8 Chains North Winery - Waterford WEDDING PHOTOS

8 Chains North Winery - Waterford Wedding Photos

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8 Chains North Winery-Waterford Lets You Host a Dreamy Wedding in Washington DC

Whether you are a DC bride or decided Washington DC as your wedding destination? Good call. It’s the time now to look for the wedding venue in DC that excels in every domain. And among so many choices, 8 Chains North Winery is one of the best wedding venues in Washington D.C. to offer you nothing but supreme facility! Let’s take you on a virtual tour of this glamorous and vintage venue to let you know why your wedding will be an unforgettable affair if held here.

Nestled in Loudoun County, Virginia, just west of Leesburg, your Washington DC wedding amid six acres of rolling vineyards of 8 Chains North Winery is perfect for golden hour photography among the vines. A vineyard with a barn in the greater Washington, D.C. area, this wedding venue is the best-fit ceremony space that welcomes its couples’ unique style. Either you take photos inside or have a little fun with your favorite gang in the park as colorful manicured gardens and lush green lawn embrace you with sheer tranquility. And the photos here will turn out to be a piece of art you would love forever!

As a gorgeous property approximately 30 minutes from Dulles International Airport, 8 Chains North Winery offers an authentic winery environment for your classic celebration amidst a gorgeous vineyard panorama and handcrafted, Old World style wines. This venue has elegant and rustic spaces that are beautifully united by the winery through wooden barrels, chandeliers, and rows upon rows of grapevines. Welcome your 110 guests for a royal ceremony on the lawn in front of the vineyard. Facing the west, there are plenty of gorgeous backdrops for the romantic celebration in the evening with candid photographs of you two as the sun casts an orange glow over the sky. 

Picture this- In a lovely lace wedding gown, you seem like coming straight out from a fairytale movie. And complimenting you, are the florals and bridesmaids, going perfectly in sync with your wedding theme. After some candid photos with your bridesmaids, you move to the outdoor space of the venue for your first look, and see your partner for the first time as a perfect groom! This is the iconic second you must be dreaming of since the day he proposed to you. A moment with thousands of emotions pretty much visible in the eyes of you two, excitement, joy, love, and nostalgia. Dreamy enough! 

The rolling green vineyards create a magical setting as you say your vows while our Washington DC wedding photographers are busy shooting this charming yet elegant celebration. Imagine walking down the aisle with your best man, your father with welled-up eyes who is taking you to your prince charming waiting on the other side with a tear ready to roll down his cheeks to finally hear those special words from you- “Yes, I do”. Finally, this must-waited sound echoes in the environment, and the entire crowd of well-wishers move to the moment of nostalgia, for which they all waited for long. And the creative photo experts hired by you will capture this beauty into a lovely wedding album that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

No matter if you want your wedding elegantly in the indoor space or under the blue skies in the open air, the venue has got it all packed for you! The charisma begins as you walk along the rows of vines and rolling property of 8 Chains North Winery and have our DC wedding photo photographers click some frame-worthy couple portraits and photos of your wedding party. As the night wears on couples can move to the Tasting Room, a large area with a stone fireplace to offer a perfect indoor ceremony spot in the event of inclement weather. And not to mention, the dusky glow of light when the sky is dark is truly breathtaking to gaze at while our DC wedding photo experts save this eternal magic to their cameras. Whohoo! You have something incredible to blast on your social media profile!

To make this special day extra beautiful, our Washington DC photographer shows their photojournalistic skills by covering all the expressions of you as a couple, from every smile, tear, giggle, and laugh to the moments while you share a warm hug, kiss, and stroll in the lush green grounds. And yes, your furry friend, who is also the cute ring bearer for the day (maybe), must be the star of the evening.  

The Compass Rose Banquet Room is a rustic piece of beauty featuring rich decor of high ceilings and dazzling crystal chandeliers with elegantly decorative beads dangling from the bronze fixtures. Whereas access to the covered patio through French doors gives a refreshing feeling to your guests to mingle in serenity while sitting in this overflow space of the comfy cocktail reception venue. When it comes to photo inspiration, our Washington DC photographer can use glass barrel room windows and cork-covered walls to add striking wine-related elements to your pictures. Inside, natural light streams through the huge windows filling the room with soft lighting for the candid couple photographs. Plus, the unique architecture creates an unforgettable setting for your special day. 

You and your guests can dance the night away under the glistening chandelier while admiring the massive columns decorating the edges of the dance floor. And the best part is, this is the best blend of the Washington DC wedding photography you could ask for.

Engagement locations in Washington D.C

Wearing a shining solitaire on the ring finger is always a dream for any girl. And when the right time arrives to turn this dream into a reality, they need an elegant space to sprinkle all the shine to this day. The Washington DC is the perfect place to host your engagement photo session just the way a newly-engaged couple wants, elegant, private, and amid the serenity. From museums, elegant parks to farms, and golf clubs, there is a lot to impress our DC couples. When it comes to Washington D.C. engagement photography, shooting at any of these locations is a breeze!

