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Your Pittsburgh Wedding Glitters in Style Amidst the Sumptuous Beauty of Longue Vue Club

Everything from the wedding dress, to venue details to the wonderful people in attendance, your wedding party deserves to be truly amazing! With Longue Vue Club, an award-winning venue which is also an architectural masterpiece set above the Allegheny River Valley, your big day could not have been more perfect if you are in Pittsburgh! And you will be amazed to see so much emotion and love that surrounds both of you on your wedding day amidst the serenity of this stunning Pittsburgh wedding venue.

With everything at the finesse to host the day that you’ve been waiting for since childhood, Longue Vue Club gives you pretty space to create unforgettable picture-perfect moments. Designed in 1923 in the English country manor pattern, the subtle touch of elegance and comfort at this prestigious private club, surrounded by natural beauty and landscaping will take your guests’ breath away. Each element, from the gorgeous setting to the scrumptious, chef-driven cuisine has something for all to marvel over. And the perk is, picturesque ambiance for your Pittsburgh wedding photographers to take the best snapshots of you two, with nothing left uncaptured from your tears of joy while walking down the aisle to your joyful scream at the dance floor. 

Located just 15 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh, Longue Vue (French for “long view”) offers stunning views of the hills and winding river below to embrace one of the happiest events of Pittsburgh couples. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a stone archway and castle-like clubhouse, which is charming yet elegant. While your guests settle in, you and your wedding party can do exclusive use of a private room for getting ready. And yes, you have the time to get in the frame with your girl pals just a few minutes before having your ‘first look’ with your partner as his beautiful would-be wife! As you are bidding your singlehood adieu with lots of memories left behind, one thing that you can do is to relive them today- on the day of your wedding- and these funky clicks will always remind you of all the good things you and your tribe did together, the days you lived together, and how they all helped you with a glass of wine to calm your nerves when you were yelling like crazy asking multiple times- how I am looking today in this wedding dress? 

The nationally recognized clubhouse offers seemingly endless photo opportunities in its expansive outdoors from spring through late fall, especially at the elegant White Terrace, overlooking the rolling green fairways. The luxurious Living Room inside offers a comfy space for you and your guests to mingle along with an inviting fireplace for your cocktail hour. With windows and a terrace that overlooks the 18th green, the Cocktail Lounge offers an alternative space to share some moments of joy with your darling or pose for some candid pictures of the day.

Though every emotion of the couples is unique to their wedding, the moment when the bride walks down the aisle for her groom, smiling from ear to ear, is worth to be saved forever, as they embark on their new journey as husband and wife. Here comes the artistic vision of our photo experts as to how they inculcate your special moments into your wedding album. Because the day will pass and your guests will leave but the thing that will remain with you for the rest of your life is the sweet memory of your beloved that you can recall every second day by revisiting these pictures. And of course, the day your grandchild will ask, granny! How you and grandpa got married, you must have a lot to show them! And they will scream with joy, “ Oh nana, you were looking so beautiful as a bride”! Pretty nostalgic! Isn’t it? So, let these dreamy thoughts be alive at your real wedding at Longue Vue Club.


Picture yourself saying “I do” surrounded by the scenic view of the soft whisper of trees and gardens appearing classy with bursts of colors. It is a great backdrop for your Pittsburgh wedding photography that you will relish for the generations to come. Just after you finish the vow-exchange ceremony with your first kiss as spouses, your first dance in the Grand Ballroom will melt the heart of your 200 guests. The room looks fabulous to make you fall in love with the perfect settings of green-lit topiaries and lanterns. The classic Ballroom can conveniently fit up to 250 guests. Whereas, for smaller soirees, Longue Vue offers comfy space at the inviting Living Room or Cocktail Lounge overlooking the 18th green. 

And do you know what the bonus is? The clean and neutral decor of the room, allowing you to try different options for arranging the space with the theme of your choice. Pick your favorite white lilies to have them kept in the raised centerpieces of the round tables and add an all-white lining to make the entire surroundings look soothing. Want more of its kind? Add pale peach peonies, white freesias, dusty miller, viburnum, peach-orange tulips, white hydrangeas, and pink and white English roses to the aisle pathway and at the outdoor ceremony space to fill the space with freshness and romance. As soon as guests enter the room, the sounds of the live band and the visual elegance of tall floral centerpieces, matching the bride’s bouquet of white roses and hydrangeas with a mix of evergreens, holly berries, and other assorted greenery, takes them to another world. 

While you enjoy an intimate conversation in the cozy Living Room, overlooking the 18th green or in the Cocktail Room, or stepping softly through lush, lamplit gardens through the old-world charm of the White Terrace, there is one thing you will find- the love and sophistication at every corner. From your ‘first look’ to your grand ‘wedding exit’, this place never disappoints you for anything! And above everything, this lets your Pittsburgh wedding photographers fit you amid so many sublime backdrops around, whether it’s the White Terrace with sweeping views of the river valley, under a stone archway, or on a tree-studded ridge above the sloping green lawn. 

With so much to rejoice about the Pittsburgh city, you can take a tour of this city with your BAE while you are still his fiancee to spend some private time together. Trust us, these are the golden days for any soon-to-be bride and groom. It will help to calm your mind and soul plus will bring some ideas about the places where you can plan your engagement photo shoot. Explore some hidden gems that this city has in its store for your engagement photo shoot or pre-wedding photography with our Chicago wedding photographer! As you are about to announce your love officially, make it a bit classy and romantic so that it will be a trending gossip topic for the coming weeks among your friends and family. The ‘couple portraits’ you collect in these gorgeous engagement photography locations in Chicago will beautifully embellish your wedding invites now and wedding decor later, trust us!

Start with the Frick Park that spans 561 acres of land, the extensive trails throughout the wooded valleys and green slopes and create a pretty scenic view for your beautiful Pittsburgh engagement photography. Take an escape from the busy schedule amid this one of Pittsburgh’s four largest historical parks and you will fall in love with the stunning stone-lined paths, sunny hillsides, and cozy wooded areas acting as iconic backdrops for your engagement photos.

The next masterpiece is Downtown Pittsburgh nestled at the intersection point of Allegheny and Monongahela rivers with plentiful shops, restaurants, parks, and architectural features to feature in your engagement photos. As the heart of this fantastic city, you can spend some peaceful time in serenity and take a virtual ride to those good ol’ days that brought you two together and changed your relationship from maybe high school sweethearts to soon-to-be spouses. 

Let’s see what else our ‘City of Bridges’ has in its store to adorn the engagement album of newly engaged Pittsburgh couples. The Point State Park area that serves great views of the river and the hills beyond it which look thousand times more elegant at night with the golden lights of one of the city’s many soaring bridges lighting up the sky behind you. Do not miss the gigantic fountain adding romance and texture to your photographs. And if you can make it to this ethereal engagement photography spot during golden hours then trust us you will hit the jackpot!

As the premier family-friendly country club of Western Pennsylvania, Longue Vue Club serves the best of its kind to make your wedding really memorable and everlasting just like the love between you two! Allow the club to bring your dream to life and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Longue Vue Club

400 Longue Vue Drive
Verona, PA   15147
(412) 793-2232

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