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The McPherson is an Iconic Wedding Venue in St. Louis to Plan a Magical Celebration

If you're dreaming of an elegant wedding in St. Louis, you're not alone. A stunning wedding venue in St. Louis with unique settings is enough to enchant your soul on your wedding day and you will be surprised to know about The McPherson wedding venue and Event Center that has been hosting weddings for years in their gorgeous and spacious event spaces. Your special event whether it’s an intimate wedding affair or an extravagant reception becomes extra special in its breathtaking surroundings. Plus you can give a personal touch to your event as per the wedding theme in your head. So if you want to make the wedding of your Pinterest board come true, chances are that you will appreciate everything about The McPherson, a stunning wedding venue that remains with you like a true friend at every step of the way on your wedding journey! Be prepared to delve into the luxury of a modern environment and warm ambiance at The McPherson that will amaze you at the very first instance! 

Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, the McPherson is a historic wedding venue that contains an elegant 100-year-old chapel and spacious garden providing a stunning, private setting to host your chic wedding celebration in style. The venue carries both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception and lets your guests sit comfortably while allowing our St Louis wedding photographer to capture the picturesque views of this majestic place to deck out your wedding album.

With its beautifully manicured landscaping and artfully appointed rooms, the venue is nothing short of a dreamy wedding spot! Imagine saying your vows at a location where the serenity delights your senses and the lush green grounds add a pinch of romance to the spectacular setting. The romance in the air is unmissable and the pictures captured by our adept St. Louis wedding photographers will surely be a masterpiece to be cherished forever. 

Getting married to your favorite person is a cloud-nine, once-in-a-lifetime feeling and your photos are the one lasting piece of proof that this unbelievable night really happened. And The McPherson makes this occasion as incredible as you remember it. Upon your arrival, the venue will make your heart skip a beat with its intricate interiors boasting 30-foot beamed ceilings, original architectural details, and a large antique crystal chandelier as an added gem. This makes it an ideal space for you if you are looking for something more than just a romantic wedding.

The add-on features like a lavish bar and state-of-the-art audio and mood lighting systems are enough to set the mood for the evening plus all the romantic shots that are waiting to be captured. It is time to bring out your fun side and entertain your guests while they are at their best with the right kind of music and ready to dance the night away.

Your evening will get the luxurious setting that it deserves at The McPherson. The dusky light and the twinkling stars create a magical duo just like you two and your St. Louis wedding photographers will surely capture some love-filled, romantic photographs of the mesmerizing ambiance while you and your loved ones celebrate your union of love and happiness! As the cold breeze passes through your hair and enlightens your senses, you will feel living the happiest day of your life- for which you must have been dreaming since childhood. Yes, time flies and now that little angel is going to be a pretty bride and someone’s wife!! A moment that is priceless for every girl and her parents. 

As you look outside, beauty is equally exhilarating as it is inside. The capacious 5,000-square-foot courtyard in the rear of the building looks amazing with a solid elegant gazebo to exchange vows and another bar that couples can use for their private outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hour and easily fit up to 200 guests. And the best part? The amazing scenery for your St Louis wedding photography from your first look to the first dance and the playful shots of bridesmaids and groomsmen with you and your BAE enjoying the most of this special day. Your wedding cannot be completed without all these mixed emotions that this day is made of!! 

Picture this: you walk down the aisle holding the hand of your supercool daddy and your furry friend is so excited to be a cute ring-bearer for the day, it is a teary-eyed moment for all to see as you dressed in a beautiful strapless wedding gown holding a lovely bridal bouquet with your favorite hydrangeas, tulips, and calla lilies while your partner, waiting for you at other hand is looking dapper in a gray suit. And the moment you look at each other, with stars in the eyes and heart beating a fit faster and suddenly a tear rolls down your cheek. By the time this magnificent moment will be seized for a lifetime, your furry friend accompanies you with your girls and here the moment for which everyone was waiting has finally arrived- “Yes, I do”. Suddenly a thrilling voice distracts everyone and all the guests cherish to be at this moment as you two are finally sharing your first kiss as spouses. And this romantic view looks thousand times more elegant amidst the lavish ambiance at none other than The McPherson. 

To make your wedding truly special, try using your own colors and plan every detail of the day- from your grand entrance to the cake cutting ceremony, the dance floor settings, dining arrangement and the wines to be served, nothing must be short of anything. From the reception area that is wide enough and airy to the large rectangular tables with the finest table settings looking awesome yet comfortable, and the elegance of the light strings which is illuminating the entire area, The McPherson won’t disappoint you at all!  The large windows that flood the room with natural light are the bonus to create extra-glowy wedding pictures of you and your sweetheart lost into each other. 