Let’s have a look at some of the iconic destinations of the city that demand a quick view before you pick a few to celebrate and capture your proposal day in the best of ways. 

Near the Mall in the heart of Washington D.C. lies the gorgeous National Building Museum, a hidden architectural gem which is also a delightful spot for your candid Washington DC engagement session. The museum combines architecture, design, and urban planning with an aesthetic beauty that will bring your photos to life. With a breathtaking building, the crown jewel is the Grand Hall, a magnificent 19th-century design featuring a central fountain. And the art here is its segregation into three courts by two screens of colossal Corinthian columns. As you look down the courtyards through the marble pillars and up at the surrounding arcaded floors and windows, the view is simply gorgeous. 

The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is an awesome spot just minutes from the heart of Washington, D.C. that offers a gorgeous natural setting for your engagement photos! The garden features so much to mesmerize you including the walking trails, lakes, plentiful varieties of cherry trees, irises, peonies, native wildflowers, gazebos, birds, butterflies, seasonal blooms and foliage, creating a sanctuary of beauty and nature. And top your pre-wedding photo session off with some candid clicks in, an extensive shade garden where you can relax for a while and spend some intimate time with your partner as well. 

If you want to explore a site along the water, visit the National Harbor in Maryland, a pretty spot located right on the waterfront of the Potomac River. The best part is, it offers countless photo opportunities for capturing your picture-perfect moments, from peeking out through binoculars from the dock and relaxing on the beach, to gazing at the panoramic views over the river with your partner sitting next to you holding your hand, and the bridge’s striking architecture looks swoon-worthy in the backdrop while our DC engagement photographers seize the love birds in the best of frames. Dreamy enough! The pretty duo of the weathered wood of the dock and the deep blue of the water and sky adds a touch of natural, elegant beauty to your couple pictures. Don't miss the classic backdrops like glass storefronts and red brick walls along the front. 

If you want to go beyond the basic simplicity, wait till the sunset and you’ll enjoy a lovely display of the sky that reflects in the river as the waterfront lights up. With the same elegance comes the Ferris wheel to add a touch of whimsy to the skyline and your engagement photos. Let’s know a more about Washington DC:

With its esteemed monuments and gardens galore, Washington DC is a picture-perfect and adventurous destination to spend some time and relax in peace. The National Mall featuring the Smithsonian Gardens in timeless glory, the city holds its beauty at Meridian Hill Park for an epic, urban escape along with the lively waterfront setting of National Harbor, just across the Potomac River in Maryland to give you some awe-inspiring views. Centrally located at the apex of several states, its convenient location makes it love of all. From the charming town of Old Alexandria, Virginia to the rolling hills of Manassas Battlefield Park, your tour to the city will be a thrilling experience. 

If you want to take advantage of the nightlife of the city, there is enough scope of exploration in the region. The brightly colored Colada Shop, located just off of U Street is a Cuban cafe-bar hybrid packed with pastel hues and good vibes. Also extended to the dog-friendly patio and rooftop garden, it is the photographer’s first choice. You will love to see diverse flavors coming to life with a cocktail session at night. 

If you are a real foodie, the hidden mystery of EL Techo is just for you. Billed as an “adult treehouse,” the turf-adorned property brings the heat with spicy margaritas and the creative Mexican street food coming straight from the downstairs Rito Loco shop. Some fancy Spanish-inspired tapas and drinks like cavas, cervezas, and cocktails for the perfect warm-weather happy hour give the real essence of the DC culture as far as a human eye can see.

To give you a glimpse of the rich history, there are some iconic spots in Washington DC, including historical monuments, government buildings, free museums, and a lot more. The National Mall is one of the pretty yet picturesque areas of the city, with the towering Washington Monument shining in the center, lining with several commemorative monuments. 

Adjacent to the National Mall, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum proffers somber and deep documentation and interpretation of Holocaust history. You will get to view pictures and various artifacts that will transport you and your fiance to the period of the Nazi regime while adding a pinch of history to your engagement photos in Washinton DC.

Stroll through the bustling streets of Georgetown and you will fall in love with the never-ending shopping destinations and restaurants that will lure you to take a halt and enjoy the tasteful ambiance around. Thereafter, make your way to the Georgetown Waterfront to take in views of the Potomac along with the satisfying dinner at any of the dining options overlooking the water. Wander off the main area to look at some of the most expensive real estates in the city and enjoy the real texture of the city that is still a dream for a lot of people!

Being close to the four-legged friends is always lovable and if you too are with us on this then take a visit to the National Zoo of the city. The expansive free landscape is simply extraordinary to walk around with your loved one holding your hand. As you see the giant pandas, the big cats, and the great apes on a breezy cool morning, just before the crowds arrive, you can see the unsaid beauty like never before. Photo-op alert! Allow our DC engagement photographers to make the most of this place and these cute animals in your photos.

If you are looking for an authentic place to start the new chapter of your love life. Consider 8 Chains North Winery and let our experienced D.C. wedding photographers by your side capture all its beauty while weaving magic on your wedding day with their cameras for you!

8 Chains North Winery - Waterford

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