Window Shots That Frame Up Must-Have Wedding Photos

Whether you’re going for an ethereal, architectural or artistic vibe, gorgeous window shots are must-have wedding photos in our book! Your wedding photographer will tell you, picturesque windows are the perfect backdrop to capture a unique and reflective point of view. We could let the beauty of these shots speak for themselves, but we’re here to share a few reasons why we love them.

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Bridal Veils: How to Pick Your Style

Today we’re talking bridal style! More specifically, your bridal veil and all of the options you have to choose from for your wedding day! Think of the veil as the icing on the wedding cake when it comes to bridal accessories. Whether you opt for short and sweet or long and dramatic, there is an option for every bride!

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Unique Gowns for your Wedding: Bold Colors & Lively Textures

Every girl grows up dreaming of her perfect wedding gown. From sweetheart necklines to a plunging low-back or cathedral length train, the perfect dress takes on many different shapes and styles. When you imagine that perfect gown, does it come in shades of white or beige? Who says it needs to! We've pulled together our most unique colored, textured and printed wedding gowns that are sure to leave you ready to say goodbye to white on your wedding day.

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