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Your Best Wedding Photography in Seattle

A city that was home to the iconic romantic saga Sleepless in Seattle and known for its long rainy days, Seattle is quite a bundle of fun! Being Washington state’s largest city, this city is home to various iconic buildings like the futuristic Space Needle, Museum of Pop culture, Chihuly Garden and Glass which play the perfect prop to a photographer's vision, this delightful city has bountiful photo opportunities to offer to both the city-dwellers and visitors. Wrapped up with iridescent glassy water bodies, mountains, deep enigmatic forests, Seattle not only provides a perfect background for you to live your life around but also provides prolific and picturesque views to capture your precious life moment in beautiful photographs.

If you love the slow-seeping romance that this city promises and want Seattle to be the canvas for your wedding art, we approve of the decision and share your enthusiasm! The array of architectural marvels that this city draws against the Seattle skyline is truly picture-worthy, and what better way to capture that then against your love story? Whether it is your engagement photoshoot or an enthralling encapsulation of your wedding day, this city delivers the most colorful and perfect backdrop for your photographer to capture. We have listed down some of our favorite locations for your engagement and wedding photography.

Top Seattle Engagement Photography Locations

Marina Park When you talk about Seattle engagement, you can’t miss talking about Marina Park, because it surely is a treasure chest of photo opportunities. An endless sheet of blue from Lake Washington quietly bubbling away as you and your partner pose for an engagement session by the green shores, as you take in the sight, doesn’t it sound amazing? Brownie points if you catch this engagement location at its best during the magical golden hours. This is an idyllic location for those dreamy engagements and the engagement portraits to go along with it, with the calm blue of the waterline blending into the sky at the horizon. Marina Park offers so many opportunities for you to explore, taking your engagement photography to the next level. From beautiful park spaces, rocky shores, and sandy beaches, this engagement location is packed with choices, from the perfect portrait photography to a more conceptual one. From the expansive lightwood docks, the iconic Bicentennial Fountain and Puddle Jumpers, to Marina Park Pavilion, Marina Park serves up quite a treat. It provides means to your photographer to experiment with several creative engagement photo ideas and helps to nail that perfect engagement picture.

Seattle Art Museum Does it matter whether you are an artsy soul or just fascinated by the magnificent architecture of this location? No, it does not, because art people or not, this engagement location has a lot to offer for an engaged couple looking for the ideal setting to take their engagement pictures. Seattle Art Museum with its artsy backdrops, creative structures, and lush foliage lets our Seattle engagement photographer capture the magic in the most creative ways. The exhibits will act as the perfect props for your engagement photos and the impact will be stunning! Lovingly nicknamed SAM, the Seattle Art Museum is a celebration of art in the most creative way, and the different locations like the Infinity rooms and the numerous art projects spread across the property along with the waterfront views all come together for a lasting and impactful pictorial depiction of your love story, weaving together an engagement photoshoot which stands out like a star! If you are thinking of creativity and nature wrapped in one pretty package for your Seattle engagement photography, choose SAM!

Golden Gardens Park From Picture-perfect tall grasses which seem to be a must for a great engagement shoot to sandy beaches, tall trees and much more, this engagement location looks like it’s a delightful combination of all the pretty things in nature in one place. Located in the beautiful Ballard, there is an inexhaustible variety of options when it comes to photo backdrops in Golden Gardens Park, from dreamy golden hour shots in those aforementioned grasses, beach frames by the sunset, to natural trails which make for a great time as well as amazing engagement pictures. There are shady spots under the trees cushioned by the white sand, which is perfect to capture in beautiful images as well. With amazing views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains at distance and enough open spaces to soak in the sun, this engagement location is extra perfect for a summer engagement photoshoot, however, you can come by for a fall photoshoot for a majestic drama show caused by the changing leaves. The variety of themes that you can come up with within this location is highly expansive-ranging from moody wetland photographs to sunny picnic photographs and everything in between. There are a lot of different textures in the background to dress up your photoshoot, from rocks, grasses, driftwoods, and more. Architecturally, there are several interesting elements like mossy walls, enticing fences, and benches to be photographed in your engagement photography.

Ballard Locks As the name suggests, Ballard Locks is essentially a group of locks and is situated at the western gate of Salmon Bay, one of the prettiest locations in the already pretty city of Seattle. The location packs in a ton of opportunities for your engagement photographer to delve into and capture into artistic photographs. Ballard Lock is a refreshingly scenic destination to breathe life into your dreamy engagement photoshoot. This location has a bit of history attached to it, as it was built during the torrid times of World War I. It is perfect for a quiet evening with your partner to sit and watch the bright sky putting on a show as the sun goes down. Have your engagement photographer catch the precious moments forever between the camera lens. This might be the best photo destination for an engaged couple who is into simple frames with an appealing story and quiet touch of nature. The picture-perfect green backgrounds, the waterfront views, and the tall and lanky trees exude that simple elegance to your engagement photoshoot.

