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The Coronado, St. Louis

Located at the center of downtown St. Louis on Lindell Boulevard, the Coronado is a picturesque location for a magnificent and majestic wedding ceremony. May it be a fun social setting or an elegant formal space, The Coronado has a vast variety of spaces depending on your preference.

The antique architecture of the ballroom grants it an aura of grandeur. This ballroom was built specifically for Lindbergh’s return and it has an ample space of 6000 square foot. A key component of this ballroom is the original terrazzo floor with 45 art deco lights that light up the room and highlight all of its brilliance.

The Southern Ballroom has a graceful look due to its warm-white hues which beautifully balance out the amazing sparkle of crystal chandeliers. This ballroom is ideal for you if you are looking for something more than just a romantic wedding. Bring out your fun side and entertain your guests with fun food stations and a dance floor.

The Grand Lobby is full of history as it consists of original hand-painted murals. The grandness of these antique paintings merged with the practicality of modern life, like hardwood floors, create a warm and wondrous ambiance. Moreover, the Coronado provides exclusive use of the Grand Lobby, ideal for celebrations and beautiful moments for your St. Louis wedding photographer to preserve forever!

Adjacent to the grand lobby, the East Lounge is your go-to place for the perfect cocktail hour. It provides a similar feeling of grandeur as the lobby with its hand-painted ceilings but has a permanent contemporary bar.

Other than the contemporary bar in the East Lounge, the Bradshaw Room is also ideal locations for a bar set up an after dinner lounge.

The Coronado is a perfect place for celebrating your wedding ceremony with family and friends, and no matter what your preference is, Coronado is the ideal location for you.

The Coronado

3701 Lindell Blvd #147
St. Louis, MO   63108
(314) 881-4346

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