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Desert Botanical Garden Wedding Photos

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Let the Love Bloom on Your Wedding Day at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix!

There is a lot that goes into selecting an ideal wedding venue, but space and landscape always tend to be the two primary aspects that all couples weigh the most! Since gardens usually provide both, they are a popular wedding day venue choice in Phoenix. With their own enchanting natural decor and unique scenery, garden wedding venues make it an easy breeze to design a perfect wedding ceremony setting and flawless reception on their grounds!

Despite being in the middle of the desert, Phoenix is encircled by stunning natural panoramas. Mountains, woods, brooks, and sparkling lakes all provide an arresting backdrop for your Phoenix wedding photography. No matter where you plan to get hitched at- north or south, east or west, Phoenix has got you covered with its endless garden wedding venues! Set the wedding of your dream at the Desert Botanical Garden and get a stunning party full of seasonal flowers, emerald greenery, and boundless love! Once you are here, make sure you are stopping to smell the roses- beauty like this deserves to be appreciated and captured by our Phoenix wedding photographers.  

Nestled amidst the heart of mesmerizing Papago Buttes, the iconic Desert Botanical Garden is a natural choice to host the wedding of your dreams. The breathtaking beauty offered by this beautiful venue creates an idyllic backdrop for stunning Phoenix wedding photographs. The Desert Botanical Garden is one of Arizona’s most inspiring garden wedding venues and is settled on the border of ScottsdaleTempe, and Phoenix

From open-air pavilions to the scenic courtyards, to intimate gardens, the Desert Botanical Garden is sprinkled with endless ceremony spaces. Undoubtedly you will have plenty of time and options to select the perfect space that resonates with your style, theme, and budget! All the event spaces here are available for both daytime and evening celebrations held year-round between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. So, whether you are planning for a daytime wedding ceremony or sunset ceremonies followed by a dazzling wedding reception under the twinkling Phoenix skyline amongst your 250 wedding guests, the Desert Botanical Garden is all set to fulfill your wedding desires! 

There is no doubt that your wedding at Desert Botanical Garden will be no less than any fairytale wedding. From the perfect setting for astounding Phoenix wedding photography to the panoramic view of the surrounding, everything here makes perfect sense for a magical wedding. Your Phoenix wedding will be seamless. The outdoors in Spring in Arizona, encircled by the most beautiful array of desert plants makes this venue standout amongst the list of best wedding venues in Phoenix.  

Featuring an elegant and charming variety of outdoor ceremonies spaces that will make you fall short of words to describe the beauty of this marvelous wedding venue! Let’s take you and your partner on a 360-degree virtual tour to all the outdoor event spaces so that you can find one ideal space for you to exchange your vows! 

Boppart Courtyard

Boppart Courtyard is a spacious and luxurious outdoor ceremony lawn, encircled with desert landscape creating a perfect backdrop for awe-inspiring Phoenix wedding photography. Perched on the south side of Dorrance Hall, overlooking the Sybil B. Harrington Succulent Gallery, this space, in particular, is the best spot to exchange your vows in the presence of your 250 loved ones! This sweet and adorable courtyard is embellished with a tranquil water feature, ambient bistro lighting strung overhead, and a built-in stage. 

Imagine yourself walking down a beautiful aisle lined with trees and flowers, amidst the tranquility of nature, towards a wooden arbor that overlooks the sparkling water! The lush blanket of greenery, surrounding the arbor by the water, makes for a beautiful setting for Phoenix wedding photography. Decorate the arbor with beautiful seasonal flowers and lights to make a gorgeous backdrop for your ‘I do’ moment. Let the water reflect your chemistry in your Phoenix wedding photography or pose with your wedding party under the arbor. This outdoor venue is as scenic as it is serene, just the way we think couples should start their lives together. 

After your wedding ceremony, you can have your cocktail party here under the tranquil city skyline! Allow your guests to taste the wine and champagne of their choice while savoring the beautiful outdoors! 

Kitchell Patio

Located on the north side of Dorrance Hall, Kitchell Patio acts as a glorious outdoor extension to your dazzling indoor celebration and is an ideal spot for after-dinner drinks and dessert. This alluring space is enhanced with a serene water feature, bistro lighting, and a built-in bench for additional seating. The appealing fusion of white and indigo table decor radiates a bit of Turkish vibe. The French-style windows not only allow the effortless pour in natural light but also bring the panoramic views of outdoors inside. The wealth of natural light pouring inside lights up the whole setting creating a magical effect, ideal for wedding photography. We assure you that your 250 wedding guests will have the best of both the worlds while they enjoy their drinks and meals at the Kitchell Patio. 

Ullman Terrace

Featuring the garden buttes as a stunning backdrop for your outdoor wedding ceremony, this expansive outdoor tiered patio is encircled with soft petal reflective lights and up-lit saguaros. Think of announcing your love to your soulmate in the presence of your 150 guests while the majestic mountain in the background lends a breathtaking backdrop for your fabulous Phoenix wedding photography! On your wedding day, you will exchange your vows amid the beauty of the desert sunset, and your guests will dine, drink, and dance. No doubt that the desert sunset will bring out the most beautiful colors in the sky for our Phoenix wedding photographer to encapsulate it in the best of frames! The wooden chairs and the rustic ambiance bring out the best of old-world charm in your wedding photos. 

