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Mellon Park

Mellon Park

Mellon Park in Pittsburgh is a place that marries the splendid greenery of a public space with the grandeur of historic elements - the location perfect for your engagement photography session. 

Originated as a private residence, Mellon Park is a 60-room mansion that once was the largest home in Pittsburgh. The home was brought down during World War II but the gardens still stand. As picturesque as they ever were, the piéce de resistance at Mellon Park is the Walled Garden. 

Surrounded by walls of brick and limestone, the Walled Garden feels like something straight out of The Great Gatsby. You won’t find a better backdrop for your Pittsburgh engagement photography than the eponymous fourth wall, which was a part of the original Mellon Mansion before it was demolished. 

The fountain on the grounds is a stunning piece of artwork that will make for the most romantic image captured by your engagement photographer. Even the floor at the Walled Garden is spectacular, as it was designed to replicate the sky of Pittsburgh. 

Whether you’re looking for an engagement photography session that feels lavish or you’re looking for a backdrop to heighten your retro-inspired shoot, there’s no shortage inspiration at Mellon Park. 


Photo Permit Required: No

Mellon Park - Pittsburgh

Mellon Park Road Pittsburgh
PA, 15232
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