorgeous wedding dress alternatives on their big wedding day. Popular wedding dress designers like Scorcesa, Nordeen, and Yolancris are coming up with unconventional bridal wear designs including stunning separates at spring Bridal Fashion Week 2021 and 2022.


Wedding dresses with plunging V-necklines 


Wedding dresses with deep and plunging V-necklines have been a huge trend this season and they are making a comeback in several brand new iterations. From bridal designers like Wona Concept, Dana Harel, and GALVAN to brides embracing this daring bridal dress aesthetic while walking down the aisle, we love this bold update in the bridal fashion realm of late. From plunging V-necklines with illusion sleeves to plain sheath wedding dresses with deep V-necks, we love seeing modern and bold brides bringing their own creative twists to their big day outfits for making statements. This 2021 bridal wedding trend will continue to be a blockbuster hit in the coming seasons due to its bold and dramatic statement-making quotient.


Bold and dramatic silhouettes 


One of the biggest stars of bridal fashion week was bold and modern silhouettes! Form-fitting dresses, sheer illusion, bare backs, and skin-baring designs all made an appearance during spring Bridal Fashion Week. Eva Lendel, Mira Zwillinger, and Marchesa for Pronovias created some of our favorite wedding dress designs for elopements and minimonies, and other small wedding ceremonies. From stunning backless wedding dresses to low back details there are so many ways to add a bold touch to any bridal look for 2022.


Wedding dresses with puffed up balloon sleeves 


Probably one of our most favorite vintage wedding designs that are making a huge comeback in the bridal fashion realm of 2022- balloon pop sleeves! It is one of the most beautiful testaments to the Regency Era bridal designs and there are many top bridal brands around the globe who are embracing puffed sleeves wedding dresses in their designs this season. This modern-vintage bridal update is an ode to the classic bridal look which can be interpreted in a lot of ways by modern-day fashion-forward brides.


Wedding dresses with thigh-high slits 


High-thigh slits have brought the bold appeal to bridal fashion week this year. After all, brides have spent one full year inside their homes, and when they finally come out to say "I do," showing a little skin is nothing but a daring statement that we'd love! Some of the top bridal fashion designers have opted to incorporate thigh-high slits into their wedding dress designs- like Ines Di Santo, Sareh Nouri, and Fifth & Welshire. So if you are a would-be bride who is looking for a bold wedding dress trend to incorporate in her bridal outfit, this is the trend that can be the final femme fatale move!


Transitional wedding dresses 


The plethora of bridal capes, overskirts, and detachable sleeves indicates that transitional pieces are expected to be a huge bridal trend in the coming years. Different variations of these timeless items were shown by bridal designers such as White One by Pronovias Group, Justin Alexander Signature, and Alexandra Grecco, which are perfect for brides searching for a two-in-one look. These wedding dresses are made to take the centre stage on your wedding day!


Short and mini wedding dresses 


Wedding trends that break the traditional rules and norms are ruling in the bridal fashion realm as mini and short wedding dresses are taking the centre stage! Mini wedding dresses were prominent this season, as predicted. Beautiful versions of this popular pattern were offered by Naeem Khan, Sareh Nouri, and Andrew Kwon. We feel this is a bridal trend that will last for many wedding seasons to come.


Corset bodice wedding dresses


This season, corset bodices have made a big reappearance. Corsetry is another style that is exclusive to a certain bridal aesthetic, and it's similar to the Bridgerton-inspired wedding dresses that are becoming more popular because of the growth of the "regency-core aesthetic." While the notion of wearing a corset may seem decades old, corsets are actually rather typical in wedding gowns, particularly for ball gowns or designs with a lot of appliqués and beading. What's the difference? Corsets have been essentially utilitarian until recently, and they are frequently covered beneath layers of cloth. Wedding gown corsets, on the other hand, will be designed to be seen in the most recent collections. Many wedding gowns in 2022 will include brassier-inspired bodices, lace-up sides, vertical seaming, and sheer corset sections. Morilee Eisen-Stein, Madeline Gardner, Professor Jimmy Choo's The Atelier Couture, and OBE are just a few of the designers that included this royal wedding gown inspiration and structural features in their wedding costumes. Many bridal designers are using them in wedding gowns with a V-split at the bust or a sweetheart neckline with distinct piping.