Top Seattle Wedding Photography Locations

Robinswood House Want to run away to the cabins in the woods and get married to your sweetheart, but don’t necessarily want to compromise on the conveniences? We got you! Imposing log cabins, warm wooden touches, camera-friendly luxuriant and airy spaces which pact an impact, Robinswood House is the kind which will forever leave an impact in your heart. There is a fairytale magic dust in the location which lets you dream of your wedding day in this venue as soon as you step in through the venue gates. There are a handful of several different event spaces within the property which will stretch out to cover even the wildest and the most ambitious of your wedding themes. The lush garden spread across the property adds to the charm of the wedding venue. With cozy, primly manicured English gardens, patios and herds of whistling trees which have seen eons go by, Robinswood House creates the perfect backdrop for your Seattle wedding photographer to capture. Let your Seattle wedding become the one that all your guests will never stop talking about, all because of this gorgeous wedding venue, the premium event spaces, and exuberant outdoor wedding opportunities.

Lord Hill Farms There is something timelessly pretty about this location and having this gorgeous property as the backdrop of your wedding day will add great value to your wedding day. It is grand and luxuriant, yet has a storybook charm about it, making you think of princesses who needed rescuing, endless rose gardens and dragons in the basement. While this place has such a unique personality, it is quiet enough to let you paint out the wedding day of your dream in all the happy colors and be a blank canvas. Let your Seattle wedding photographer take advantage of this amazing picture-happy setting and weave out amazing wedding photos along the way. Tall hedges, rolling gardens with trimmed grasses, and arched gateways adorned with foliage, the outdoors make quite a pretty sight and deserve to be captured in photographs forever. Now, the interior is a whole different ball game! With an expansive property with a capacity of accommodating a huge number of guests, this venue is palatial by definition. The lighting on the top floor of the Lord Hill Farm is especially precious enough to create art pieces of photographs, so let your wedding photographers capture the magic! This wedding venue is much more than just a venue space but it delivers a special blend of magic which is hard to replace, with its gorgeous slice of nature, dreamy little ponds and imposing trees surrounding the property, and all of this translate beautifully in your wedding albums.

Pickering Barn If you are thinking-another brick-red barn as a wedding venue in a sea of barn houses, nope! This one is different, and you will soon see why! Picture-friendly setting aside, Pickering Barn situated in Issaquah is known as one the most picturesque wedding venues in Seattle and it's easy to see why! Classic wooden details mixed seamlessly with touches of industrial details, the interiors of this wedding venue is a warm hug of a wedding space and the warm tones and delicate lighting will instantly pull you into a gentle sense of ease and comfort. With a capacity to accommodate around 400 guests, this location is not only practical and expansive, but quite a sight to look at. Neutral tones running through the interiors paused by the iconic red of the exterior walls (which makes for the perfect photo background), willowing trees and abundant gardens, woodsy nooks, and more, this wedding location is one for the books and will perk up your wedding day significantly. Have your wedding photographer in Seattle capture the absolute beauty of a wedding location in the prettiest of frames.

Lake Union Cafe A wedding venue which will give you a taste of stepping miles out of the city without having to go anywhere, Lake Union Cafe and Custom Bakery is the perfect taste of a weekend recluse in the middle of the city life. Not only is it conveniently placed but it does not compromise on the location as well, as this wedding venue is one of the prominent historical locations of Seattle and will make your wedding day an extra special one. You can see vivid art deco influences throughout, be it the lit-up signages and the decor of the interiors, which can translate beautifully in your wedding photographs. A gentle but significant throwback to the 1920s, this wedding venue lets you and your partner live the Great Gatsby dreams, keeping its vintage style intact after all these years, making it a favored spot for newly-engaged couples looking for a wedding venue. Even with all the history, this location still managed to remain urban and classy and not at all dated. Let your Seattle wedding photographer seize the moment with the camera lens, as this wedding venue provides several photo opportunities!

Seattle weddings are fun and the wedding venues and the engagement photoshoot nooks we have mentioned above are the ones which will let you experience the real essence of love and courtship in Seattle, while not compromising on your individual style and the wedding theme. Whether you are lucky enough to be based in Seattle or are just visiting because those who love this city way too much to stay put, we understand how capturing a beautiful city in the most perfect photos is so imperative to do the city justice as well as to add value to your wedding album. Sometimes a city or a setting can’t just be a background but the very soul. It can be the special seasoning that adds flavor to your romantic photoshoot. Let Seattle be the Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, to your avocado toast! Trust George Street photographers to work their magic and whip up a magical photo journal out of your wedding day. Let our skilled professional photographers with a mission to capture the details photograph your wedding in the best of angles. George Street Photo and Video offers a range of wedding photography and video packages. Take a peek here!

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