This enchanting outdoor ceremony spot also offers areas for dancing and a stage! So, now you can carefreely flaunt your choreographed moves and spins with your darling while your guests swoon over it! 


Eliot Patio

Acting as the gateway to Ullman Terrace, the Eliot Patio features portfolio lights and up-lit plants and cacti, for a perfect southwestern cocktail hour and also for the guests’ seating area. Eliot Patio is an ideal space if you want to sneak out for some cozy times with your darling from the celebration. The bench and the twinkling city skyline create a romantic atmosphere for you two to share some tender moments before the night winds down! Let our Phoenix wedding photographer snapshot all these adorable moments for you to cherish for many more anniversaries to come! 

Binns Wildflower Pavilion

Situated off of the Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail, Binns Wildflower Pavilion is a circular open-air pavilion enclosed with desert plants and arresting views of the Papago Buttes and Camelback Mountain. This lovely spot is enveloped in natural desert beauty, building an intimate space with illuminated rustic stars and twinkle-lit pillars, best fitted for your outdoor wedding ceremony and cocktail hours. Dine under blue skies or starry nights, visible through the Pavilion’s center skylight, or steal a romantic kiss under the glowing skyline and allow our Phoenix wedding photographers to frame this precious moment! With the space to welcome up to 100 of your guests, this glorious space is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. You have the opportunity to plan a day time celebration or a memorable celebration under the starry sky! 

Steel Herb Garden

With the capacity to welcome up to 75 guests, this lush outdoor ceremony space is nestled amid the Garden’s desert landscaping and features vibrant colors of Arizona sunset, ideal for flawless wedding photos. The refreshing aromas of sage and lavender create a place for your guests to unwind the celebration and take in the tranquility of the Garden while rejoicing your outdoor wedding reception or cocktail hour. The majestic mountain view never fails to complement the beauty of the sunset and the changing tones of the sky during the golden hour! With beauty all around, no doubt your wedding guests will be left mesmerized and your wedding celebration will leave a lasting impression on their minds! 


With its effortless appeal, the Amphitheater is a quaint natural outdoor space, idyllic for your wedding ceremony in Phoenix. Overlooking the Garden’s Sybil B. Harrington Cactus Gallery, the Amphitheater is gorgeously paired with the Binns Wildflower Pavilion in case you are planning to have both of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception in this tranquil atmosphere. Framed by desert mesquite trees, this beautiful Amphitheater includes tiered built-in benches for your guests to be seats while witnessing your nuptials. 

Native cactus, wildflowers, and scented herbs showcase the natural beauty of the desert, while fountains, twinkle lights, and sunset views add a touch of magic to the diverse gardens and event patios to all the outdoors featured by the Desert Botanical Garden.

Now let’s have a tour of the classic and elegant indoor receptions halls where you can plan to have your lavish and dazzling wedding reception.

Dorrance Hall

Sweeping over 4,600 sq. ft. of space, the Dorrance Hall offers the room space to welcome up to 250 of your friends and family members. This room does not require much decoration as its natural decor speaks for itself especially that Garden-inspired tapestries! The neutral color palette means you can dress this ballroom up with the style that speaks to you for your wedding day! The floor-to-ceiling windows not only bring the Garden’s natural light into your celebration but also offer the striking Phoenix skyline to adorn your wedding photos! During the day time, the interiors are beautifully lit by natural sunlight making its way through these high windows. And the natural lighting effect reflects stunningly in your Phoenix wedding photography! These large windows provide more than enough sunlight and create the perfect scene for our Phoenix wedding photographers to capture photos of you and your spouse. We assure you that your wedding reception in the Dorrance Hall will surely stand out amongst Phoenix weddings! 

Webster Auditorium

Included in Webster Center majorly for evening celebrations, the Webster Auditorium is rolling over 1,500 sq. ft. adobe building embellished with fFrench doors and antique chandeliers is on the National Register of Historic Places. Undoubtedly these beautiful French doors and archaic chandeliers lend a charming southwestern ambiance to your lovely wedding celebration. Just next to Eliot Patio, your 100 loved ones can enjoy this location for outdoor breakout sessions or cocktail hours!

No matter which ceremony spot you choose to celebrate your day of love, Desert Botanical Garden will undoubtedly make every moment of celebration memorable and standout! Take advantage of the picturesque setting with great photo backdrops and trail maps or docent-led tours for your guests. You can even arrange passes for them to visit the Butterfly Pavilion.

As we all know that Arizona is known for its great vista points and must-see locations that are flecked all across the state, but Phoenix is exactly known for its photogenic nature. Also known as the Valley of Sun, Phoenix is the economic, cultural, and historical powerhouse of Arizona, that never fails to charm its locals and guests for its southwestern vibe and rich Native American heritage! So, whether you are looking for the best places to take family pictures or post-wedding photographs in Phoenix or want to have an amazing engagement photo location for your Phoenix engagement photoshoot, add the below mentioned Phoenix photography locations that prove that the Valley of Sun knows how to pose for stunning photographs!

