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Your Best Wedding Photography in Nashville, TN

Filled with photographic spots, Nashville is one of the most photo-friendly cities in Tennessee, boasting picturesque wedding venues and engagement locations. If you are looking for a riverfront wedding venue or an engagement location with a rustic background, this city has it all. If you are searching for engagement photography spots in Nashville, hop on for the locations that can take you to places that suit your personality, and similarly, wedding photographers in Nashville can have their field day with the scintillating textures and colors that this city has to offer. So, declare your love amidst the beautiful landscapes on the beaten path of Bloomsbury Farm or in the gorgeous space of the Parthenon. There is something in store in Nashville, TN for everyone.

Venues We Love For Nashville Wedding Photography

Union Station Hotel

This Nashville wedding venue will be a treat for your wedding day as this carefully restored century-old railway station captures the eternal loving vibe of the bygone era. The majestic arches and elegant accents of The Union Station Hotel are a treat for our photography and videography professionals in Nashville. The picturesque arches, the huge winding staircases, and the quaint stone fireplaces are some of the greatest backdrops which can do wonders in your wedding portraits and add fun to your Nashville wedding photography session. The unmissable old-world charm of this Nashville wedding venue whispers through the grand architecture and details that enable our talented photographers to weave a magical tale on your special day. Exchange your vows under the huge crystal chandeliers and let the warm lighting of this wedding venue radiate a glow of love in your wedding photos. The tall arched glass ceiling lets the natural light flow in easily, which makes it a great wedding venue as the whole place is brightly illuminated.

Southall Meadows

Always dreamt of having a barn wedding in Nashville? Head on to Southall Meadows, nestling just outside Leiper’s Fork in Franklin, in 200 acres of unspoiled land amidst the tall grass and vintage outlays. The rolling hills and pristine green farmland with the rustic barn tucked in the middle makes it a perfect wedding venue for wedding photography in Nashville, TN. The wedding ceremony and reception can be held in any of the five-event spaces, located both indoor and outdoor, packed with all the necessary amenities. The main highlight of this Tennessee wedding venue is the 100-year old Tobacco Barn that is lit by dreamy string lights and a crystal chandelier that looks like a dream in the videography Nashville. Our Nashville wedding photographers love to bask in the soft and warm glow that this place radiates in the wedding photographs for the newly-wed couple to cherish for a lifetime, amidst glamour and beauty. This place is the ultimate venue for couples looking for a destination wedding vibe in Nashville.

Freedom Point

Located just a short drive away from Nashville is Liberty Park, which is a beautiful public space in Clarksville, to host a perfect Tennessee wedding. This Nashville waterfront wedding venue is ideal for newly-engaged couples who would love to celebrate their special day amidst the pristine river with lush green surroundings. The high ceilings and the large windows of the indoor wedding event space, makes this wedding venue naturally illuminated that delights our Nashville wedding photographers. The rustic details of this Tennessee wedding venue with the vintage patios make it a very warm and inviting space for your wedding guests, making it ideal for photography in Nashville. The tranquil backdrop with the river’s edge makes this wedding venue very pretty and picturesque in the Nashville wedding photos that feature the ornate details of this venue with the vintage vibe. The stone patio is ideal to host a cocktail hour as the patio overlooks the pristine vista that is perfect for an evening wedding in Tennessee. 

Old Natchez Country Club

Located amidst a sprawling and lush golf and country club, this wedding venue in Franklin, Tennessee looks like a dream in our Nashville photography and videography. This private golf course is over 100 years old that features a gorgeous banquet facility with a majestic veranda that is sure to exceed your guests’ expectations. The rolling hills and pristine green fields look like a fabled land during the golden hour as the sun sets in the horizon and a thousand crimson hues reflect in the green fields making it look like golden fields. The indoor banquet hall features hardwood floors and dreamy ceiling lights that evoke warmth and love in your wedding photography in Nashville. This Middle Tennessee wedding venue is a naturally illuminated indoor wedding space with its floor to ceiling windows that overlooks the lush rolling hills surrounded by huge hills. Featuring countless photo ops, this wedding venue in Nashville offers the best backgrounds for Nashville wedding photography. 

The Governor’s Club

The Pleasant Hill Mansion is a timeless and elegant wedding venue in Nashville that was originally constructed in 1854. The regalia and opulence of this Tennessee wedding venue are unmatched with the estate perched on a hilltop, overlooking the pristine and lush green golf course and the club. The romantic charm and the sophistication of this wedding venue tells a tale of the glorious days through every corner of this estate. As you exchange your vows in the dreamy white gazebo and carry on to celebrate the reception in the beautiful tent wedding space or in any of the elegant wedding halls inside the mansion. The romantic vibe amidst the flourishing greens and breathtaking Antebellum architecture is the perfect wedding venue to capture the southern charm by our wedding photographers in Nashville. Make this day an unforgettable experience for your guests, as you take a step towards a new beginning amidst beautiful and lush panoramas.

