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The Cooper Estate Wedding Photos

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Plan a Picture-Perfect Wedding at The Cooper Estate 

If you’re trying to find the perfect venue that has vaulted ceilings, gorgeous landscape, and a rustic indoor space but can’t seem to find the perfect combination. Let our Miami wedding photographers help by suggesting one of their favorite wedding venues. Nestled amongst towering trees in Homestead, less than an hour from Miami, The Cooper Estate is a bride’s dream-come-true. 

Exotic palm trees and massive oak trees surround the limestone manor where you and your guests will celebrate. We love to stroll throughout the 3-acre grounds, especially beside the sunken grotto where waterfalls cascade in the background. 

The private bride’s cottage offers brides a secluded and peaceful room in which to prepare for their big day. The wrought iron gate, arched entryway, and vintage-style wooden doors offer a gorgeous setting to capture photographs of you in your wedding dress. 

The barn venue is the perfect place for an unforgettable reception. Massive doors open to the rustic interior. The magnificent chandeliers that dangle from the vaulted ceilings will illuminate your reception with a romantic glow. While you could easily host your wedding in one of Miami’s countless wedding venues, you will be hard pressed to find a location as memorable as The Cooper Estate in Homestead.

The Cooper Estate

14201 SW 248th St
Redland, FL   33032
(305) 904-9032

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