Saguaro Lake Marina

Want to get the most amazing and enchanting backdrop of Saguaro Lake and the Goldfield Mountain range? Do nothing, just stand at the end of one of the two boat docks and we assure you that our Phoenix wedding photographer will capture the most beautiful photo! Spend some quality time with your partner and get majestic photographs during the golden hour for the best lighting and fewer boats on the lake captured by our Phoenix wedding photographers. 

You can consider this place for a romantic Phoenix engagement location, as the changing tones of the sky during the sunset lend a magical backdrop for your Saguaro Lake Marina engagement photography! 

South Mountain

We assure you that your one visit with your sweetheart at South Mountain will make you live in an Instagrammable moment. The best time to visit this beautiful spot is either the early morning or late afternoon light in mind! Your visit to South Mountain during these specific times will blow your mind and will leave you amazed. The different hues of light playing with the surroundings, turning everything into a golden sparkle, our Phoenix engagement photographer is bound to take a moment of solitude and capture some incredible photos that will make you go ‘wow’. Relive this awe-inspiring moment by being endlessly present in front of the camera against the beguiling setting created by mountains, hiking trails, and desert characters! 

Scorpion Gulch

Situated at the base of South Mountain, the Scorpion Gulch is a rustic and western area of Phoenix featuring cool stone buildings full of texture and uniqueness only found in the desert. This panoramic space offers a lot of photography opportunities to our Phoenix wedding photographer to capture your post-wedding pictures against the backdrop of mountains, cactus, and Arizona sunsets! 

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix is an ideal spot to get formal photographs with family and friends. This chic location offers a cool urban feel with lots of architecture and graffiti, which we are sure will create a stunning setting for all your romantic couple photographs. This space also features some of the pretty cool historic areas of Downtown too, which will make you feel like you are not in a big city! 

The Groves Church

The pecan groves just next to the church offer an elegant and charming trees tunnel excellent for photoshoots! To add a little variety pose in front of the walls made of different colored wood slats. To get marvelous photos, the best time to visit the Groves Church is during the golden hour when the sun is slanted in the sky. The continuous change in the tone of the sky will definitely create a setting that you want our Phoenix pre-wedding photographer to capture above you and your BAE. 

For newly-engaged couples from Phoenix and its suburbs who want to have flawless engagement photos can consider coming here and posing during the golden hour of sunset.

The Fountain Park

Home to the world-famous fountain, Fountain Park is one of the most amazing and visited locations in Phoenix, especially for photoshoots! Spanning 64 acres of well-manicured land, this beautiful park has a gleaming lake, verdant green gardens, towering trees, dam, playground to make the kids of your family happy, picnic tables, and benches for couples to spend some quality time together! This charming park features a plethora of settings that will surely turn your photographs into something more magical!

Gold Canyon

If you want to have a true and authentic Arizona vibe in your post-wedding photographs or in your pre-wedding photographs, then you need to check the Gold Canyon. Located just at a bit of drive, this beautiful location offers a scenic composition of saguaro cactus against the magnificent Superstition Mountains. Allow our Phoenix photographers to capture the iconic Arizona desert landscape to develop beguiling photographs that are perfect for your walls! Filled with a plethora of photo opportunities, go all cliche with your partner to have all those fun and candid photographs. 

The Farm at Agritopia

While in Arizona, there is one thing that you won’t see much in this ravishing desert, the green color! The Farm at Agritopia is a working farm and community garden full of life and beautiful colors! We assure you that you and the photographer will fall head over heels with the lush green plants and trees! Located right behind Joe’s Farm Grill, your Phoenix photography experience at the Farm at Agritopia will leave a lasting impression on your mind, soul, and heart! 

Coon Bluff Campground

Filled with trees and dirt paths, Coon Bluff Campground is a scenic location that will take you and our Phoenix photographer into the wilderness. Ideal for photography, this beautiful Phoenix spot features endless photography opportunities. Salt River runs right through this campground, so if you are adventurous enough to get down by the water, you can add some cool variety to your post-wedding photoshoot. In fact, couples can have water-themed engagement photoshoots at this location. So, pack your best-flaunting swimsuit so that your photoshoot can have more of your beautiful curves! 

Heritage Square Park

Just right in the center of Downtown PhoenixHeritage Square Park is full of charm. Trimmed grass, bushy trees, and an awe-inspiring rose garden are some of the eye-catching natural elements that will make your photoshoot standout. You will also witness a number of historic buildings, which will make for some interesting shots! 

ASU/Tempe/Mill Avenue

We assure you that you and our Phoenix photographer will love this location as it has all the variety for your ideal photoshoot in Phoenix suburbs. Look around any corner or street and there is new texture, buildings, flowers, and more. This location does not look anything like the desert. This is a very cool spot for couple portraits or family photo sessions! 


We understand how overwhelming you might be feeling with the list of so many photography locations for your engagement photoshoot and your post-wedding photo shoot! But one thing is for sure, whichever location you choose for the remarkable photoshoot of your wedding and wedding-related events, one thing is sure, that for your wedding day, nothing is more perfect than the Desert Botanical Garden!

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