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Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve Wedding Photos

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Relax, Have Fun and Celebrate Your Marriage at Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve 

Some of the most inspiring love stories don’t really need a luxurious venue to gain lasting memories, simply because they are powerful enough to shine on their own. If you agree, take your time to discover the raw beauty of Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve in Saxonburg; a small cottage that will delight you with its simplicity, simple décor, and warm ambiance. 

Inaugurated in 1816, Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve is a haven that has been offering affordable accommodation options and the finest event venues in Saxonburg over the last two centuries. Three of the barns, located on site, have been masterfully restored by their owners to provide the perfect setting for stunning wedding photography. Tour the manicured grounds and visit some of the old farm houses that shelter tranquil ceremony sites. 

Turn your attention to Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve, a cedar-sided cottage located right behind the chic Main Farm House. Discover a comfortable environment featuring a queen size brass bed, two spacious rooms, and a kitchenette. The space is beautifully embellished by antiques and a large fireplace. 

Our Pittsburgh wedding photographers can convert all these stunning details into the central motifs of your wedding photos, so count on their support to preserve the happiest day of your life.

Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve

971 Ekastown Road
Saxonburg, PA   16056
(724) 352-1158

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