Next are the Groom's Room and Bride's Suite that span 700 square feet of space with all the classy amenities to make you relax in comfort and get ready at your best. These rooms also feature a lounge area with couches and video monitoring of the main hall for your bridal party to watch the guests arriving. By the time your loved ones enter the room and settle for the celebration, you can pose with your girls in pretty bridesmaids’ dresses before you have your first look with your partner. These snapshots will be saved forever as a wonderful memory and will make you smile every time you visit them. Of course, you are about to enter your newlywed life and this entry must be something spectacular that all your friends and family talk about for many years to come.   

Known among the residents as the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis city bridges the gap between past and present. Located on the border of Missouri and Illinois along the Mississippi River, St. Louis is easily accessible via air, road, and railways. Steeped in history, this hidden gem is also a major midwestern hub and becoming a major choice of couples to get married in, whether they are native Missourian or looking for an extravagant wedding destination for a lavish yet private celebration.

With its cache of vibrant museums, colorful gardens, and serene parks, you'll find plenty of reasons to dwell deep into the intense yet varied attractions of St. Louis. While you can enjoy visiting the Saint Louis Zoo, The Magic House and the Saint Louis Science Center, the artsy toucan and elegance of the City Museum and the Saint Louis Art Museum is something your St. Louis wedding photographer will love to capture. Wherever you start your expedition from, save time to marvel at the iconic stainless steel Gateway Arch rising from the city center.

Looking for some vibrant yet serene spots to spend some intimate time with your darling partner? The stainless steel Gateway Arch, designed by Eero Saarinen during a national competition, which is rising 630 feet into the air and spanning 630 feet from leg to leg, is an engineering marvel and a monument to the country's westward expansion. Being the talk of the town among the St. Louisans and the outside world, this hidden gem has been maintaining the same prestige and splendor since 50 years after its construction. The rich history of the arch can be uncovered at the Museum of Westward Expansion and the Gateway Arch Visitors Center. Looking for some secluded space to share some moments of love with your sweetheart? The park also boasts more than 5 miles of walking and biking paths to have a romantic stroll with the love of your life and remind all of those beautiful moments who become wonderful memories today. Overall this place offers myriad photo opportunities for couple photography during pre-wedding photography sessions and post-wedding photoshoot in St. Louis.

There is no place like the Cahokia Mounds to give you a complete taste of history, size, and a bit of mystery. Comprising the largest archaeological site in North America, that was bigger than London in AD 1250, Cahokia spanned 6 square miles. The mounds that mark the remains of that city, are known today as the evidence of “the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico.” Just a short drive from Downtown, the mounds are across the Mississippi River in Illinois, contributing a lot to the history and plentiful backdrops to be framed in your couple portraits forever that you can show to your friends and let them know how iconic this trip was, with your sweetie!

When it is about exploring the city, you might like some location that will amaze you to revisit for some candid couple portraits. As your wedding day is far, planning an engagement photo session at any of the beautiful city’s hotspots is a fantastic way to announce your love story privately! 

Let’s consider the Forest Park, a beautiful public park located in the western part of St. Louis that spans 1,371 acres. It is the main civic center for the city encompassing the hotspots of the St. Louis region including the St. Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, and St. Louis Science Center. So, you can take advantage of the scenic views of all these nearby spots and let the best of St Louis engagement photography speak on its own in your engagement pictures. From great architecture to natural settings of the landscape, you can pose around the meadows, trees, a variety of ponds and streams, and let your photo experts use their creativity for the best pre-wedding pictures. 

Tower Grove Park that sits on 289 acres of elegant land, adjacent to the botanical garden in Downtown St. Louis, holds a lot of opulence and beauty amid the eleven Victorian era pavilions, lily ponds and formal gardens for scenic poses of your St Louis engagement photography session plus large open green spaces to enjoy a walk away with your darling. And yes, no St. Louis couple can miss spending an afternoon filled with nothing but love and tranquility. 

Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, you have another location called Historic St. Charles to flaunt with your perfect one. It is a quaint Colonial town, just 30 minutes west of Downtown St. Louis, that has been maintaining its colonial charm for years. Featuring brick structures and cobblestone roads, there is a lot that will make you and our creative photo expert fall in love with the magical city and its beauty while capturing all the sweet, candid moments of you and your love. 

With meticulous landscaping and breathtaking serenity, The McPherson is simply enchanting to take your guests to a wonderland! So, reserve this gracious St Louis wedding venue for a picture-perfect setting that will take your photos one step closer to absolute perfection.

The McPherson

4715 McPherson Avenue
St. Louis, MO   63108
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