Wedding dresses with cutouts 


This wedding fashion trend originated in the ready-to-wear garment industry. Cut-outs have made their way into bridal designs, from side cut-outs to keyhole necklines, super-high slits, and open-back dresses, with practically every new collection this season giving at least one opportunity to show a little skin. The good news is that because cut-outs are such a popular wedding dress style for 2022, you'll have lots of choices, you can be as adventurous as you want or choose for something more modest depending on the designer's collection.


Wedding dresses with bold sleeves 


Sleeves have made a significant comeback in the bridal fashion industry since Kate Middleton launched her classic long-sleeve wedding dress a decade ago. They'll still be popular in 2022, but instead of tight lace sleeves, billowing and voluminous shapes will be two of the year's top bridal trends. Expect a lot of puff sleeves and angular shoulders, as well as a lot of huge, '80s-inspired moments. Bishop sleeves that are loose for the length of the arm and fitted at the wrists, are a more subtle choice to try instead if you're concerned about jumping headfirst into this striking bridal trend. Bishop sleeves may have a bohemian or traditional look depending on the rest of the gown. Also, short and poufy sleeves are for the passionate bride who understands how to complement her form and has traditionally gravitated toward gowns with similar shapes, all in the hopes of receiving an avalanche of praises. These oversized cap sleeves, dubbed "cream puffs," give a professional aesthetic and a sense of superwoman might. She has a clear idea of what she wants.


Wedding dresses with square necklines 


We're totally there with you if this trend reminds you of the '90s and early aughts style, and we couldn't be happier about it. Square neckline wedding dresses are an ode to the 90’s when brides used to wear more geometric necklines and that flatters the collarbones and shoulders. Square wedding dress neckline is under the radar of the 2022 wedding trend and it's going to be everywhere for wedding outfits- from brides to bridesmaids. Square neckline bridal outfits used to be popular in the Regency and Renaissance eras and now this vintage-themed wedding trend is going to be a part of many 2022 wedding styles.  It's fantastic since it flatters both large and petite busts, providing support and covering on your wedding day while also giving a sultry appearance by displaying more of your décolletage. Square necklines look wonderfully beautiful on minimalist gowns made of crepe or other unembellished fabrics, while they offer a regal aspect to sequin and embroidered wedding gowns.


Ruffled wedding dresses 


Ruffled wedding dresses are the final nod to the return of large wedding celebrations! Brides who want to make a statement and be a maximalist, this new 2022 trend is for them. If you have been dreaming about hosting a fairytale wedding day, this wedding dress can be the ultimate whimsical wedding fantasy that has dramatic romantic ruffles and gives you plenty of options in finding a look that's worthy of any princess’ wardrobe. Ruffle detailed wedding dresses have frilly and unapologetically “extra” factor that add to the oomph factor. A ruffled skirt adds dimension to a mermaid silhouette, while a full skirt of frothy, cascading ruffles is equal parts whimsical and fashion-forward.


Backless wedding dresses


There are few dress designs quite as alluring as an open back. It's a detail that's impossible to ignore and even more impossible to resist. If you're looking to create a memorable style moment for your wedding day that feels slightly nuanced, a backless bridal gown ought to check off that box. The unexpected cutout that displays your bareback from behind is more important than how much fabric you've gathered at the front, or whether you've picked a mini dress or a long gown for your big day. Consider this a subtle approach of introducing a feminine side for those who enjoy high necklines and sleeves (not that you don't have other alternatives).


Designers have anticipated this, gradually releasing well-rounded collections that appeal to a wide range of personalities and wedding destinations. Perhaps the city hall bride will opt for a Sophie et Voilà or PatBO minidress. The large flower appliqués from Markarian, Houghton, or Viktor&Rolf may captivate the daring bride. Cream puff sleeves, something backless, or corsetry may appeal to a woman who knows just what silhouette she prefers. And the new bohemian could opt for a laid-back, boudoir-inspired design or something more elaborate, complete with a capelet and floral crown. In summary, there is a perfect wedding dress that is trendy and looks gorgeous for every bride out there!


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