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Your Best Wedding Photography in Portland

There is something about Portland that immediately makes you feel at home, and whether it's your home or not is irrelevant. A city that is non-judgemental, even the ones declared ‘unconventional’ by the rest of the world will find their home in Portland and feel quite at home here! Oregon’s largest city Portland has nature on its side, as it is known for its streaming waterways, charming bridges, inviting parks and the woods, and the mountains just around the corner. It is filled to the brim with photo opportunities and adds a whole lot of charm to a photographer’s vision and the abundant nature adds dimension and zest to your pictures. From eco-friendly groceries to homegrown microbreweries, Portland will surprise you with everything! Hip cafes, festivals, and hiking trails, Portland is home to all and more. If you are in love with Portland and want this thriving vibe of art, music, and creativity seeping into your love story, we think you have chosen right. There are so many charming locations that help one craft love stories and articulate them most aptly, your Portland wedding or engagement session will be full of character for sure! We have listed down below some of the prominent engagement photography spots along with some wedding locations for you to take your pick from. Go ahead, go crazy!

Top Portland Engagement Photography Locations

Cathedral Park

We love a good bridge engagement location, and Cathedral Park has to be one of the most profound presences in Portland and one of the most photographically scenic ones at that. A location packed to the brim with history, the Cathedral Park located in the northernmost tail of the city, next to the Willamette River, is the best of both worlds as it is a ravishing park and an intriguing neighborhood at the same time. Given that this is the landing site of the likes of Lewis and Clark, this engagement location has a rich history backing it up. The tall cathedral-like arches which support the bridge are one the prime spots for newly engaged couples to click some of the most stunning photos in the location. The architectural detail is beyond intricate and translates beautifully into your engagement photography. But that's not all that this engagement location has to offer. The Cathedral Park comes surrounded by landscaped gardens and swaying trees to set the backdrop for the engagement photography to unravel in. Let our Portland engagement photographer capture the best of the beauty and charm of this place.

Langdon Farms Golf Club

What a quaint splash of vibrant brick red in the middle of nowhere! A delicate combination of rolling fairways and the charm of a rustic barn, Langdon Farm Golf Club is the scenic location to get those perfect engagement photographs clicked. As soon as you step into this engagement location, you feel like you are eons away from the city. Adorned by seemingly endless golf course, serene lakes, and a stunning shed which has been painted red and acts as a gem in the location, this is one place where you are surely going to score some amazing clicks. Let our Portland photographer take in the sprawling sights and capture them in beautiful frames. The background already brings a party into the picture, just grab your partner's hands and pose for the pictures and you are guaranteed to come up with amazing photographs. Catch the best work of nature as the sun dips down and the location comes ablaze as the golden hour strikes. The dramatic silhouettes of the couple against the melting sun will be the perfect addition to your engagement photography. Langdon Farms Golf Club is the name you should get accustomed to if you are dreaming of a photography session that is classically stunning with a sprinkling of rustic allure.

Washington Park

A piece of paradise in the middle of the bustling city of Portland, Washington Park is the kind of place that will act as a solace in the city humdrum. There is something about this engagement venue which will take you to the Victorian gardens of the yesteryears where you can take lazy afternoon strolls with your sweetheart. One of the top engagement locations in the whole of Portland, Washington Park wraps up a zoo, a rose garden, an arboretum, and a Japanese garden, among many other things within its arms. This gives you a whole range of photo opportunities and variations to work out your specific poses and you will get that perfect picture every time. There are so many possibilities with this location, our engagement photographer will be spoilt for choice. Boasting cascading vines, blooming rosebuds, foliage archways, and brick walkways, this place is such a treat to be around, there is no possibility of an image going wrong here. Every frame of your engagement picture will have an unmistakable romantic vibe about it that each time you flip through your engagement album, it will make your heart grow fonder of your partner. Showcase your love story in the most heart-fluttering photographs, because this location is all about that, and more!

Beacon Rock State Park

For the engaged couple with that adventurous streak in their body, this place might just be the place for them! You are just stepping into a new adventure in your life, and why not celebrate that decision with another dip in this wildly adventurous location? Beacon Rock State Park packs just the right amount of adventure and picture-perfect beauty and our engagement photographer will love experimenting with different angles and exposures in this amazing location. Beacon Rock is located in the very core of an ancient volcano, and that is interesting enough, to begin with. The mile-long trail lets you unwind and get closer to nature, while our engagement photographer captures the delicate moments in the most striking photographs. Add to that the surreal beauty of pristine waterfalls and scenic viewpoints and let our Portland engagement photographer seize the moment with breathtaking captures. Spanning 5,000 acres, this location has a lot to offer to your engagement photography, with its emerald blue water lines, towering mountains, and the majestic views. Let the very best of nature paint your engagement pictures in the most picturesque of colors.