Locations We Love For Nashville Engagement Photography

Centennial Park

One of the main hotspots for engagement photographers in Nashville, Centennial Park engagements has always managed to create some of the most stunning engagement portraits in the history of this city. This premier park of Nashville is spread over 132 acres of unspoiled land, from the Vanderbilt University campus to the west of Downtown Nashville. Featuring some of the most picturesque walking trails to Lake Watauga to some of the historical monuments, this park in Nashville is home to many engagement photo opportunities. Even in the coldest of months, the architecture of this park shines through the camera lenses when the green grass turns brown. The Parthenon is the most photographed backdrop in Centennial Park engagement sessions as it looks gorgeous with the right angles. The sunken garden looks like a dream in engagement photographs along with the Metro Parks Centennial Art Center which bustles with people as it is a popular recreation center. On a clear sunny day, the greenery of this park radiates a bright hue of natural beauty in the photographs taken here. The wide grounds with significant spots in every corner features some of the prettiest backdrops for engagement photography in Nashville that one can cherish for their lifetime.

Arrington Vineyards

The Arrington Vineyards has located just a drive away from the Tennessee wine country, that features gorgeous lines of trees, rows of grapevines, rustic fields, and rolling green hills. One of the best places to have a Nashville engagement photography session, this wonderland presents a variety of backdrops to cheer our engagement photographers in Nashville, TN. The gorgeous stone Vineyard house and the Grand barn are some of the architectural elements of this Nashville engagement location that brings the photographs to life. The honey-colored woods and the white stone architecture adds the right amount of texture and variation to the engagement photography. The wraparound porch creates stunning silhouette photographs in the golden hour as the sun sets in the horizon and radiates a warm glow for your engagement photography session. The great barn is an amazing backdrop of this engagement destination with the red color of the barn with white doors weaving rustic magic in your photography session. For couples who like to celebrate natural elements in their engagement photography, this location is ideal for them as the breathtaking views of the natural beauty and scintillating landscape that makes up for a great photography session. So take a step towards a new beginning amidst stunning panoramas of Tennessee and say yes to love in style while the magic is captured by our photographer in Nashville engagement.

The Ellington Agricultural Museum

The Ellington Agricultural Museum is a quaint location that offers pristine backdrops to have a cozy and intimate engagement photography session in Nashville. The wooden cabins in this location date back to the 1800s that give a very rustic and out-worldly background for Nashville engagement sessions. The historical backdrops along with the architectural elements tell a beautiful tale in engagement photographs. Featuring some of the most beautiful photo opportunities in Nashville, this engagement destination is filled with towering trees and wooden log cabins that give a ‘Narnia’ vibe, to a photography session. You can pose by sitting in the wooden staircase of the log cabins or by taking a walk amongst the trees and steal a kiss now and then. The exposed red brick walls of the museum and random structures every here and there provide great texture and elements as backdrops to your engagement session. You can also sit in the wooden benches and look into the surrounding vistas to pose for candid portraits in your engagement photographs. Let our Nashville engagement photographers capture the love and warmth that the new beginning entails and cherish for a lifetime to come. Bask in the natural beauty and create memories for life in this engagement location.

Long Hunter State Park

Just a short drive away from Nashville, the picturesque Long Hunter State Park lies on the shores of J. Percy Priest Lake, spread over 2,600 acres of forested lands, woody hills, and hiking trails that make up for a tranquil natural retreat, away from the city hum. This engagement location in Nashville offers some of the best natural backdrops in Tennessee as the gorgeous country-side panorama captivates our Tennessee engagement photographers to capture the best of engagement photos that will last a lifetime. Stroll through the brown meadows as the sun dawdles over the place and makes it naturally lit, and create stunning engagement portraits around the dark ridge of the Tennessee forest. You can also dip your toes in the lake or dangle your feet side-by-side while sitting in the dock, with your partner by your side and pose for beautiful engagement pictures in front of the lenses. The simplest of details around this place brings out the elements in the background to life, like the quaint boathouses in the lake to the country fences lying haphazardly to the rustic trails, this engagement location is crammed to the brim with engagement photo ops for couples who love to stay close to nature. The untouched vibe of this park gets elevated during the golden hour when sunsets in the horizon and the beautiful display of the trees reflect on the calm waters of the lake, making it look like a golden forest. 

Park at Harlinsdale Farm

This countryside park looks like a dream come true in Tennessee engagement photography sessions. This park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006 and has been one of the top hotspots for photography for Nashville engagement photographers. Presenting an old-world charm, The Park at Harlinsdale Farm is filled with Queen Ann style and Colonial-style buildings that work like a charm as backdrops for engagement photographs taken at this Tennessee engagement destination. The architectural bridge, the barn with high exposed beams and the endless greenery breathes a countryside vibe in your engagement photography session in Nashville. Travel back in time when you go down on your knees in this beautiful location and get it captured by our talented photographers in Nashville.

Be it the rustic and natural backdrops of the working farms, located just a short drive away from Nashville, or the sunsets in the great parks in this city, Nashville, TN is crammed to the brim with picturesque locations to host your wedding or celebrate your weddings and engagement session photography. Our talented Nashville wedding and engagement photographers know how to capture the beauty and nuances of the lovestruck duo and convert it into candid portraits that can be cherished for a lifetime. Check out our exciting deals for wedding and engagement photography.

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