Top Portland Wedding Photography Locations

Rossi Farms

Dip into the country vibes with a long drive, as Portland's historic farm venue, Rossi Farm brings in the barn vibes in the most aesthetic way for our wedding photographer to capture. The fifth-generation urban farm is not only a historical landmark it also makes a pretty backdrop for your wedding pictures. The strikingly colored barn houses with elegant modern designs teamed with the luscious manicured lawns and romantic vineyard paint an alluring picture for our wedding photographer. Added to the country setting are goats & chickens, vintage designed homes, a couple of strings of lights, and that special blend of country air and Rossi Farms is ready for you. This is an ideal setting for weddings that are high on the country spirit and low on stress and is a perfect fit for a small to a medium-sized guest list. The warm-toned wood detailing in the indoors instantly makes you feel at ease, while the brick-red of the Rossi Farms walls teams with the sage green of the roof making your wedding pictures pop! Let this epic wedding venue play a part in your wedding pictures, and we assure you wouldn't be disappointed.

The Victorian Belle Mansion

Looking like a page straight out of Better Homes and Gardens, this wedding venue can accommodate your fairytale with perfect grace, while giving it that sentiment of a backyard wedding, as the location has a cozy inviting feeling about it. This historic wedding venue was built in 1885 and interestingly was a wedding present from David Cole to his new spouse! How romantic can it be? Equipped with expansive and intricately decorated interiors, lush outdoor gardens, and a wide variety of sprawling trees, this wedding location leaves quite an impression on the guests. The shade of the tall trees, the bright green of the grass, the inviting vision of the building itself, there is a definite feel-good factor in this location. Have our wedding photographer capture the classically appealing magic of this place in the most beautiful photographs, and you will forever be glad you chose this place for your special day.  The winding walkways, the overhead strings of lights and the sprawling white mansion itself, every bit of this wedding location is a picture-perfect addition to your wedding album. 

World Trade Center Portland

So you are that couple who likes things to be striking and out of ordinary. You might have hit the jackpot with this wedding location. Let's get the ‘obvious’ out of the way - the view is absolutely stunning! Known as one of the most elegant buildings in the city, the gorgeous World Trade Center of Portland offers the most spectacular backdrop for wedding pictures! The gravity-defying height of this location, along with the geometric designs which cut through the glass walls, creates interesting designs in its wake. The array of fairy lights added to the location gives an impression of floating in thin air in your own little paradise, giving our wedding photographer the perfect ingredients for some portrait photography! Having your wedding reception in this area gives you the perfect backdrop for our wedding photographer to capture. Let our skilled Portland wedding photographer work his magic by creating pieces of art with each frame. If you want a wedding day that truly stands out among 20 others, pin this striking location as your chosen setting, and you will never regret the decision, given the stunning views and the clean grandeur of the interiors.

Hotel Vintage Portland

If you like the allure of the yesteryears and want your wedding day to be a throwback to the past, Hotel Vintage has ‘vintage’ written all over it! Hotel Vintage surely is an ode to the past and packs quite a bit of character within itself. Everything about this wedding location adds precious gems to your wedding album by just existing! There is nothing that seems boring about this place and it has a very distinct Portland vibe about it. From its unique architecture built to the grand 1920s vibe of the stairway, from the barrel details all through the venue to the exquisite decor which is artistic yet vintage, this wedding location will take your special day and add a whole new level of ‘special’ to it. One thing is for sure, this is one location that does not believe in being comfortable and pushes the decor to be a little ‘weird’, in a typical Portland fashion and will add a whole bunch of character to your wedding album. This wedding location does justice to the city and lets the true Portland personality shine through from the entrance to the reception venues and everywhere in between. Let Hotel Vintage give your wedding day an extra dollop of coolness and let our Portland wedding photographer capture it all.

Of course, Portland is blessed with the most stunning views and has water lines and mountains all within easy reach. It sets the perfect background for a free-spirited adventurous couple willing to declare their love to the whole world!  Portland has a character of its own and will surely take you on a wild ride through the world of visiting indie bookstores, natural products, vegan cafes, connecting with diverse communities, and strolling through serene gardens! So many diverse groups of people settle down in Portland and get along together like they don't know otherwise. It's brimming with local businesses and eco-friendly options. There is a sense of community here which is heartening and unmistakable. Anything that is alternative or ‘hipster’ is known to be celebrated in this country, and that seeps into the idea of marriage and courting too!  Having the much progressive yet rooted core of Portland as the backdrop to your love story will surely add that craziness to your wedding photos or engagement album. After all, they don't say, 'Let's keep Portland weird!’ for nothing! If you are looking for skilled engagement, wedding and elopement photographers based in Portland, Oregon, your search ends with us. Let our George Street photographers based in Portland capture the magic of love stories for joyful romantics in iridescent colors. Visit our price and availability page to see photographers’ availability and package prices. 

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